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Cancelled & postponed exams


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The conductor position at the moment simply disappeared, unlike the Train Operator which has Canceled in capitalized, bold red letters to the right of it. I would not yet say it was canceled until tomorrow or someone has received official confirmation from the Examinations Unit.


As for speculation, perhaps it is the economy and turmoil in the financial markets whereby the MTA is starting to slash across the board. The costs to administer the exams is a containable cost. We have the potential to possibly see a repeat of 2008-2010 in terms of market uncertainty (for those who follow the financial markets - like I do).


For additional speculation, perhaps the planners also did not properly anticipate the need (timing) for workers in the various titles. Looking at the TA Bus Operator position, come December 2015, those who took Exam 4600 in December 2013 (which we applied in August/September 2013) would have waited two years before seeing a list. Those in the remainder of the active Exam 2613 have seen a prolonged wait which could be a result of many things.


So, lets wait and see what happens with the Conductor position.

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