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NYC Transit worker spots life-threatening hazard before it happens, yanks emergency brake preventing

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There are scores of people packed onto subway platforms at any given time, so it takes a sharp-eyed transit worker to spot a life-threatening hazard before it happens. Anthony Monserrate, 54, from the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx, was that transit worker on Oct. 17 shortly after 9:30 p.m. About 15 feet in front of his conductor’s window, Monserrate saw a woman at the Inwood-207th St. stop approach the edge of the platform as the (A) train started to roll out of the station. “Once she hit that yellow line, I saw that she wasn’t going to stop,” Monserrate said. The woman fell between two train cars, coming perilously close to hitting the third rail and train wheel, Monserrate said. But he was able to yank the emergency brake, which Monserrate and transit union officials said likely prevented the woman’s death. “I had to pull that chord as fast as possible,” the conductor said. “I was just praying that the train stopped in time. “Half a second later, she could have died,” the seven-year veteran added. TWU%20Worker_zpsiyhjtobo.jpg

His actions that evening earned him recognition from Danny Hay, a Transport Workers Union Local 100 official for train operators. That’s why Hay nominated Monserrate for a Daily News Hometown Heroes in Transit award.The News is partnering with the TWU and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to honor transit workers like Monserrate who are dedicated to the safety of riders. Transit workers can be nominated for a Hometown Heroes in Transit award through Dec. 18, with the winners celebrated at a breakfast in February. “He looked out, he saw it and he immediately without hesitation pulled the chord,” Hay said. “He had the alertness, the presence of mind” to act quickly, Hay said. Monserrate — a former peace officer at the Parkchester housing complex in the Bronx — said the woman, walking aimlessly around the station, stood out to him amid the throngs of people going about their business. “I did what I was pretty much trained to do,” he said. With the emergency brake triggered and power to the track cut, Monserrate emptied the train of passengers and calmed the worried crowd as EMS and FDNY personnel tended to the victim. TWU President John Samuelsen said Monserrate’s actions illustrate the stresses train operators endure to keep the subway system safe. “Train conductor Monserrate alertly detected — from a moving train — a disaster in making,” Samuelsen said. “This woman was crossing the platform and had no intention of stopping. So, conductor Monserrate stopped the train as quickly as possible. We're proud to call him one of our own.” Despite being hailed as a hero, the incident rattled Monserrate so much that he has taken time off on worker’s compensation. Still, he’s happy to be recognized by his fellow transit workers. “As a city worker, you don’t always get accolades like that,” he said.


Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/transit-worker-spots-life-threatening-hazard-time-article-1.2442934

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