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  1. How are they expecting to serve Mineola when the 3 tra/.ck is going to bypass it? Port Jeff Trains only
  2. They believe " a few miles per hour" makes no difference in travel times, but they fail to realize how speed also affects how many traffic signals you can get through, etc.
  3. Should Brooklyn and Queens be done simultaneously and treated as one since they're connected? This is part of the reason the N6 is the busiest route in Nassau County, Frequent Service, and lots of trip generators, lot of intra-county trips. I mean it was all obvious to actual passengers. Bus lanes and Bus Priority, riders have been saying this for years. MTA: "We're going to introduce 'Bus Rapid transit' to NYC, we're going to allow pre-payment and intermittent bus lanes, this will really shorten your trips!" Riders: "But what about bus lane blockages, and the bus getting stopped every block or 2 because of traffic signals?" MTA: *Blank stare* From the presentation to the Queens board: Is it a coincidence that Vision Zero started in 2014?
  4. Trains on 20 min headway seems like they're alternating sending one train back and forth though the tunnel when theoretically they can send 2 or 3 trains at a time every 10-15 mins. Have short turns and put-ins at Myrtle, Broadway Junction and Canarsie. Unless the idea is just to provide enough service to say they're providing service but essentially make people take alternatives.
  5. Speaking of which, How well does CBTC handle bi-directional track sharing? For example if one track under the river is out for track work. couldn't they send trains in waves for more throughput ? Send 3 trains across to 8th Ave, once the 3rd train is at Union Square, you can send 3 (they'd be queued at 8th Ave, 6th and Union Square) back across to Brooklyn. once they cross Over east of Bedford Ave, send the next 3.
  6. I don't think buses would have been good enough. The is serving Roosevelt Island this weekend, some put-ins would have helped. The is running on 63rd St and Broadway, The is running on 53rd St and 8th Ave. The QBL had frequent service with the going local, they could have diverted some trains through 63rd street, to pick up some slack. I wonder if they asked riders to use Jamaica bound trains for access to other lines.
  7. April 13-14: No Weekend Service Between Jamaica and Atlantic Terminal On the weekend of April 13-14, switch replacement work will require a suspension of LIRR service between Jamaica and Atlantic Terminal after 12:30 AM, Saturday, April 13, through 4:30 AM, Monday, April 15. For customers looking to travel between Brooklyn and Jamaica Station, and for Nostrand Avenue and East New York stations customers, NYC Transit will cross-honor LIRR tickets via the subway lines referenced below: Eastbound Atlantic Terminal customers can board Manhattan-bound trains to Penn Station for eastbound LIRR service. Nostrand Avenue customers can board a Manhattan-bound train at the Nostrand Av subway stop, and travel to 34th St./Penn Station for eastbound LIRR service. East New York customers can walk north on Van Sinderen Avenue to the Broadway Junction subway stop, and board a Manhattan-bound train to 34th St./Penn Station for eastbound LIRR service. Westbound Customers traveling to Atlantic Terminal can take any LIRR train to Penn Station, then board trains for service to Atlantic Terminal/Barclays Center. Customers traveling to Nostrand Avenue can take any LIRR train to Penn Station, then board a Brooklyn-bound train to the Nostrand Av subway stop. Customers traveling to East New York can take any LIRR train to Penn Station, then board a Brooklyn-bound train at 34th St./Penn Station for service to the Broadway Junction subway stop. Regular train service will resume in time for the Monday morning rush hour. For more information, contact the LIRR’s Customer Service Center by calling 511 or 718-217-LIRR (718-217-5477). Automated schedule information is available 24/7. Agents are available to assist customers daily from 6 AM until 10 PM. To speak with an LIRR employee, say the word “Representative” when the prompts begin.- ---------------------------------------- The is out between Crescent St and Jamaica Center, so all detours have to be through Manhattan/Penn
  8. Indeed, I remember a new B/O on the N4 years ago, was smiling and greeting passengers,etc , it didn't take long for the miserable passengers to drain that energy away.
  9. They have to deal with the public, drivers cutting them off, pedestrians running in front of them, if any minor incident happens they get blamed and drug tested. if anyone tries to assault them they have to smile and go about their business, because if they retaliate in self-defense they get fired. Not enticing.
  10. There's the problem. The T/O went fast (as desired by CUSTOMERS), did not trip any timers (many unnecessary and not calibrated properly), arrived at the terminal 10 mins early (Due to padding), gets in trouble. Riders want quick reliable service, Operation/Supervisions says "NO". Trains slow down, are perpetually late (metrics), ridership drops, MTA is bewildered. Can't make this stuff up. They were providing the service passengers wanted. Many riders hold doors because who knows when the next train is coming. Even now with the countdown clock, the next train can be a min or two away, but then gets held in the station "by the train's dispatcher" when it does arrive, many riders have connections to make down the line. Also, I've heard C/O play the "holding doors" announcement only for the train to sit with the doors closed before leaving the station, or crawl for various reasons, including workers on the tracks. Many times the holding is for a few seconds but the operational delays are much longer and frustrating. Though, it's annoying when passengers don't step into the train , or step in like molasses and you're trying to get into the train and the C/O starts closing the doors.
  11. Yep, system wide monthly unlimited for $63, those were the days.

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