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  1. They should probably move along with the redesign while ridership is still low.
  2. Two way tolling has been in effect since 12/1/2020. Likewise. Also, one time, returning from Woodbury Commons, I took the Bear Mountain Bridge, it was $1 at the time, not sure what it is now.
  3. Speaking of which, now that cashless tolling is the in thing these days, what's stopping the Port Authority from collecting tolls going to NJ and splitting the rates to make it seem cheaper?
  4. Yes, that's all understandable, my original point (as based on the statements of certain individuals in the article) was that truck is not getting to Staten Island for "free", regardless of which agency gets the money.
  5. It still isn't "free". Every truck being operated by motorist that enters Staten Island has to pay a toll via one of the 4 bridges.
  6. You can't blame them, the ~$13 toll is for passenger vehicles. Trucks pay much more.
  7. People are still germaphobic so they're going to try to avoid public transportation
  8. Yes, because both the LIE and NSP are always congested between those two points for NO reason, especially near the Oyster Bay Branch LIRR overpass. Going east, you'll have cars casually cruising along, tapping breaks, cruising in the HOV lane, etc, you pass Glen Cove Rd and traffic suddenly opens up. (And no, it's not because of cars exiting to the NSP, you can argue it's because of the grade change, but the highway dips down before the overpass, the vehicles should be able to maintain speed). When traffic is "normal" again, just check google maps and you'll see both highways congested in western Nassau in both directions but usually only as far east as Roslyn Rd/Glen Cove Rd. It's also weird because they're basically next to each other until that point.
  9. Can they just dispatch buses every 10 mins or so and let the B/O get to the terminal asap? Being on a slow bus makes me question the decision to use the bus in the first place.
  10. Which is why riders opt for alternatives. The MTA/NYCT is blaming everything other than their own operation practices (and vision zero, come to think of it) for ridership drops.
  11. Traffic is way down, yet buses are still crawling.
  12. The thing about NICE is, once you get a car, it's not appealing, unless you're commuting by subway because parking and traffic sucks. Other than that... I used to give the benefit of the doubt for discretionary trips, leave my car home and walk to the NICE bus stop. What happened numerous times? FLAGGED! No thanks. Not to mention that since NICE buses are closed door and are much faster than Queens buses, they really do zoom past all the Queens routes, especially on Hillside Ave. It's almost like a premium service in that sense, you see the people on the Queens routes dreadfully watching the NICE buses zipping by as their bus pokes along. (That is not something a Queens Redesign is going to help with if the B/O themselves are going +/-20MPH). 20MPH is like motorized bike speed, but that's another story. Another example is the inter-county ridership. Many people use the Springfield Blvd stop on the N6, so instead of an additional 2-3 min ride on the bus, you want them to transfer and wait up to 10 mins or more for a Q2/Q110 or (QT38)?
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