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  1. N6 Limited

    NICE summer service change

    I wonder if the N6, N4 and N40/41 are all interlined overnight, Like a big U.
  2. This is why they need thru service and intermediate stations in the CBD
  3. Their rent must be crazy. At least they're holding on,there are a lot of storefronts available these days.
  5. N6 Limited

    Plans move forward for SAS Phase II

    Yes and no. With a mezz and Island platforms you need one elevator to fare control/mezz, and one to the platform. With side platforms, they'll need at least 3. If they could put a fare control room at surface level then they could get away with one elevator if they stack the platforms, or do like 72nd st IRT, have the entrance in the median of the street.
  6. N6 Limited

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Haha. It kind of is
  7. AND I'm sure that and trains are still terminating at 71st Ave.
  8. N6 Limited

    MTA to begin retiring MetroCards in May 2019

    I think there are a much higher number of transfers from PATH, and the PANYNJ & NYCT/MTA don't want to lose revenue. The money that one would spend on both monthlies or whatever would disappear and be shared by both agencies. ------- On a side note, maybe the new fare system will be integrated with PATH and NJT. I know it's much easier to drive around the country when a lot of East Coast states use E-Zpass for tolls. (The only slick thing about it now is that their discounts are reserved for accounts opened in their respective states. So theoretically you can get all the E-Zpass discounts as you travel from state to state but you'd have to have a tag for each state!)
  9. N6 Limited

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Ah, Is that why their CBTC plans have accelerated?
  10. N6 Limited

    MTA to begin retiring MetroCards in May 2019

    If you use a PPR card on PATH, then the Port Authority gets their money. If you use an Unlimited, then the MTA and PANYNJ has to make an agreement on to how that would work.
  11. N6 Limited

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    A couple of questions about the Dekalb/Flatbush Area. When they reconstructed the Dekalb Area, how did they do it and did they have to dig up the street? Would CBTC be able to get trains through the Atlantic / Dekalb / Manhattan Br area quicker? ----------------------------------- Which lines are the MTA using this new lower cost CBTC solution? Probably the rent in Williamsburg and "East Williamsburg"
  12. N6 Limited

    NICE summer service change

    Interesting n40/n41 service increase. Also they're doing the unscheduled day service. Also, it appears that some PDFs haven't been updated and the n26 time format is wrong
  13. Yes it's kind of irritating to see trains crawl into a station when there is NOTHING there. Even from the RFW you can see the signals are red, and slowly turn yellow, when the last train left a million years ago. I agree, hopefully this leads to worthwhile improvements Exactly!!
  14. N6 Limited

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Nearly 5,000 Atlantic tickets have been sold in the first week. (6/6/18 - 6/13/18) Source:


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