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  1. I used a public toilet in Paris by Republique and it smelled horrible, even though it self cleaned after every use. You have to pay to use the bathroom in Zurich HB , the toilet section costs more than the urinals. But it was very clean and didn't smell.
  2. That reminds me when I was at the Liverpool Street Station in London and I couldn't find a "rubbish bin" anywhere. I asked one of the cleaners and he told me to just throw my trash on the ground and he'd sweep it up. I was like "Are you sure?", I didn't wan't some type of littering ticket, but he assured me that it was ok.
  3. This is probably why they should have built a new station on the Broadway El at Union Ave, for a connection between the instead of rebuilding Hewes and Lorimer.
  4. Yeah those are some stupid decisions, but does that bus run on time?
  5. Rockaway Beach Branch

    If Aqueduct is closed, NYC may rezone the area for dense development which will make use of the transit options, there are already tons of apts going up around downtown Jamaica. I ride the QB line frequently, yes it's busy during rush hour, but to pretend that there is no room for more riders at all, especially during the other 21-22 hours of non peak-peak ridership is false. The local lines have room during peak times and the and are most full west of Roosevelt Ave due to transfers to/from other lines ( ) .If all the express trains are full to Manhattan, they're just going to have to stay on the local. A local train is faster than waiting for several express trains to go by, then getting stuck in "train traffic" Lets not forget that the QBL is getting CBTC and sending one of the lines down the RBB is going to increase capacity due to the reduction of delays into 71st Ave.
  6. The GCP was backed up so he figured he drive along the QB Express tracks to Manhattan
  7. Sheepshead Bay/Manhattan Beach Transformation

    How does new a express route get suggested?
  8. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Yes some breathing room does open up after Nostrand. I see that some people opt for the instead of waiting for the , especially if it's a R160 set.
  9. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    The also gets hammered along CPW in either direction, especially with the gaps in service that is has. If you can you might as well pack into the at Jay Street because people get off at Hoyt-Schermerhorn for the anyway.
  10. Rockaway Beach Branch

    I think some people don't realize the intra-borough travel the RBB would allow if connected to the QBL. It would be very useful where Rockaway residents would have a connection for a quick connection to the rest of Queens as well as transfers to a potential LIRR connection at Atlantic Ave, Etc. As someone mentioned before they just want some type of rail service. 1) As a subway there will be frequent service and "reasonable" fares. 2)As a LIRR line, outside of City Ticket it's going to be Steep with hourly off peak service. Would the Terminal be Howard Beach- JFK? They might try to make it zone 3
  11. Sheepshead Bay/Manhattan Beach Transformation

    When I saw Avalon Brooklyn Bay going up from the Belt Parkway it piqued my interest, until I saw the prices on their website. I'd use the train a lot and the Belt Parkway otherwise if I lived in that area. Sometimes driving across Brooklyn is just . As others have mentioned Express buses would cost more and crawl to the BQE and/or Prospect Expressway, unless they're routed to use the SBS bus lanes?
  12. Hmm seems fishy, even if they entered the yard mistakenly how did they wind up so deep inside to wind up on the tracks where they did?
  13. NYC Subway Turnstiles

    What I try to do is not use the turnstiles closest to the entrance or the flow of entering people, those are the most used and most likely to ask you to swipe again. For example at 179th street in Jamaica, as buses let off floods of people they'll use the turnstiles closest to the stairs, the north side of the station. I walk further in toward the center of the mezz and swipe in problem free.
  14. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    OMG i just got off the slowest train ever! The M55 beat it to 34th st from Canal!
  15. Transit experts propose ending NYC's 24/7 subway system

    As long as it's thoughtful and logical. The MTA will do customer unfriendly things like shut down one route and have track work on the diversion route. For Example, A 6th Ave Fastrack had the and running on 8th Ave: All and and trains via 53rd Street. There was track work going on 53rd Street and Queens Blvd and trains were running local on Queens Blvd with the terminating at 71st Ave Delays started on 8 Ave all the way through Queens. MTA: "Gee I wonder why riders are opting for other means of transportation."


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