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  1. Which events scared the route designer off? Was this recent? or the N23/N27 merge?
  2. They're on the transit app also, and they have the schedules. 355 - 30 min headway weekdays, 20 min headway weekends Hours of service: 8:00-23:00 356 - 30 min headway mostly Hours of service: 8:00-23:30 (23:50 weekends)
  3. There are probably food booths in the theme park, otherwise it would be a lost opportunity.
  4. How are the zones determined? Are there routes that travel on the same road but have different zone boundaries in that vicinity? How are tolls addressed between NJT, PANYNJ and NJTPA?
  5. 😄 My rides are typically garbage due to the snaking it's way between City Hall and Dekalb. or to/from the QBL and the 60th st tunnel.
  6. How much would it cost to take the 320 and transfer to the 85? The wording on the schedules is not clear. The PDF says a one-zone transfer is $0.75. Does that mean on the connecting bus you can only ride within the zone you've boarded? Or does that mean you can only cross one zone? I looked further on the site: So basically you'd have to pay two separate fares for the 320 and 85? If so, that would be $4.25 + $2.55 = $6.80 each way. ($13.60 round trip.) On a side note, PATH to the 85 would be $2.75 + $3.15 = $5.90 ($11.80 Round Trip)
  7. I'm listening to the video and "Safety" is such a buzz word. It's like they have to reiterate "safety" and "safely" a million times because of all the propaganda which gives a negative connotation to the word "speed". 🙄 Speed does not automatically cause accidents. You should see some comments on highway stories. People think that going the (artificially low) speed limit magically prevents accidents from happening, it's amazing. We need Germany to be in charge of our highways.
  8. What bout the train? Hmm, maybe they're trying to protect ridership to the older malls? I guess it costs more to have all day service as opposed to intermittent days here and there? Amusement Park, Water Park, Indoor Skiing, Ice Skating Rink, etc I just looked up the fare to Secaucus Junction. $4.25 So that's $4.25 + 2.55 = $6.80 or $13.60 Round Trip. A savings of $2.20 each way ($4.40 total)., But there's the convenience of not having to wait up to 30 mins for a transfer to the bus. (I think they want to reduce barriers to the mall by those unfamiliar with NJ) The train ride is about 10 mins, not sure how long the bus ride will be. (Looks like it could be another 10 mins) NYPenn to Secaucus Junction:
  9. I wouldn't be surprised, the trains don't go that fast from Times Square to 11th Ave. 😆
  10. The proposed map looks interesting, stripped some routes, some modifications, I wouldn't say "Fully re-imagined" though. I wonder how the Queens proposed map is going to look. 😄 https://new.mta.info/bronxbusredesign/proposedmap
  11. Shouldn't they clear before hand? This way the T/O knows for sure? If it's set to clear as you pass them wouldn't it feel (as a T/O) like you're taking a chance each time ?

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