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  1. Atlantic ticket is technically a study, I wonder if the restrictions are for daily sale/use metrics. Also, I wonder if that's why they only sell weeklies and not monthlies
  2. https://www.amny.com/transit/lirr-atlantic-ticket-1.32910144 https://www.citylab.com/transportation/2019/08/atlantic-ticket-public-transit-cost-price-nyc-mta-equity/595996/
  3. Yes and no. Atlantic Tickets (Like City Ticket) have to be used the same day, or you can buy a weekly which are set from Saturday to Friday every week. So maybe some buy regular tickets for future rides.
  4. The Ramp could be flanked onto the side of the platform no?
  5. Are there cases where ramps would be cheaper? ie. One elevator to the elevated mezz, then ramps to each platform?
  6. Interesting. I foresee the Brooklyn Bridge and FDR Drive being perpetually clogged. The crazy thing is, if you're stuck in traffic, you have the decision of just sitting there, or exiting and paying the toll. The documentation mentions waived tolls due to detours but it depends on how that'll be implemented. If there is an accident at 42nd street, and you just want to exit the highway to get around it, will it be somewhat automatic, or will a switch have to be flipped to determine that all cars exiting at the previous exit gets a waiver if they re-enter the highway within a certain amount of time? Etc etc.
  7. I can see that, but why have an expiration date of one year after sale basically? The cards had expiration dates before they started charging a dollar for them.
  8. Kind of late but: https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-mta-lirr-atlantic-ticket-program-20190624-sm6w5blgyvcdpccogc5x7alavq-story.html
  9. It would be nice if connections were taken into account during non-rush service.. If the is running in 10min+ intervals, the conductor should wait 15 seconds to let the passengers transfer. On the other hand many times trains on the way to Southern Brooklyn ( , etc) get delayed and I miss the LIRR at Atlantic Terminal, sometimes by less than a minute. As for the 42nd street transfer, I had to deal with that a few weeks ago. I had JUST missed the downtown at 59th Street because the crawled in every so slowly , so I stayed on the to 42nd street. On the ride to the next stop I realized that I was in the front of the train and had to walk ALL the way back to cross over for the Queens bound . Not only that, I went up the southern most fight of stairs, so I exited fare control and swiped back in (I wasn't about to go through the trouble to stay in fare control when I have an unlimited card).
  10. Why are downtown & trains still slowing down and crawling from Canal st through Chambers? It ruins the run and botches connections with the .
  11. Looks like eastern queens ridership is dropping. From what I gather, overall ridership is still dropping. However, the stations with increases tend to be tied to stations that were (partially)closed the prior year or are in areas with new developments (LIC, Downtown & 4th Ave Brooklyn, etc).
  12. I've seen a few posts about most passengers paying beforehand ( which is true). However, I've seen passengers paying on board the LIRR on many trips, either because they were in a rush to catch the train, an infrequent rider that doesn't know how fare payment works and/or how to use the TVMs (or don't know that it costs more on board), or they're tourists which just got off the JFK Air train and figure they can simply pay on board or with their metrocard. As opposed to walking past the Bus Operator and sitting down as if there is no fare? Whats the difference between that and those not paying now?
  13. That would be interesting since Floral Park would have no say in which buses serve the Elmont station. Though, I'd imagine that the Elmont station would be in zone 4, so maybe Queens Village would be a better terminal for City Ticket and Atlantic Ticket purposes.
  14. Aren't there existing LIRR tunnels that go to the Ferry Landing under Old Fulton St?
  15. I see, I haven't been riding the IND as much as I used to. Before today I've been on and R179s but not s

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