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  1. Well, the climate is always changing. Long Island was formed by a glacier, how did the glacier form? How did it melt? But yes, man made climate change exists in the minds of those who believe the propaganda. It's amazing how much faster one can get around on bike. Especially if cars are stuck in traffic and buses are poking along. Dedicated bike lanes and priority work best. If you're on a non-pedal-assisted bike, stopping for stop signs and traffic signals is a momentum killer. Doesn't the MTA get subsidy for SBS routes?
  2. Is it possible that those are commuters the conductor sees on a daily basis and they already checked their tickets this week/month?
  3. So it's the lack of belief that's causing it? Interesting.
  4. There are natural disasters and weather changes everyday, earthquakes, fires, mudslides, blizzards, hurricanes/typhoons, heatwaves, cold fronts, etc. These things have been happening for eons, but, every time something happens it's blamed on "climate change". It's like, "No, it's summer, a 98 degree day is bound to happen, stop." I'm not saying that countries don't have the right to develop, but basically, they're saying "Selective countries must pay money to prevent climate change, but any other country can pollute as they please." Does that make sense to you? As for propaganda, How are big tires for buses created? How are buses fueled? What liquids are used to run it's systems? What material is used for the seats and non-slip floors, wire insulation, etc? For electric buses and rail, how is the electricity generated? How are the batteries created? How are they disposed of? The FDA and EPA are another story. All of these agencies have two faces. Look at PETA, they rally for the "Ethical treatment of animals", but they're probably the number 2 murderer of animals after slaughter houses. "If we can't find a home for these lovely animals, we're gonna put them to sleep, we don't them". "Also, If you care for your animals you'll get their testes and ovaries removed, and declawed if possible". The circle line should have access to all the crossing modes of transporation if possible.
  5. The "climate crisis" is made up. If we want more efficient movement of people around congested metropolitan areas, that's one thing, but using the "climate crisis" as the reason is farcical. They want western countries to "be green" while India and China, the most populous countries are ramping up their pollution/industrialization, kind of defeats the purpose. If you'll also notice, the climate crisis' "point of no return" keeps getting extended every 10-15 years, very convenient for fear mongering. Anyway, a Circle line would be nice, perhaps the North Shore of Staten Island across to Brooklyn, the Bay Ridge Branch (Triboro RX) up to the Bronx, then across the GWB lower level to NJ and Down to Staten Island.
  6. Some of these ideas would be a bit drastic. We need to keep in mind that Manhattan is an island, with limited connections, in the middle of the Metropolitan Area where the most direct trips would involve going through said island, and we do not have a cohesive metropolitan area transit system to make these trips simple and easy. If there was a tunnel from Brooklyn/Queens directly to NJ I and many others would gladly use it, but we do not have that luxury. You cannot make Manhattan some walled castle without some improvements to road and transit options around the region, NY and NJ (and CT?) would have to work together.
  7. Are there any O/C Tower operator tests?
  8. They should bring back the N8, but have it run from Green Acres to Roosevelt Field via Hempstead. it can replace the Clinton Rd N15 trips.
  9. Buses in Zurich have those screens. IIRC, they use them to show you the next few stops, the times you should be arriving at said stops, connecting routes, whether the connecting route is on time or not, and the arrival time of the connecting route at applicable stops.
  10. The iOS app is a little slow, at least the Android version has some type of loading symbol to indicate something is happening.
  11. Yeah, they are a little crazy in that area. Why do/did so many buses terminate at the Postal Facility? (There used to be more before some were extended to Gateway).
  12. A lot of roads shown, figured I post it here. Penn Station can be seen as well if you can spot it
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