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  1. Wouldn't it make sense to speed down the downgrade and use the momentum to mitigate speed reduction through the climb at 110th? The slight bends shouldn't make the T/O's slow down, those IRT trains whip through curves all the time. Are there timers and any point which make the train slow down before the incline which makes it harder to maintain speed? Perhaps if the T/O is allowed to speed into the incline it wouldn't be as slow? Slow express trains are vexing, it defeats the purpose. Would the R-160s/R-179s get up Concourse faster? Exactly , it seems like the slowdowns are self defeating, If you're descending only to ascend then slowing down serves what purpose? For example, The Merrit Parkway is on rolling terrain, why even attempt to break going down hill, when you're only going to go up hill in 5-10 seconds? CBTC might restore the original speeds, the gets around those numerous curves without hesitation. I did notice a slowdown in the east river tunnel since CBTC was first implemented, does anyone know why? To me is odd that there are stretches where locals go faster than expresses simply because there are more stops. If the tracks are side by side and have the same grades/curves/etc then what's the problem?
  2. They have revised this as of 12/02/19 and will be removing Lerher Ave instead.
  3. Why don't the and have the same announcement/FIND for Sutphin Blvd? On the it's "Sutphin Blvd, Archer Ave, JFK" on the its "Sutphin Blvd, JFK Airport" Being that train's are starting to run faster, they can start to extend services by reducing running times for little to no money right? Have they increased speeds on Concourse? Of the Express trains I've been on, they cruised up Grand Concourse in a lethargic manor. Speaking of which, how are the speeds on CPW in both directions now?
  4. At the end It says "Source: Metropolitan Transportation Authority" 😄
  5. This should help with the massive queue of: 1) Tourist/Visitors at the MVMs 2) Riders not knowing how to swipe metro cards. Though, part of the issue is that there aren't enough turnstiles for busy times. Also, there are queues leaving the south-west side of the station as trains dump JFK passengers into the station. There are 3 slow elevators and one narrow up-Escalator to the street toward the Airtrain.
  6. Yep they got rid of them years ago. Used to be nice to have them as "backup"buses. Always room as opposed to the N6.
  7. Yes, I know. I was asking, if most of the accidents are in Elmont, why did they put most of Hempstead Turnpike's traffic signals (including outside of Elmont) out of sync?
  8. I was about to reply similarly. Additionally, I've been on a N6 Limited that went from Elmont Road nonstop to Franklin Ave, can't do THAT anymore. I've been on Limiteds that went nonstop between EACH stop. I've had late evening (10:30 ish) N6 trips from Hempstead Terminal that while SRO, went non stop between Terrace Ave and Nassau Blvd, then non stop to Franklin. NYSDOT is the cause of the N6's increased running time. Back in the day, the running time was always held back by NYCDOT and the constant red signals in Queens, now it's BOTH agencies. Buses already have a bad rep, having them attacked by red signals certainly decreases ridership. Whenever I'm on a bus that's constantly stationary that makes me question my decision to use the bus in the first place and will think twice next time, usually use an alternative. So why slow down the whole road through to Hempstead if it's mostly Elmont?
  9. https://www.nicebus.com/Passenger-Information/FasterRide Few observations: They did the study in October but the Belmont Racetrack stops (which are getting removed) are mostly used in the spring and summer. (But usage is relatively low overall) They're removing the Hill Ave stop in Elmont (Eastbound) which is in front of a shopping center. Westbound Hilton Ave (which is being removed in Hempstead) is across from a shopping Center also. (Though Terrace Ave and Cathedral Ave serve the same Center). They're moving the eastbound Locustwood Blvd stop across the street next to the Health Center. (5 stops will be moved overall)
  10. Delays service has resumed between Lefferts Blvd-Ozone Park and Rockaway Blvd in both directions while we work to fix a signal problem at Rockaway Blvd. Trains may experience delays through the area as our crews manually operate the switch machines to move trains between tracks. Posted: 11/18/19 1:49 PM
  11. Looks, feels (and sometimes smells) battered
  12. MTA: "Um.... it's Con Edison's fault?" 😄
  13. So I've just noticed, the Transit Layer on Google Maps now shows NJT and MNRR but no LIRR.
  14. But enough to say no trains are running, exit the station? lol
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