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  1. It's baaack: https://www.nicebus.com/Passenger-Information/FasterRide UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Starting April 5th, NICE will be running a modified schedule, based on our current Saturday schedules. Weekday only routes such as the n16 and Shuttles will continue to run Monday-Friday. Our website schedules and GoMobile app will display these timetables starting April 5th. For additional details on our modified schedule , please visit the Passenger info section of our website. No Jamaica trips on the N1
  2. Ahh thanks. I heard a slight accent, wasn't sure where it was from. I just thought it was interesting referring to it as the ed train in on a NYC Press conference. I haven't heard Byford refer to the train at all, he'd probably say Zed by default though.
  3. They used plural for bankruptcies, in which I thought they were referring to agencies across the country.
  4. Yes, it's still correct because it's English.
  5. I think the point is that if transit agencies go bankrupt then those pensions go bye bye.
  6. There's a lot less traffic all around, B&T traffic is only down by 6%?
  7. Interesting concept, if there was a semi shutdown of the subway, would they let the and run driverless?
  8. What I mean is like if there is a conga line into Jamaica Center, instead of holding at Sutphin, Jamaica-Van Wyick, etc, waiting for a train to leave Jamaica Center, couldn't they send a train into each stub, so that another train can enter the station?
  9. At Jamaica Center, why can't they move trains out of the way onto the stub tracks, to alleviate terminal congestion?
  10. Where is the trip planner they said would be available?
  11. The Operators have valid points. Is speed the issue for the MTA and the city? or is it fuel economy?
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