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  1. N6 Limited

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    LOL R-179s only please
  2. NY has sensors on roads, outside of NYC. Within NYC its mostly just timer based 24/7, which is dumb. The timing is absolutely horrible, they figured it out and started putting them in sync (Bushwick Ave) or in a sequential pattern (Manhattan Avenues) but then Vision Zero came about and they need to "calm traffic".
  3. Yes, this is what makes driving in Nassau County tolerable, there are traffic signals but not at EVERY intersection. Even at night it would be cool if they could turn some signals to flashing yellow and flashing red late night. Why do you have to sit at a red light with no other vehicles around just to cross the intersection or even make a right turn.
  4. N6 Limited

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    How do you think Passenger Counters are going to affect NYCT Bus and MTA Bus, in general, or in regards to planning or perceptions of ridership?
  5. N6 Limited

    NICE Artic

    I'm asking because I remember seeing some PACKED n16s to NCC in the morning
  6. N6 Limited

    NICE Artic

    Did they use any Artics on the N16 to NCC?
  7. The buses were breaking down under LIB and about 50% failed inspection during the transfer to NICE, so is it: 1) Lack of maintenance? 2) Low quality Buses? 3) Incompetent maintenance staff? 4) Various combinations of the above?
  8. N6 Limited

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    If the was extended from South Ferry (or Rector St to dip down low enough to go under the river) to St George, how long would that ride be?
  9. All these comments about what's the big deal with bus speeds. Lets not pretend that if the bus or any vehicle was going a little bit faster they'd be able to make signals that had changed. And we know that when buses get caught, they then have to stop at the next stop, where the next green signal waits for the B/O to close the doors and attempt to pull off before it changes to red. I know a few locations where if you make a certain signal you can go an additional quarter of a mile or more before having to stop. Whereas if you miss the signal, once it turns green the next one turns red, etc.
  10. Or when they stop on green and wait for it to change yellow!
  11. N6 Limited

    Delayed LIRR Projects

    For Elmhurst and Republic stations, can't they just add crap platforms like the extensions at Forest Hills and Kew Gardens?
  12. N6 Limited

    Your Tales of Subway Hell: Major Meltdown Edition

    Twitter really puts the spotlight on the MTA
  13. N6 Limited

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    The MetroCard portion of the Atlantic Ticket is supposed to be an unrestricted NYCT weekly. It's restricted in the sense that it doesn't work outside of NYCT (ie, no Beeline, No NICE) http://web.mta.info/service/atlantic-ticket.htm#usage
  14. N6 Limited

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I saw a R-179 on the that was already dirty


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