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  1. I think it's to shorten the routes and to spend as little time in Manhattan as possible, this way they can provide more service with less buses.
  2. A lot of arm trips going on.
  3. N6 Limited

    LIRR Opens Ronkonkoma Branch Double Track

    Is there a track map of the double and triple track lines?
  4. That explains the slowness definitely. Did ridership start dropping around the time buses were capped? One thing I noticed riding NICE bus, they're so much FASTER then NYCT.
  5. N6 Limited

    QBL CBTC: I need an explanation...

    So about terminals. CBTC can slow the trains down at a gradual rate when pulling into intermediate stations, since the computer is controlling the train why cant they slow down in a similar manner for stub terminals when having a straight lineup? For example, most newer traction elevators gradually decelerate to a complete stop [In general, and] when reaching the lowest floor, they don't go extra slow after reaching the 2nd floor or first floor (if there is a basement). Also when relaying trains, can that be done via CBTC as well?
  6. N6 Limited

    Lack of overpasses/underpasses between directions

    I'm sure there are riders that would rather connect to the F than the (A)(C) and sometimes there are crazy gaps in service. As for transit being convinced that no one will use Bergen St lower level, they were also convinced that the /Broadway Brooklyn line did not need to go to midtown until a "budget crisis" forced their hand, and what a surprise, ridership increased!
  7. N6 Limited

    Lack of overpasses/underpasses between directions

    Structurally fragile? They already run RTO and work trains through the lower level during G.Os, and obviously the upper level must be supported, so you must be referring to the stairs/platforms? If they can do Enhanced Station Initiative on stations without Elevators ,why can't they do that to Bergen lower level?
  8. N6 Limited

    LIRR Opens Ronkonkoma Branch Double Track

    How is the 3rd track going to Tie into the Main/Hempstead Line split at Floral Park?
  9. N6 Limited

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Any updates on Atlantic Ticket sales?
  10. N6 Limited

    Lack of overpasses/underpasses between directions

    Actually at Nostrand Ave the express tracks rise to the Mezzanine Level and they extended the platform to the Express Tracks. I think the express run was originally planned to go from Hoyt-Schemerhorn to Utica Ave (typical IND 5 station bypass-run), but then Nostrand was added in after the fact to connect with the LIRR. The question is, what's behind the inner walls on the Local tracks, under the express tracks?
  11. N6 Limited

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    They used to have benches on the Mez in the "waiting area", are they still there?
  12. N6 Limited

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    I believe they have some standing benches from what I saw in the video of the station.
  13. N6 Limited

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    Pretty good, it's quite detailed. I sure hope so. There have been times I've attempted to take the M34SBS to the Javits Center and it was horrible. The bus lane was blocked by the construction of the new buildings in the area, the M34SBS was just sitting in traffic, from 8th/9th Ave to 11th Ave. (Not to mention there are always gaps in service where walking will get you there before a bus even arrives) One of the other issues with buses is that once you've boarded and that door closes you're held captive in traffic until the next stop. In many cases, it's quicker to just hop back off and walk, but the B/O has already pulled away.
  14. N6 Limited

    QBL CBTC: I need an explanation...

    Is that to prevent passengers from being anxious about the doors opening?
  15. N6 Limited

    No more funding for Elmhurst station

    This is the station that had stairs to Broadway? If so, does that mean this station will allow a connection (even if just a walking connection) to the Q52/53 SBS and the QBL Elmhurst Ave Station? Additional capacity on the Van Wyck Expressway would be useful since that section has the highest amount of traffic and the majority vehicles are trying to get between the Belt Parkway/Conduit and GCP/VWE north of the Kew Gardens Interchange, (not the Airport.) Had the Bushwick Expresway been built, many of the current vehicles wouldn't even bother to use the VWE). One of the main issues I see are grade changes. Northbound, the highway rises up to street level in order to go over the Queens Blvd Line (Both the Hillside Line and the Archer Line), then dips back down to go under Queens Blvd. That causes a perpetual back up until like 11pm. Southbound, the same grade changes causes a back up, to the LIRR tracks just before Atlantic Ave. Then traffic either opens up, or there's another line of congestion that tends to extend to Linden Blvd and magically opens up.


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