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  1. N6 Limited

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    But that's the trick isn't it? Both roads are essentially highways with 55MPH speed limits for most of their length. they basically have BRT already. BRT is something that would be useful on Hempstead Turnpike, from Jamaica to Farmingdale.
  2. That's pretty cool. You have any other examples? I see some officers get frustrated when driving behind motorists doing the speed limit (because it's too slow). haha
  3. Yes crowding was bad because there was no Jamaica Center at the time and virtually all S/E Queens buses went up to Hillside Ave. The also went to 168th street. It probably would have been better if 169th street was the (or an) express station with an intermodal connection to an improved Bus Terminal and in system transfer to the train.
  4. Thanks, I figured it had to somehow work like that. Crowding. There are gates by the stairwells to prevent people from falling on to the tracks when queuing to go up to the mezz.
  5. Did some trains terminate at Parsons and used the "tail tracks" to switch ends?
  6. How did 169th street work as a terminal anyway with 4 tracks and 2 side platforms?
  7. I'd prefer that they ban TLC plates from highways (or the left lane at least), it's always them cruising in the Left and middle lanes, always the slowest vehicles causing congestion and weaving.
  8. Does anyone know why the Hillside Line wasn't extended beyond 184th street?
  9. N6 Limited

    Contactless payments

    I've had annual Metrocards and they lasted all year through all the swipes( and dips into bus fare boxes). The issue comes with heavy use locations, the readers at busy turnstiles become dirty so users have to swipe their Metrocards more than once to be read properly, sometimes you don't realize it until the turnstyle stops you, which is annoying.
  10. N6 Limited

    Public Meetings for Phase 2 of SAS Begin

    You never know, they've been adding Vision Zero Medians and trees in the middle of streets all over the place, they could just put some stairs there like 72nd and 96th streets on the IRT. And Lexington Ave/63rd St
  11. N6 Limited

    Contactless payments

    I know for sure I have an unused balance on my Oyster Card and Guartrain Card. Whenever I go to London i just use or "top up" the card at Heathrow. My previous Oyster Card (that I lost on the way back to Heathrow a few trips ago) had like £5 on it, I wasn't pleased about that. Most of my cards probably have minimal balances, because you always add enough to get around but you can't really use up all As for NYC, I see some people paying with their phones in stores (like Starbucks, etc), but I think an Oyster type system introduced into the MTA will boost that form of payment. It will get a large boost if people can use it for City Bike, LIRR, MetroNorth, PATH, Parking Meters, Vending, Kiosks, etc. I'm sure people are tired of swiping and re-swiping their cards.
  12. N6 Limited

    New Goethals Br is amazing

    I wonder if that's on the radar
  13. N6 Limited

    Contactless payments

    I just found a Marta Breeze card that I had, haha. Basically MTA is way behind.
  14. N6 Limited

    M-9 Discussion

    Just saw 9009-9014 at Atlantic terminal, track 4


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