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  1. Wow, talk about 'subway action' plan. LOL
  2. LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Yeah, that is pretty ridiculous. But on Metro North between Grand Central and 125th St, it's $8 peak, $6 off peak Right. Peak / Off Peak Jamaica - Mineola/Hempstead/Freeport = $8 / $5.75 Jamaica - Hicksville/Wantagh/Massepequa/Long Beach = $9.50 / $7 Jamaica - Babylon/Deer Park/Huntington = $11.75/ $8.50
  3. LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    I mean between Bronx and Westchester. For example, Fordham to White Plains is $4, which is reasonable compared to say Jamaica to Mineola/Hempstead/Freeport or Hicksville
  4. LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Why does the Metro North's "intermediate" travel fares include the Bronx, but LIRR only includes Nassau and Suffolk in their "Local Travel" fares, shouldn't they at least include zone 3?
  5. That's one of the problems, they don't know the system well enough to get around (sometimes simple) service disruptions. Somewhat of a side note, I remember there was an Issue on the LIRR Babylon Branch, and a lady was being interviewed on the news on Old Country Road stating that she was trying to go to Long Beach from Penn Station and she was "stranded" in Mineola while standing near the N15 bus stop. I was like . There were tons of people, would Uber Pool have made a difference?
  6. Another example is the QBL. If I'm going to Jamaica from Queens Center Mall/Target, I find that it's quicker to backtrack to Roosevelt Ave, because of the local conga line at 71st Ave. I believe I've seen the count down clock increase before. They've been more accurate as of late. Why did they purposely slow down the express trains, is it to reduce the wear and tear on the tracks?
  7. If I saw a line that long for the M60 I would have either, get an Uber across the bridge, walk across the RFK bridge, walk down to Queens Plaza/21st Queensbridge, or take the M60 to LGA to the Q70.
  8. There are times where if you're going to 163rd Street, it's quicker to take/stay on the to 168th and backtrack one stop on the ( or walk back) than to wait for 10-15 mins for a northbound to show up. Before, you had no idea where the was, but now with Subwaytime you can make an informed decision. As for faster locals, it's silly. You'll have the local going at full speed, but the adjacent express tracks same tunnel, grade changes and turns have timers? And time wise, on 8th Ave, sometimes the countdown says an is 12-20 mins away, and obviously the locals would be quicker, unless you're going past 168th Street or Euclid Ave.
  9. A couple of times I was on the to Jamaica where we were crawling and being held in stations, while the MTA site said "Good Service". No, 20 mins to get from 21st Queensbridge to Roosevelt Ave is not "Good Service".
  10. Exactly, stop the "Overcrowding" and "Train Traffic" nonsense, the riders know that they're fibbing.
  11. Metrocard Phase Out

    So apparently they're going to phase in turnstyles that can accept smart cards, like they're doing at Penn Station etc. I guess they'll start to have 1 or 2 per station as NFC options become available.
  12. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    The uptown was a sardine can on 8th Ave tonight since the ended early and there was no because of the QB Fastrack.
  13. FASTRACK Subway Repair Discussion

    They should extend it and get that CBTC done
  14. The same thing happens on the N4 at Hook Creek Blvd. NICE is just so much faster than NYCT's snails on wheels. On the N6 we pass so many NYCT buses on Hillside Ave. Granted, they have to make more stops, but that's just part of the reason.
  15. Padded running time is an issue as well. When you have B/O's driving like they're powering the bus with their legs like the Flintstones and purposely waiting at green traffic signals, you can't put all the blame on traffic, and double parked vehicles.


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