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  1. LOL, that looks a little like the Grand Central Parkway between the Kew Gardens Interchange and Parsons Blvd.
  2. If BusTime or SubwayTime is down, usually Transit App works as a backup.
  3. It's quite necessary if they want to keep their sanity and avoid the numerous delays plaguing the system. I have an unlimited Metrocard and started buying LIRR tickets, because the QBL is horrible. Now, I'd much rather transfer to the Subway at Penn Station (or Atlantic Terminal depending on the destination) , than to take the bus to the QBL and be irritated and delayed. Freedom Ticket can't come soon enough.
  4. It's annoying when the MTA site says "Service has resumed after earlier delays". But they don't indicate what the problem was, or at least the direction affected. Because knowing that still makes a difference in terms of planning.
  5. N6 Limited

    NICE Bus plans changes aimed at improving service

    NICE has to market it that way because of where the Articulated buses terminate. When the artics started service, they would leave Jamaica and Hempstead virtually empty because riders would wait at the normal n6 bays for a bus. Also, for intermediate stops it'll help riders know which buses have extra seating and USB ports.
  6. They should just extend the 6th Ave express tracks into Brooklyn and connect them to the Canarsie line west of Bedford Ave or route it along Metropolitan Ave and connect them west of Lorimer Street. That way they can have train service across the river while the tunnels are being repaired, they can put switches east of 2nd Ave and use it as a Western Terminal. "This is a Manhattan bound train, the next stop is 2nd Ave /Houston Street, stand clear of the closing doors please"
  7. N6 Limited

    Another great service day...

    Byford is right. They could have moved the train to 2nd Ave or Bergen Lower level or whatever. But since it happened in Brooklyn the officers probably didn't want the train potentially moved out of their precinct or something.
  8. N6 Limited

    Another great service day...

    You don't have to wonder, it was short sighted. It even affects how drastic planned service changes are.
  9. N6 Limited

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    There are going to be delays (as usual) as all trains share the same track but and still terminate at 71st Ave and hold up the and .
  10. N6 Limited

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    This is part of the customer service problem. I'm sure the passengers didn't take a only to be held up for 20+ mins getting to Main Street, especially when there are most likely locals passing by during that time. They could/would have switched at Junction Blvd or Willets Point if they knew the train was going to be held, many of them have to transfer to a bus!
  11. N6 Limited

    NICE Bus plans changes aimed at improving service

    They can still transfer in the Terminal.
  12. That's because the Taxi companies have crazy fares, it's like $20 to go to the next town over.
  13. It's bad enough that the trains crawl through there, but to get held for up to 10 mins is crazy. All they need to do is be customer focused, and their ridership and farebox revenue would increase. As a kid I used to be perplexed as to why the MTA was worried about dollar vans in Queens and Brooklyn when their buses are slow as hell and all they had to do was speed them up if they wanted people to use them. Even now, when I get on NYCT buses I wince every time the B/O drives slow as hell and purposely waits or slows down for the traffic signals to change to yellow and then think to myself that perhaps I should have just walked. Sometimes you're in a rush and you jump on the bus with the hopes i can move you down the corridor faster, but nope, NYCT bus wheels are obviously coated with molasses and if the next traffic signal has been green for more than 5 seconds the driver hits the breaks because green means yellow. People just want to get to their destination quickly and efficiently without delay. But also at the same time, if you're a conductor and you see a connecting train pulling in, but the next one on your route is in 18 mins, you might want to hold the doors for 10 seconds...


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