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  1. This: https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ny-dead-injured-fire-moving-harlem-subway-20200327-bzasn2dwpvclzidv6pb7txz32e-story.html
  2. Probably because it is the only LEGAL way the can kick the homeless out of the system, even if only temporarily: While we do know a lot more now about COVID than this time a year ago, Cuomo likely still fears a scenario where some incident happens like what happened just about a year ago this time on the making big headlines (and that incident did happen in the overnight), and that being used against him in his re-election bid, assuming he isn't forced out as Governor before then because of current ongoing scandals. The real problem is if the subway were back to 24/7 and the did try to kick the homeless out, the ACLU would be in court so fast such practices would be stopped immediately. Until we have something that is ACLU-proof, I suspect that would play into why Cuomo won't allow a full resumption of service.
  3. What happened after 2016 Wall Street didn't care about because the stock market went way up, they got their revenge in 2016 and didn't look back after that. What happened in 2018 had more to do with who was elected President in 2016 and the anger a lot of people had in the ensuing two years after the 2016 election.
  4. While Linday was Mayor from when I was born until he left after his second term, Beame was the first Mayor I remember growing up. Beame was screwed by a lot of things he had no control over. The cleanup of NYC actually started under Dinkins in 1992. He might have gotten a second term had there not been a seccession vote in Staten Island (the one heavily GOP area of NYC) which led to a far heavier-than-usual turnout there. That turnout won the 1993 election for Guiliani (though in fairness, Guiliani likely is elected Mayor in 1989 if Yusef Hawkins didn't happen because then Koch beats Dinkins in the primary and loses to Guiliani in the General Election).
  5. And this is why I would if possible build a newer tunnel for the SAS that would go towards Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn for the that would come in at what currently is the Transit Museum (Court Street) and then go to the currently-unused platform at Hoyt-Schermerhorn and become the Fulton Street local, allowing the and to both be 24/7 express lines and the becoming the full-time Lefferts line and the the full-time Rockaway line.
  6. Yes, as I think eventually (though not for a while because the pandemic likely made permanent changes in how people work) you will need a full SAS AND a rebuilt 3rd Avenue EL to handle that level of capacity.
  7. This is something that should have been included with the 63rd Street tunnel in the first place. It would not be practical to build a new level of 59th station for it, hence why I would it go to a tunnel below that station where it then goes directly from 63rd/Lex to 50th/8th, coming in on the lower level where the currently stops. This would be more about having an SAS via 8th Avenue if Phase 3 can't be built. It can be the that would in this scenario run with the to 63rd/Lex, then continue to a new tunnel west of 7th Avenue towards 8th and run on a lower level to the lower level of 50th/8th, giving those on the UES in the process a one-seat ride to Penn Station without having to walk outside Penn Station. If you coupled that with extending Phase 2 to where it connects to the 8th Avenue line on 125 towards St. Nicholas, it would allow for the 8th Avenue line when needed to run via the SAS/63rd Street to/from 50th/8th to/from 125th/St. Nicholas when needed. You could also doing this have the (and in theory, the as well) run to 145th/8th or 168th/8th or to Bedford Parx in the Bronx.
  8. What I mean was, they got their revenge on Cuomo and punished the Democrats as a whole for what happened in 2015 by supporting a number of GOP candidates in other states they would not have otherwise who won their elections that game the GOP the House and Senate in 2016. They had to wait almost two full years to get that revenge. Sometimes, people do in fact hold grudges they can't get revenge on immediately who wait until they can. That is what happened in this case. People on Wall Street were WAY more PO'ed for what Cuomo did than you realized and rather than call him out on it when it happened, they waited until the opportunity presented itself to extract revenge.
  9. What you mentioned also made me think, perhaps down the road you could extend the 63rd Street connection to 8th Avenue, with such a connection joining the 8th Avenue line on the lower level of 50th Street-8th that the currently uses. It would allow for even more operational flexibility, including (in theory anyway) an SAS line via 8th Avenue but of greater importance (especially if the SAS on 125 were extended all the way across town) additional flexibility for the if 53rd needs to be closed down at all for example.
  10. Yep! That also IMO was why Cuomo infamously shut down the entire subway one overnight in 2015 that led to MASSIVE blowback, particularly from Wall Street on a day the Dow lost 275 points (a big loss at the time) when many brokers could not be at their desks when at the time in many cases they may have been legally required to be at to execute trades (IMO that was because he was mulling a run for President in 2016 and also IMO feared someone at the MTA going rogue and ignoring orders to shut down only the outdoor portions in the hopes of causing something that would derail Cuomo's election hopes). As I remember, some on Wall Street were so PO'ed they waited almost TWO FULL YEARS to get revenge on Cuomo for that by helping Trump get elected President and helping the GOP outside of New York win a number of races that were expected to be tight.
  11. That does make it clear. And no, I don't want Cuomo in bracelets anytime soon no matter how much the subways need to truly return to being 24/7.
  12. Exactly, as said whether EL or subway, a replacement for that SHOULD be done. It it could be done as an EL, I would also be looking at adding provisions for later possibly doing a full rebuild of the Third Avenue EL in Manhattan. While it likely won't be necessary until long after we are gone (due to the pandemic likely seeing Manhattan not returning to pre-pandemic levels until the end of this decade at the earliest), if the pre-pandemic predictions are true, we may eventually need BOTH a full-length SAS AND a rebuild of the Third Avenue EL to handle all the additional people in that general area of Manhattan.
  13. This is EXACTLY why I would do that, plus you can also reroute the and via 125/SAS, 63rd and 6th Avenue before returning to the 8th Avenue line at West 4th or Jay Street. Definitely, and I would have it on the old 3rd Avenue EL route in the Bronx whether an EL or subway, though likely with stations consolidated considerably from the old EL regardless.
  14. Except what happens if a Judge says that's not acceptable and requires Cuomo to come down and say he ordered it and the Judge were to threaten him with prison unless he reversed it immediately?
  15. At least this happened on a day not nearly as many people would be riding the trains. Remarkable they got that back running as quick as they did.

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