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  1. Yes, because they know Park Slope is going to moan if their precious local is messed with. Park Slope riders need to understand this is about the overall situation, especially for those south of Church. Doing an express at all times with enhanced service and the replacing the as a local is about overall ridership. Those who get a would be able to switch at Bergen Lower or at Hoyt-Schermerhorn for the . It's too bad you can't set up Broadway-Lafayette to handle full-time and trains even if you send a limited number of trains via the Crosstown at peak hours as in that scenario, the (rerouted to Rutgers with a limited number of trains running Chambers-168 to accommodate those actually looking for 8th Avenue/CPW local stops from lower Manhattan AND the replacing the in Brooklyn to Euclid and possibly running express with the in Manhattan) could then serve as the Culver Express to Coney Island (giving people on Coney Island an 8th Avenue option they don't currently have). That would allow a full Culver Express without Park Slope riders complaining about lack of service.
  2. Oh, you mean the to 145? Yes, I have suggested that before. Still think you could have the go to either 96/2 or 145/8 on weekends even after the work is completed.
  3. Some are born to complain because it affects THEIR rides specifically. This is why for a real express to work, all necessary work (including ADA work) needs to be done to rehab and reopen Bergen Lower so then you can have two-thirds of trains run express with the remainder re-labeled as while the train ALSO is increased by the number of trains per hour running express.
  4. Absolutely. What you'd need to do is do work to get Bergen Lower in order plus an OOS transfer between sides at Bergen and simply make the a full-time express (except late nights) while beefing up service and also having a limited number of trains operating between Church Avenue and 179 (basically, two-thirds of the current trains would run express while the remaining third would be re-lettered and run the same as the after Bergen while the locals are increased to compensate for the loss of some locals).
  5. They should really in this just have the run the entire overnight to 96th-2nd.
  6. Correcting my earlier post, the blackout was mainly on the west side from 12th to 72nd Street.
  7. Apparently, this was from what I have seen a complete power outage in Manhattan.
  8. The idea is you do ALL of that at the Racetrack station (interlocking, second and maybe third platforms, etc.)
  9. Oh I agree, but I'm thinking in terms of work already being done in that area.
  10. If you're going to add a second platform to the Racetrack stop, I think you should really go all the way and build it so it can be a short-turn terminal for when either Lefferts or Far Rockaway is out and also to stage some extra service during peak times at the Racino.
  11. Right. The problem is an extremely vocal minority that would worry doing such would cause them to have to leave for work two hours early just in case some unforeseen delay elsewhere happens that causes THEIR commute to be that badly delayed to where they could face being fired for not allowing even more time.
  12. Showing all Cuomo seems to care about are: Himself His Donors. As for the extension of the Astoria line, you probably still have some "old guard" types (or equally as important, their heirs) who likely are concerned even a modern El would result in property values declining, still thinking everyone is like them and that no one will buy (especially children who plan to sell such as soon as their parents die off, looking to reel in huge money for themselves).
  13. In Philly when they rebuilt the Market-Frankford line, during the summer they had periods of one and two-week shutdowns with full-bore shuttle buses on the routes affected.
  14. I'm guessing this is when the 6th Avenue side of the Manhattan Bridge was out.

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