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  1. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Except West 4th provides more transfers, including to the at West 4th and the at Broadway-Lafayette. That's why I go to West 4 and make the a local between West 4th and 34th (which on weekends has the added benefit of giving riders at 14th and 23rd twice as much service) on nights and weekends.
  2. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    True, however, we are talking nights and weekends when there are fewer trains overall.
  3. Not to mention being able to have three platforms at those stations instead of two.
  4. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Right. If anything, I would have the if not going fully up 6th Avenue terminate at West 4th and have the go local on 6th Avenue (with the using the express tracks to turn north of West 4th), though ideally, I would have the go to 96th/2nd weekends if only to keep 6th Avenue service in order then.
  5. Rockaway Beach Branch

    I agree, but there is a psychological factor with some about having a line serve lower Manhattan (again, even if we know better) that I was taking into account.
  6. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    One big difference though: If there is a conga line at 179, you can divert some of the locals to the express tracks after Parsons Boulevard since such would only skip one stop: 169.
  7. Rockaway Beach Branch

    Okay, so you can't terminate at Union Turnpike. The idea was simply moving the terminal to where it doesn't interfere with an RBB line. Ideally, if there is an RBB line, any line going to 71-Continental is extended to 179 or wherever such can be turned around without interfering with the RBB. Best scenario I would be looking at then with in my case the going to Rockaway Park would be the and both going to 179 to prevent any conga lines at 71st-Continental that prevent the from being able to get to the RBB quickly. And yes, the E/F is well known to be overcrowded at Roosevelt Avenue. That's one reason I was looking at the prospect of having an RBB line potentially if possible run via a new route that would take it through the never-used UPPER level of Roosevelt Avenue and then possibly go to Manhattan with a stop to transfer to the Astoria line at some point before it goes via a new 79th Street tunnel that would come in at York-1st Avenues, then come in under the current SAS at 72nd and then join the somewhere after the turns off around 59th or so. If you could somehow do that (unlikely because of the $$$ of course) THAT would go a long way towards making the RBB subway AND perhaps alleviating some of the overcrowding on Roosevelt Boulevard with a new option. As for Broadway, that specifically is because the 6th Avenue Line doesn't serve lower Manhattan, and while we may know better on this, there are to me those more likely to support this if an RBB line went to lower Manhattan, which is why I would go with the over the as the would be too long of a route.
  8. Some are going to want the direct one-seat ride and NOT have to worry about a transfer to the (F). Plus the or in this scenario would be FAR less crowded than the would be.
  9. I do that because I do believe once the starts going to 96/2 on weekends there will be political pressure (as well as from people who actually LIVE on the UES) to make that seven days a week at all times so they have 6th Avenue service,
  10. Rockaway Beach Branch

    There is a ton of truth here! The major differences I do with this are these: The becomes a 24/7 route from Whitehall Street to Rockaway Park via the RBB and running on QB with late nights the line starting at 34th Street-Herald Square. The returns to being a 24/7 Line between 95th Street-Bay Ridge and Ditmars Boulevard as it was prior to 1987. Any yard runs on the would be to and from Bay Parkway via the West End before heading straight to Coney Island Yard from there. Those yard runs would be noted in ALL schedules. The becomes a part-time line to Astoria (5:30 AM-10:30 PM Monday through Friday), with late nights and weekends the going to 96th and 2nd with the . Biggest change here is the presence of a Broadway line option to JFK doing it this way. It also increases late-night service on Broadway and the SAS (as the and would both be going to 96th and 2nd nights and weekends PLUS the would be running in Manhattan from 34th Street northward late nights in this scenario). Other than that, I do agree with this setup and how the RBB would benefit. That said, I do think you would need to potentially extend the and in Queens to Union Turnpike if not extending one or both to 179th (to prevent the RBB line from being caught up in conga lines for trains terminating at 71-Continental), with the side benefit of allowing the to become a full-time express to 179 in the latter case and increasing service overall to 179.
  11. There I believe is 5-7 TPH of capacity on the 6th Avenue local that on weekdays would in my scenario be filled by the half of this and split (actually an expansion from Metropolitan to 13 TPH total at peak times with the 5 TPH at all times on weekdays) with the remaining as it is now and the becoming 24/7 between Metropilitan and 96th/2nd. Yes, you have the merge at 63rd, but I suspect that can be handled. As one who actually grew up on the Upper East Side, I don't think so at all. There will be those that to me will want this that I would be running between Metropolitan and 96th/2nd that would give SAS riders a 6th Avenue option at all times. A lot of them, especially in bad weather who work in Rockerfeller Plaza would want to be able to take such a there because many such would then be able to take that line from whichever station they get on at and not have to be outside at all other than between their home and the station they get on that. That would be a BIG thing for many that live on the UES and actually work inside Rockerfeller Center. And yes, I do think the political clout is there. The UES has a ton of it from what I remember and they are not afraid to use it.
  12. Planned Subway Service Changes

    Like I said before, I would make that change to 96th/2nd on weekends permanent ASAP.
  13. Actually, this is how this should be. Though obviously this is not the way I'd like to see this, it makes sense to have the go to 145 or 96/2 rather than Chambers in that situation so those on Broadway-Brooklyn looking for 6th Avenue don't lose that portion of the line.
  14. FASTRACK Subway Repair Discussion

    I do, especially with the because you have a lot of people in Brooklyn who do need the 6th Avenue Service at all times. The mergers would be after rush hour, so it likely would not be as bad to do it at those time and to me worth it in order to keep services going that some people actually need.
  15. Not at all. Most here know my view if splitting the into and with the being 24/7 between Metropolitan and 96th/2nd. I suspect when the does go to 96/2nd on late nights and weekends consistently, there will be pressure from those on the upper east side to make the go there 24/7, which is why I do the split in anticipation of those on the UES (who has massive political clout) wanting a 6th Avenue option at all times.


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