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  1. Maybe some pol told the they have to keep the running along Brighton because HIS/HER constituents need that service more than riders need theirs?
  2. Wallyhorse

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    The idea is to have a much easier transfer to the (D) and (F) at Broadway-Lafayette or West 4th as well as the (4) in late nights and (6) all times at Broadway-Lafayette and the (A) (C) and (E) at West 4th on the upper level. Those are the key transfers in having the (M) run to West 4 if not further up the line late nights and weekends. It's also why pre-SAS I would have considered sending the (M) to 145 on weekends where it would have had the weekend role the (B) has on CPW during the week.
  3. Rebuilding Atlantic Avenue to four tracks (NOT including the Snediker section, which would ONLY be rebuilt if you went to six tracks and THEN ONLY to terminate/store trains on that part) could actually be part of a longer-term plan (after the resumes normal service) where you could have a new train operate from Rockaway Parkway to 96th Street-2nd Avenue (and eventually 125th/Lex) as a 5TPH line via Canarsie, Broadway-Brooklyn and the 6th Avenue line while some service can be short-turned at Atlantic Avenue and further down the road, if you can connect Chrystie to the SAS via 2nd Avenue. This potentially can be a 24/7 line.
  4. Wallyhorse

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    You forget there ARE switches NORTH of Broadway-Lafayette on the northbound side AND north of West 4th on both sides and the express tracks. We are talking LATE NIGHTS and WEEKENDS for a West 4th terminal for the when the and are not running as often. The real problem is there is no good place to turn the north of Essex other than 96th/2nd or 145th/8th without sending it on QB, which many weekends is out due to CBTC work. This is where if 72nd had been built to three tracks as originally planned, the could have terminated there.
  5. Which is why tearing down what they did at Atlantic Avenue station was a big mistake. I would have rebuilt Atlantic Avenue to at least four tracks (and possibly all six) where it could have been used to turn some trains OR have such trains go to Rockaway Parkway while short-turning some trains at Atlantic Avenue (and looking at Google Earth, at last check, some of the structure is still in place to where at least two tracks could be rebuilt if need be around Atlantic Avenue).
  6. Wallyhorse

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    That's simply a bonus nights and weekends. You also have easier transfers at West 4th to the and in addition to the and the as well as the at Broadway-Lafayette, plus the at 34th and an OOS transfer between the and at 63rd/Lex. That's why I would have the go to at least West 4th nights and weekends and preferably 96th/2nd.
  7. Wallyhorse

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I would make the permanent to 96th-2nd. There is a local-to-express crossover north of West 4th both ways AND the express crossover north of that, so it can do such crossovers easily.
  8. Wallyhorse

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    The other option for extending the would be to have it run to West 4th, with the running local along 6th Avenue as the can use the crossover in the express tunnel to switch ends. This gives the most of the additional transfers. Reason I extend the off-hours to 96th Street is to increase late-night/weekend service on the SAS in arguably the most densely populated area in the entire country. Most of the 6th Avenue stations are close enough to the Broadway stations (and of course 34th Street is the transfer hub).
  9. Wallyhorse

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    And this is why that would not work. What I would do is have more lines run extended service during the overnight, mostly as locals that serve more frequently traveled stops. As I would be looking to do it: and run as-is, runs 148th Street-South Ferry station on the (all lines run local during a 20-minute stretch where there is a 6-7 minute gap on the trunk line). and run as-is, runs with the to Brooklyn Bridge (set up in the same manner as the west side) and run as-is, runs 168th Street-Lefferts Boulevard (eliminating the late-night Lefferts shuttle) and remain as they are. runs Metropolitan Avenue to 96th Street-2nd Avenue (this also would be on weekends and holidays) runs full route (95th Street to 71st-Continental).
  10. Right, but it's been noted it's not easy to do, though late nights it would make the most sense if the is the only train running on the express tracks. Otherwise, I would use 86th or have the run express to Grand Central while the runs with the to 59th and turn there via the pocket track.
  11. Wallyhorse

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    That's why I said unless you'd be able to do it as noted (I was specifically replying to the other proposal explaining how that would work). I do think such a connection should be built anyway if for no other reason than for G.O.'s and flexibility so the can go down the SAS when needed and then run via 63rd to the . to West 4th. The 125th Street connection to the I think would be huge.
  12. Interesting on the (5)s. One other option would be to have the terminate late nights at 86th Street. You can set up an OOS transfer on MetroCard between the two sides at 86th for the handful of people who would want to transfer from the to the there. Another option would be to make the express to Grand Central and have the run local with the late nights, with the terminating at 59th Street, using the pocket track at 59th Street to turn such if you don't want to extend the to Brooklyn Bridge or Bowling Green.
  13. Wallyhorse

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    Thanks for reminding me (I had actually forgot I had said that before). And yes, I stand by what I said in 2011 as far as 125 is concerned as Columbia IS in the middle of that expansion project (while it would be nice to include Nassau, the downtown end as I would do now would be to extend it to the Fulton line in Brooklyn as noted. One adjustment to that would be if the SAS did go to Broadway/125, it would be an underground station under the there.
  14. Wallyhorse

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    My response to this is in the Second Avenue Discussion Thread.
  15. Wallyhorse

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    Bringing this over from the Proposals/Ideas thread: This would be tricky unless you can do it in the following manner: Have it run with the between 145th and 207th Street Go to the additional track on each side south of 145th Street (the one area where it's six tracks across) Build a curve or have the middle track on each side between 125-145 turn north of 125th Street to there and go to a new station on a level below 125 (with transfers both ways to the and at 125). Continue on 125 across with a stop at Lenox Avenue (transfer to before continuing to Lexington and the transfer there and then the SAS as planned. For the Brooklyn end, as previously noted I would have the run via a new Schermerhorn Street tunnel with such connected to Court Street (current Transit Museum) and then coming in on the local (presently unsued) track at Hoyt-Schermerhorn and from there continuing as the Fulton Street local to Euclid Avenue where it would terminate (except late nights when such would be extended to Lefferts Boulevard). This allows the and to both run express on Fulton with the becoming the full-time Lefferts line and the becoming the full-time Rockaway line. As for the breaking away at Broadway Junction and using LIRR trackage, I don't know if that would be possible.


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