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  1. A far cry from back in the day when they didn't do that.
  2. You have to go sometimes and there's nothing you can do about it. There are times when someone simply need to do that and can't wait until the end of the line.
  3. And is why I simply add a new / line between 95th and Essex that would be 24/7 (plus yard runs that would extend service to or from Broadway Junction for such runs only that would be scheduled). Such at a MAX 8 TPH (either overlapping the in Manhattan or where the terminates at Chambers other than a limited number of rush-hour trains that end and begin at Broad) to me is the way to do it.
  4. Agree this was well written. That said, I think you need to keep the in South Brooklyn and also don't want the to be too long of a route. The new / takes care of both of those issues since you'd see a sharp increase in service on 4th Avenue (if need be, you could turn some trains at peak times at 86th instead of 95th). Essex can be the terminal because of it having three tracks (not including those / trains that would actually begin and end at Broadway Junction on Yard runs that would be in the regular schedule and noted as such). That to me is the easiest and keeps Bay Ridge politicians happy having two different lines running to Bay Ridge at all times.
  5. Extensive and very much needed at Canal Street. The was likely very shortsighted in closing what used to be the uptown platform on the Nassau Line at Canal Street and Bowery (which likely would also need to be reopened for this to work). and probably should be reopened, especially if eventually you have the SAS put through Nassau in addition to the planned route. MAJOR work needs to be done there especially given what has been well noted about ALL of the platforms there.
  6. Right. The 's problem's in Queens are why I came up with this new / from 95th-Essex (with any trains going to/coming from East New York Yard, where such trains would be based running in service between Broadway Junction and Essex in addition to its normal route). This would be in addition to the current (meaning more service on 4th Avenue overall) and replace the late nights since this new line would be 24/7.
  7. That could be adjusted by going back to my original idea of splitting the and in two by having the terminate at Chambers, save for a limited number of peak-hour trains that would continue to Broad so Broad Street would still see the same number of trains as they do now. You also brought up one reason why in my original plan, it called for reconnecting the Nassau Line to the Brooklyn-bound track ONLY on the Manhattan Bridge to make for a Nassau Loop line, with this new or in that version running via the tunnel to Manhattan and back to Brooklyn via the Bridge, the only difference being it would be ONLY done on the Bridge going to Brooklyn and NOT the other way. That plan would have had the new / only stop at Jay-Metrotech, Court, Broad, Fulton and Chambers going northbound before going over the Manny B back to Brooklyn (while in reality 95th Street would be the sole terminal in such a loop, Chambers would technically be the north terminal even if trains only stop there and go right in and out like a normal stop). This also would have had an equal number of trains to the number of / trains running over the Bridge becoming fully local on the Broadway line going southbound only, with those trains operating via the Tunnel ONLY going to Brooklyn as northbound service would be unaffected by this and all such going to Manhattan would still operate via the Bridge as they do now. Those would be the alternative ways to do it save for doing the schedule where at Essex, if a train comes in as a / is scheduled to leave Essex, the / train goes first so it's not stuck behind the at Broad.
  8. It was split at 36th Street, which was of no use to Bay Ridge riders. This new / would essentially be the old Bankers Special EXCEPT such a new line would be 24/7 running from 95th Street-Essex 24/7 and replace the shuttle late nights. I suspect the new line would get far greater ridership than the old .
  9. Well, might have been the (L) shutdown being canceled WAS because Cuomo IS actually looking at seriously running for President IF Joe Biden doesn't run.
  10. also runs via the tunnel as well as the late nights I believe. Also, anyone specifically looking for Whitehall can change to the or on the same platform at DeKalb, Jay-Metrotech or Court (and you have the option at Court). Whitehall would be the only station affected by that change and the new routing also has transfers to the and at Fulton and the at Chambers late nights and the at Canal then.
  11. As said, agree, but as noted, this new or line can run to Essex and terminate there. This as I would do it as noted would be 24/7 and replace the shuttle late nights. Runs to and from East New York Yard would begin or end at Broadway Junction on the line and would continue in service to or start in service from there on such runs, with such scheduled and in the timetables. As I'd also do it, the would permanently go overnights and on weekends to 96th/2nd to supplement the on the SAS portion, however, if the doesn't want to do that after the work is done, I'd then look late nights and weekends at extending the new or to Metropolitan Avenue to replace the entirely at those times.
  12. That it would, however, the new line (running between 95th and Essex) would basically outside of rush hours be running at the same intervals as the current (rush hours would be a max of 8 TPH). The new line solves the main problem, which is 4th avenue, allowing the current to remain as is since there would be up to a combined 20 TPH on the 4th Avenue local between the and the new line at peak hours,
  13. Like I said, the easiest is to supplement the with a new or train running 95th-Essex that also replaces the current shuttle late nights.
  14. It would be the best way to do that. Using G.O.'s to experiment with potential future alternate routing when warranted is something I would do a lot of.
  15. I would do something similar, though more on the lines of this: borrows 160s/179s for the weekend and runs five-car sets from 95th-Essex. Depending on what was available, those would run in either five or eight car sets. That solves a myriad of problems.

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