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  1. Rockaway Beach Branch

    Actually, they went back to direct rail service on all racing days at Belmont a few years ago. The plan (though not official by any means) is as I understand to close Aqueduct in 4-5 years and move everything year-round to a rebuilt Belmont Park, either winterizing the current facility or building a new grandstand and clubhouse on the backstretch as was originally proposed when the old grandstand at Belmont was condemned in early 1963 (which was not done because they wanted to make the paddock from the old Belmont part of the new/current facility, which opened in 1968). You probably would see a major rebuild of the LIRR area around Belmont if the new arena for the Islanders is built there anyway and any subway extension there could be part of that as well. As for Aqueduct, even if Aqueduct does close the Casino will remain there. The RBB I think long-term will be a big boon even if it's just local service for now without the bypass being built, though I would also explore the possibility of re-working the never-used upper level of Roosevelt Avenue if possible for an RBB as part of a new line that would also have it go through Astoria (with a transfer to the Broadway Line along the way) and a new tunnel to Manhattan via 79th Street (with a stop on 79th at York-1st Avenues) before coming in on a new lower level of 72nd Street and joining the south of where the leaves at 63rd Street.
  2. Rockaway Beach Branch

    Some drive, but the Belt Parkway can be a nightmare getting to and from there. Getting those especially from Flushing who can take the to the RBB at Roosevelt Avenue there for instance I think could be a considerable number. That to me would be key and I think it would be a substantial number, especially on weekends when you don't have as big of a bottleneck on the subways (when there are no G.O.'s).
  3. Rockaway Beach Branch

    I believe that fleet could also have been used on the IRT and could have easily been additional cars for those trains unless those were to be built with four sets of doors rather than three per side (I believe it was three per side because these were also supposed to be for the 3rd Avenue EL, which would have been IRT). Point is, the R39s could have served as a stop-gap until at least the 1980's when a rebuild of that line would have been more financially possible and those cars could have after a rebuild lived on in the IRT for many years after (in a rebuild made heavier to handle AC and so forth). Getting this back on topic, I still think any revival of the RBB is going to require getting Genting (which runs the Casino at Aqueduct) on board, as that casino stands to benefit greatly from a revived RBB.
  4. Rockaway Beach Branch

    Actually, as was well noted, the R-39 car order (which was supposed to be a lighter version of the R-32/R-38 cars) would have been able to keep the Myrtle EL going for many years until there was money to do the necessary work of a rebuild. If that had been done, the line probably would have undergone a rebuild similar to the Broadway-Brooklyn Line during the 1990's and 2000's that would have brought the full Myrtle EL up to modern standards (and perhaps including lengthening all of the stations so 10-car trains could use that line), very possibly as I have noted before in my ideas for rebuilding that stretch and originally proposed in the 1920's connecting the Myrtle EL to the Montague Street Line after Navy Street either south or north of what is now Jay Street-Metrotech (what used to be Lawrence Street on the ) with that line today possibly the running from Metropolitan to Astoria at all times except late nights where it would likely run to Whitehall to terminate.
  5. The idea of the and going to Belmont Park is two-fold: 1. There figures to be a lot of additional building on the property by then, including possibly a new arena for the Islanders. The stop could also serve as a park-and-ride for those coming from Nassau County. 2. Any rebuilding of Belmont Park is likely going to include provisions for a Casino there as I think eventually there will be a casino there. 3. For any / extension to The Bronx, there would also be an OOS transfer at Queensboro Plaza to the / / at Queensboro Plaza. The extension as I would do it also would serve areas (especially Jacobi Medical Center) that don't currently have ANY subway service at all. 4. The 125th/8th Avenue Line connection to the SAS is mainly for G.O.'s and yard moves. It also would allow in the future some trains to be stored at Concourse Yard if need be.
  6. The 125th Street crosstown extension is one I have been pushing for myself. I would have that also have connections to the 8th Avenue line at St. Nicholas/125th so you can have a Concourse SAS line in the future or allow for 8th Avenue trains to use the SAS to 63rd when needed. For the Bronx portion, I would have it be the long-needed replacement for the 3rd Avenue EL in the Bronx, going that route's old route to Gun Hill Road and coming (if not underground) in on a new upper level of that station (or rebuild the old lower level for that purpose). The extension southward is one I would look at, but I still like my idea better of having the be extended up 10th Avenue to first 72nd and Broadway with provisions to go further up in the future. As for the Astoria Line, I still like the idea of extending the / to the Bronx that would give Bronx riders a way to get to Queens without going through Manhattan. As noted before, I would have such a line connect with the / at East 180th and the at Elder/Westchester Avenues and then go to Jacobi Medical Center (EL to Food Service Drive, then underground). The Brooklyn extensions I think would work very well. I would also extended the and to a new terminal at Belmont Park, which many expect is going to undergo a massive rebuild in the next couple of years, with possibly a new, winterized grandstand being built where you currently have a massive parking lot on the backstretch or the current grandstand being rebuild with Aqueduct expected to eventually close. How it would be built could be done where provisions for such could be built into any rebuilds of the grandstand at Belmont Park.
  7. Transit experts propose ending NYC's 24/7 subway system

    And that is true. Things were MUCH WORSE in the early 1980's than they are now (I remember seeing track fires constantly back then and riding through those in some cases for example), but people today don't have the tolerance for such lower levels of series people of a certain age did, especially with social media being what it is now as opposed to say 1982.
  8. Transit experts propose ending NYC's 24/7 subway system

    Exactly! This would be the way to handle this, especially where there are nearby alternatives. Sure, SOME people would be upset when THEIR line is out (and some loudmouth pols, trying to look good to their constituents might complain), but given all the G.O.'s and so forth we are already dealing with, 3-9 month total shutdowns that would allow for more long-term fixtures that at this point likely is necessary in many instances. Obviously, some lines it would be very difficult to do it on (notably Queens Boulevard), but for instance the Lexington Line you could set it up where in the stretch from Grand Central-125th Street, you could do it where 42nd-86th Street and then 86th-125th is shut down (on the local level) while the express level could see all of 42nd-125th shut down simultaneously.
  9. Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    That was my bad, what I meant was this: / ONLY would stop at Bowery (which would have both sides open) on the "express" track ("local" tracks would not be used here except to terminate trains). The after Houston would continue along Chrystie to where it would then join the and SOUTH of Bowery and stop at Canal Street, which would be the first/last transfer point between those lines. The would be be on the outer ("local") tracks and the / on the inner ("express") tracks. I had noted this before elsewhere.
  10. Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    The Nassau platforms can be extended to 600 feet as part of a much bigger plan to long-term extend ALL platforms in the Eastern Division to such. As for connecting the SAS to Nassau, as previously noted, I would do it by setting it up so that the abandoned side of Bowery and Canal Street are re-activated with the / coming in on what would be the "express" tracks at those stations while the would come in on what would be the "local" tracks at those stations with the permanently cut back to Chambers (where it would terminate on the "express" tracks) and the continuing to Broad and via Montague to Court and Jay-Metrotech and after DeKalb most likely running via 4th Avenue and West End Local to Bay Parkway. That said, the DeKalb junction is the main reason why that would be difficult, if not impossible for that to happen.
  11. Subway - What If?

    I'm assuming for this purpose and trains are simply bypassing Broadway Junction during this time but otherwise are operating normally: (A) and as noted are skipping Broadway Junction but otherwise operate normally. Shuttle buses operate between Utica Avenue and Euclid Avenue making all local stops at all times. operates from Broad Street to Myrtle Avenue (Late nights and weekends to/from Metropolitan Avenue, replacing the shuttle) becomes full-time and operates from Alabama Avenue to Jamaica Center (using East New York Yard to turn trains) Single-track shuttle train runs between Myrtle Avenue and Chauncey Street Shuttle buses operate between Myrtle Avenue and Alabama Avenue operates in three sections: 14th Street to Myrtle Avenue Myrtle Avenue to Bushwick Avenue (single-track shuttle) Atlantic Avenue to Rockaway Parkway Shuttle bus operates between Myrtle Avenue and Atlantic Avenue MetroCards are honored on the LIRR between Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush Avenue/Atlantic-Barclays.
  12. Rockaway Beach Branch

    Or (since this would be long after the shutdown is over) I would have it where the is permanently moved to 96th Street-2nd Avenue (joining the there) and revive the old to replace the on QBL with the running to Rockaway Park. That said, I would still prefer to do it with the out of Whitehall (late nights to/from 34th Street) and put the back on Astoria as the full-time line there with ( trains going out of service going via the West End or Sea Beach to Coney Island and) the joining the to 96th on two fronts: 1. You would this way eliminate a lot of switches by doing so. 2, You might have more political clout to have it done if the new RBB line went to lower Manhattan to serve what some (even if WE know better) still consider to be "the financial district," particular the operators of the Casino at Aqueduct (who are from Malaysia).
  13. Subway - What If?

    Here goes: and are suspended entirely. In Manhattan: is truncated to between Chambers-WTC and 168th Street runs from Norwood-205 via the after 59th Street to Euclid Avenue, replacing the in Brooklyn and both terminate at Canal Street (Tunnel Level) in Manhattan from their northbound terminals. is Local in Manhattan only runs between Herald Square-34th Street and 96th Street. In Brooklyn: runs via 4th Avenue Local with the to Jay Street-Metrotech, where such terminate (assuming the rail condition is near the Court Street station). Transfer between the two trains at Jay-Metrotech. runs from Coney Island to 36th Street-4th Avenue ONLY! runs from Prospect Park to Coney Island ONLY!!
  14. 50th Street Passageway closed again?

    Maybe there was something that had to be fixed in the passageway?
  15. Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    I'll take option A, especially if that also involves doing some renovation work on the buildings that is needed anyway.


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