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  1. Wallyhorse

    Plans move forward for SAS Phase II

    Yes, but you likely regardless have to build two elevators anyway. This would actually be simpler in that regard with two side platforms.
  2. Wallyhorse

    Plans move forward for SAS Phase II

    I would just build two side platforms at 116 and not rebuild the rest. That would be easier and also allow for a storage area for trains on the middle track.
  3. Wallyhorse

    Plans move forward for SAS Phase II

    As in: 1. Making 125th Street three tracks: 2. Providing service all the way across 125th Street to Broadway with transfers to all other lines that cross 125th PLUS building a connection to the 8th Avenue line that potentially could allow an SAS line to go to the extreme UWS and/or the Concourse line. 3. Providing a provision (either underground or elevated to go to at least 138th if not 149th and 3rd Avenue in The Bronx.
  4. Wallyhorse

    MTA to begin retiring MetroCards in May 2019

    One thing I would like to see is set it up where whatever is the NYC card and SEPTA's (Philadelphia) Key card become fully compatible, with money stored on a card valid on both systems. Given the large number of people who travel between New York and Philly, it would be worth doing.
  5. Wallyhorse

    Fed up Commuters Assaulting MTA Workers More Than Ever

    Long-term I agree with what you said, especially the latter part. What I was talking about in the previous paragraph was the much more immediate issue. Even if you eventually did change the charter and so forth, the funding will take time to fix itself and the underlying problems won't go away immediately. It's not okay whatsoever that employees have to deal with problems that are often no fault of theirs. That, though, is the frustration of some of these people that has likely built up over a long period of time that combined in some cases with pressure to be on time likely causes some to snap, something I've seen happen with some people, and that of a much more immediate concern if I'm at the that needs to be addressed quickly.
  6. Wallyhorse

    Fed up Commuters Assaulting MTA Workers More Than Ever

    What is going on is ridiculous, like it's the T/O or C/R's fault that happens. Things break down. The real problem is what LED UP to all these problems that have to be fixed. The real problem is you have employers (especially those whose companies are headquartered outside the US) who in some cases won't accept lateness at all, even when it's not the employee's fault for things outside of their control. Some will simply tell them to allow 2-3 extra hours in some cases (that's extreme, but it would not surprise me) to allow for extremely long delays that are often outside of their control, thinking that they can adjust by leaving earlier. That I think leads to a lot of this as well, people often being on short sleep just because they have to allow additional time in case of delays in many cases, which leads to taking out frustrations caused by their employers on the TA employees unfairly (or even feeling like they have to in order to show their employers "whose fault it really is"). The MTA probably needs to talk to employers and give them a better understanding of the issues. Whether some will listen to them is a whole other matter.
  7. Wallyhorse

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    You could in theory have it where some trains in rush hours divert to 9th Avenue and short-turn there. City Hall could probably be modified a bit on the upper level to turn trains. Remember, the upper level was originally supposed to be a terminal.
  8. Wallyhorse

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Not to mention the time to do that was either 1966 (when the World Trade Center was first being built) or 2001-'02 (when the WTC complex was in a state of flux). Would be impossible to do now.
  9. Wallyhorse

    Rockaway Beach Branch

    The local as noted I would do Whitehall-Rockaway Park. The rest I would do like this: returning to its former route of 95th-Astoria, based out of Coney Island Yard. Trains going to the yard run normal route to 36th Street and then run in service via the West End or Sea Beach to Coney Island (with the reverse true for trains coming from CI Yard). is full express from CI-125th Street via Sea Beach and 4th Avenue remains as is to 125th Street via Brighton. That would be the simplest way to do it.
  10. Personally, on the pre-existing part of the SAS Phase 2 built in the '70s for 116th Street they should keep that as it is and build in two side platforms there with no crossover, but mainly adding a crossunder below the tracks. That could save money while keeping that part more cut-and-cover.
  11. That is true. We forget that this was designed over 100 years ago and it's only been in the last 10-15 years that ridership has skyrocketed. What they SHOULD do once the comes back into Manhattan is have all trains be nine cars since all stations were built to handle eight-car trains of 67' BMT Standards. It would be a tight fit having the edges of nine-car trains just outside the stations (as such would be 540' and the stations are mostly I believe 536'), but nine-car trains on the are likely doable and add capacity without much else needing to be done other than perhaps adding a few feet at 8th Avenue.
  12. Wallyhorse

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Except I would do that tunnel via 79th instead of 75th with a three-track station at York-1st Avenues. That can be a short-turn terminal for some SAS trains in your proposal and it also serves one of the most densely populated areas in the country. Not sure you can do 75th anyway as you have a Con Ed plant running from 75th to 76th Streets between York Avenue and the East River (I grew up around there).
  13. I would guess it's just a handful of trains that would terminate on the express track there given they have trains also going to HP and QBP.
  14. Wallyhorse

    Rockaway Beach Branch

    Was noted in another post. The 38th Street Yard in Sunset Park would likely be used for the (R), which would allow the to become the sole line between 95th and Astoria like it used to, with trains going to the Yard either going to 36th/4th or 9th Avenue and terminate there.
  15. Wallyhorse

    Rockaway Beach Branch

    Absolutely. That would be the logical outcome if it can be done, having both the and operate on the SAS and Broadway Lines until they break up in Brooklyn, with the back to Astoria and the to Rockaway Park, since the can use Rockaway Park as its yard.


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