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  1. Another reason for rebuilding Atlantic Avenue to at least four tracks so it can be a short-turn terminal.
  2. It is a rare reroute (had not been in this thread in a while).
  3. This I like very much. Given it is mainly college students who travel between the two cities it would work.
  4. Having something that is valid on the , NJT AND SEPTA would really work, but I was specifically thinking the subways and buses within the two cities for now. If you can expand it to include the LIRR, Metro-North, NJT (buses and rail) AND SEPTA (buses, trolleys, subway and regional rail), that would REALLY make it worthwhile. And college students make up a big part of those who travel between Philly & New York on a regular basis, not to mention those who live in Philly but work in New York for example (there are those who actually consider Philly to be the unofficial sixth borough of NYC).
  5. A bit late to this, but as said before, IMO they should have worked with SEPTA to do a joint card that would be valid on all of the and SEPTA. There is enough crossover between the two in New York and Philly (and especially with college students who go to school in Philly but are from New York) to have made such worthwhile.
  6. Or actually to Cuomo's donors, who likely demanded this be done because of concerns a total shutdown could affect traffic to the point that THEIR employees who live in New Jersey would have severe difficulty getting to Manhattan and either can not or refuse to use public transportation (for whatever reasons in the latter case) because of extreme ripple effects in traffic. Cuomo desperately wants the fourth term as Governor his father was denied in 1994 (in the eyes of some due to the baseball strike as many in NYC proper openly admitted they voted for Pataki to get back at Clinton for not issuing an Executive Order to end the baseball strike). That along with Cuomo at the time the decision was made still mulling a Presidential bid for 2020 likely was why Cuomo did what he did.
  7. Only saw this a few months after it was posted. It explains a LOT on the old and why it wasn't that popular. Also makes a case for my "Brown " running from Bay Ridge-Essex that can supplement the and actually replace the shuttle in the overnights (essentially running the old route 24/7).
  8. Thanks for the correction. I suspect back then they NYCTA (MTA's predecessor) didn't want to spend the money.
  9. I believe that station may have been an old LIRR station on the Rockaway Beach Branch.
  10. Casino patrons for sure. I'd myself be rebuilding the station to use when needed as a short-turn terminal with two new platforms and a rebuild to four tracks that also would allow for express service from the Rockaways to stop there (and essentially be an extension of the Rockaway Park or as its internally known).
  11. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Assuming no GOs under normal circumstances, this is something that should be looked at permanently once the returns to normal for the on weekends.
  12. Two words: Yard Access. That's why I keep the as is (other than eliminating the late-night shuttle that my "Brown " train that would be 24/7 would pick up since it would stop everywhere the does except Whitehall, and those specifically looking for Whitehall can transfer to the anywhere between 59th and Court). Doing that keeps the in Jamaica Yard while the new would be based in East New York yard (hence the in-service runs to/from Broadway Junction). The and "Yellow " would handle Astoria and could be based out of 38th Street or Coney Island, again with in-service yard runs as needed.
  13. Here's what I would do in that case (as noted in the split thread): A new "Brown " would run 95th-Bay Ridge to Essex with scheduled, in-service. yard runs the end and begin at Broadway Junction that are noted as such in timetables. This service runs 24/7 and also replaces the late-night entirely as for those who need Whitehall from Bay Ridge, they can make a same platform transfer to the anywhere between 59th and Court. now runs full-time with the to 96th Street, Late nights does run local in Manhattan but does skip 49th Street at all times. remains as it is currently except it doesn't run at all late nights (see above). is beefed up and runs 24/7 between Whitehall and Ditmars-Astoria with scheduled, in-service yard runs that end and begin at Bay Parkway on the line. At times when more trains are needed, some trains are extended to 9th Avenue on the where they terminate and turn around, running local on 4th Avenue. You could also have the run at all times from Bay Parkway, 9th Avenue or somewhere on the Sea Beach Line if a new terminal can be developed while having a new "Yellow " train be the Whitehall-Astoria local to avoid any potential confusion.

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