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  1. That link seems not to be working correctly. Read all the posts in here. That was an incredible job from all accounts just to get the train into 110th given where apparently that fire started. Whoever did that had to be sick and should have the book thrown at them.
  2. If a terrorist group bombed the bridges, all service would be suspended and they would re-do the routes at a later time (similar to 9/11). Something a little more realistic: The ever-dreaded rail condition gremlins strike with problems in the following locations: Wall Street southbound City Hall Loop (such trains can't turn at Brooklyn Bridge using it) Montague Tunnel southbound (NOTE: Trains CAN use Montague to/from Nassau, the problem is past the point of where Nassau Trains leave that tunnel) 2nd Avenue southbound thru track in station Area of switches between Prospect Park and Parkside Avenue both directions Bay Parkway both directions. Reroute!
  3. Excellent from what I could tell. Station on 79th should be York-1st Avenue with exits on both avenues and if possible entry points as far east as between York and East End Avenues for people who live there. Maybe this can be an eventual Rockaway Beach Branch. The north one to Randalls Island should go to a station at 124th Street and 1st-2nd Avenue and through a tunnel there to Randalls and then to LaGuardia and then from there maybe to Flushing.
  4. Any 79th Street tunnel I would do would have a stop at York-1st Avenue in Manhattan, possibly three tracks so it can also be a short-turn terminal. That covers one of the most densely populated areas of the entire country and in that area gives those east of 2nd Avenue a station within reasonable walking distance.
  5. I would as suggested make the Weekend to 96th (except when needed to run on CPW) permanent. I'd actually do that at all times other than weekdays when the currently runs to 71-Continental, including overnights.
  6. It would have to be consistent at all times on the Southern End. More than likely, this would be the sole line to Metropolitan at all times, especially with capacity limited on the Willy B as I have been reminded with my prior idea of an "Orange " that would be a supplement to the on weekdays and full-blast nights and weekends. Also, you would likely see after 72nd going south it going to a stop at 55th as is supposed to be the case for the (T). Perhaps you go four tracks across south of around 60th that also potentially would allow for a Queens Boulevard line on the SAS at a later time.
  7. Here goes: runs in two sections: 207th-125th Street (local throughout) 34th Street-Penn Station to Lefferts Boulevard or Far Rockaway and run between 42nd Street-6th Avenue and Brighton Beach or Coney Island (via regular routes) ONLY! Most trains run 34th Street-Penn Station-Euclid Avenue Some trains run via the from West 4th to 63rd Street-Lexington Avenue and the to 96th Street-2nd Avenue where such terminate. There are single-track shuttle trains between 47th-50th Street and 7th Avenue-53rd Street. runs in two sections: 242nd Street-96th Street (Note: Trains in reverse peak direction run express from 137th Street-96th Street, there is an OOS transfer available) Single-track shuttles between Chambers Street and South Ferry runs via the between 149th Street and Nevins Street. runs in two sections: 148th Street-96th Street Times Square-New Lots Avenue (local between Times Square and Chambers Street) There is limited shuttle service between 72nd and 96th Street on the uptown tracks (express southbound, local northbound) There is also a single-track shuttle between Times Square and 50th Street station.
  8. Here goes: is suspended runs via the Culver line to Coney Island and continues via regular route to Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center, where it terminates. is re-routed via the to 63rd Street and via the to 96th Street-2nd Avenue to provide midtown service from the SAS, replacing the on. the SAS runs in two sections: Between 34th, 42nd or 57th Street and Astoria ONLY!! Coney Island and Canal Street (Tunnel Level) OR Whitehall Street via Montague. runs as a shuttle between Prospect Park in Brooklyn and Coney Island ONLY!! runs in two sections: 95th Street-Canal Street (Tunnel Level) with SOME trains terminating at Whitehall Street at reduced levels 34th Street or Times Square-71st Continental. There is also extremely limited service southbound via regular route. There is LIMITED single-track shuttle service between 34th Street and Canal Street (Bridge Level) on the express tracks.
  9. And that is what did I later on proposed (95th-Essex at all times), along with my idea for a split that would between them run from 95th to Jamaica Center, with both lines terminating at Chambvers ( from Jamaica Center-Chambers with a few rush hour trains to Broad, from Chambers-95th Street at all times that would eliminate the late-night shuttle since those needing Whitehall specifically could switch to the anywhere between 59th and Court).
  10. It think it was not well received as I had revived it originally when we had the pols in Bay Ridge wanting the to become more reliable. I had later adjusted that into a 95th-Essex Street line that would based out of East New York where yard runs would be in-service to and from there after feedback.
  11. I basically proposed this with the Nassau Loop Line in the past, where it would run via the tunnel to Manhattan and via the Bridge to Brooklyn, with only the Brooklyn-bound track reconnected to the Nassau Line on the bridge (with 95th Street being the sole terminal for the line though Chambers would technically be the northern terminal. Trains would only stop northbound at Jay-Metrotech, Court, Broad, Fulton and Nassau and go right back to Brooklyn.
  12. This will be fun: runs in two sections: 241st Street-Chambers Street (some trains continue to Wall Street or Borough Hall OR to South Ferry on the , trains run local south of Times Square) Nevins Street-Flatbush Avenue. runs from 148th Street-14th Street ONLY! runs in two sections: Woodlawn-Borough Hall Nevins St.-New Lots Avenue, replacing the as a local throughout. runs in two sections: Dyre Avenue-Borough Hall (some trains terminate at Brooklyn Bridge) Atlantic Avenue-Flatbush Avenue (some trains run to Utica Avenue) runs LIMITED service from Grand Street-145th Street or Bedford Park Boulevard ONLY (additional trains terminate and begin at Broadway-Lafayette or 2nd Avenue). runs as follows: LIMITED service from Grand Street-205th Street (additional trains terminate and begin at Broadway-Lafayette or 2nd Avenue). Some trains from 96th Street-2nd Avenue to Coney Island via the and to 36th Street in Brooklyn. Some trains run via the and to Euclid Avenue in Brooklyn runs as follows: Some trains run northbound via 6th Avenue and 63rd Street between West 4th Street and Roosevelt Avenue Some trains run northbound to Lexington Avenue-53rd Street and terminate there. Some southbound trains terminate at Court Square (23rd-Ely) and start back to Jamaica Center from there. Some trains run via the between Bergen Street and Roosevelt Avenue to accommodate re-routed trains. runs via the northbound between 47th-50th Street and 36th Street. Select trains run to 96th Street-2nd Avenue and terminate there. trains run to/from 96th Street-2nd Avenue and skips 49th Street in both directions. A supplemental shuttle runs between Queensboro Plaza and Ditmars Boulevard. runs as follows: Most trains via the 63rd Street tunnel southbound between 36th Street and 57th Street-7th Avenue. Some trains terminate at Lexington Avenue-60th Street on the Manhattan-bound track. runs at severely reduced levels on its regular route (additional trains terminate at 60th Street-Lexington Avenue on the Manhattan-bound track).
  13. Personally, I would also do one post-PM rush hour round trip starting around 7:30 PM for those who can't go during the day due to work or school.
  14. One thing I would do for this reopening based on the photos is put fare control where you can cross over if need be.
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