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  1. Exactly. Even if you only lengthened Metropolitan to 540 feet, you could likely be able on a tight fit have nine-car trains throughout the Eastern Division.
  2. That was one part of my previously proposed Myrtle-Brighton line that I would have done as a "Black :" This line would start at Metropolitan Avenue and run the current route to Myrtle Avenue, with the upper level rebuilt and reopened. The line would then run the old Myrtle Avenue EL route with a rebuilt Sumner Avenue station, then going to either Myrtle-Willoughby or Bedford-Nostrand for a transfer to the before continuing to a rebuilt Franklin Avenue Shuttle line (with the line rebuilt to handle two tracks and 600' stations) and after Prospect Park becoming the main Brighton local to Coney Island. In this, the and would be flipped, with the becoming the second Brighton local to Coney Island and the the express to Brighton Beach (when the is not running extended to Coney Island and late nights also running local). There would also be connections both ways to the Broadway-Brooklyn line at Myrtle so in an emergency the and could run the Franklin Shuttle-new Myrtle EL portion to the Broadway-Brooklyn line and run via that to the Nassau and 6th Avenue Lines.
  3. Might be a staffing issue. Perhaps they don't have enough extra people available that weekend to run the .
  4. A lot of this can be worked on over time. The main thing for now is to as much as possible de-interline Broadway, which is why I'd be looking to most likely have the on Nassau, the replace the as the Broadway Local (and most likely running to Astoria), with the replacing the on QBL to keep Broadway service on that line, but with a much shorter route. It's not perfect, but with the to 96th instead of the and the the main Broadway Local (supplemented by the as noted), that would minimize issues there. As for when the comes along, then we can look at additional options, but I do like the idea of connecting the SAS to the Willy B as that would make Houston before Phase 4 much more useful.
  5. I would not do that because that would make it more difficult to de-interline Broadway. Main part of doing THAT is to have the run its old route between 95th Street-Bay Ridge and Essex with in-service yard runs to/from Broadway Junction. Perhaps when Phase 3 is done, they should look to have a Willy B connection to/from the SAS that could have the run in place of the north of 55th while the becomes the second QB line OR have the become an SAS line (all of which would for now be TBD). That can include Essex rebuilt into a four-track station that would serve as a terminal for the old (now ) that would run as noted and with all stations along Broadway-Brooklyn and Nassau lengthened to handle 600' trains. Such a connection could perhaps be done as part of an extended Phase 3.
  6. I previously said in other posts via the tunnel. Brighton riders would have to understand this is about de-interlining Manhattan on the Broadway line AND providing a Rockaway Beach Branch service that starts in lower Manhattan. There would be no Prince Street merge.
  7. As said, the would in this case become the old route between Essex-95th (yard runs to/from Broadway Junction), eliminating those issues with limited exceptions. The in this setup would be about as de-interlined as realistically possible with the dealing with a merger with the past Queens Plaza railroad north and at 63rd railroad south and with the railroad south (plus on those that are extended to Brooklyn merges with the south of Whitehall/north at 36th). That would work.
  8. No because the does not run in lower Manhattan: To me, for this to work, the RBB has to be a line that directly serves lower Manhattan for the RBB to get support from certain outlets that are from outside the US and still look at lower Manhattan as (even if we know better) "The Financial District." Fair or not, to many non-New Yorkers, even if that area is actually now more residential than offices, it's still looked at by many the old way.
  9. That one is unavoidable. You want as few merges as possible but you can't avoid every single one.
  10. Not the way I would do it. In my case: becomes brown and runs the old route between 95th Street and in this case Essex with in-service yard run extensions that begin and end at Broadway Junction. runs from Coney Island-96th Street/2nd Avenue via Sea Beach. runs from Coney Island via Brighton, Broadway Local and the tunnel to Astoria runs while Whitehall Street-Rockaway Park via Broadway Local and QBL. Overflow runs begin and end at 9th Avenue on the . becomes a 24/7 local between Metropolitan Avenue and 71st-Continental. Only overlaps in this version are the merging with the and a limited number of trains at DeKalb and the with limited trains at 36th (and in reverse past Whitehall/Broad between the and and limited trains).
  11. In the case of 68th, many of those homes were owned by those in their final years and likely have (or had) heirs looking to sell it for megabucks. They likely were very concerned such elevators would severely decrease the value of their property, especially for the type of clientele they were looking to have buy it once they could sell.
  12. I'm sure many of them don't want rail because to them it means people "not their kind" going through some areas (many of these types likely were victims of crime in the subways in the 1960's, '70's and '80s by certain types who were "not their kind" (and in the case of those younger their parents being such). That to me has always been the issue.
  13. The host of other changes in South Brooklyn were at the time I felt necessary because of the 's obsession with having a yard on at least one end, however, turning the current into a slight variation of the old from 95th Street-Essex with scheduled, in-service yard runs to and from Broadway Junction and such on the schedules takes care of that issue. I'd use that as an incentive to at least lengthen the Manhattan stations on the Nassau line (plus at least at first Marcy Avenue, Myrtle Avenue and Broadway Junction) to 600' as part of a longer-term plan to eventually lengthen all such stations on the line to such. Given the situation with the (N), what I also can see happening is this: becomes the sole Broadway Express line and replaces the to 96th Street. becomes a Broadway Local and runs Coney Island-Astoria at all times. becomes the other Broadway local and runs Whitehall Street-Rockaway Park at all times with overflow trains beginning and ending at 9th Avenue on the . If anything, I would add an additional platform to the Racetrack station that would allow it to be used as a short-turn terminal as needed. I would be making a point of having this station available as much as possible as I'm sure a lot of casino patrons use it/
  14. What I suspect would happen in that scenario would be any new train would replace the that in turn might turn brown and in that scenario run Bay Ridge to Essex via Nassau. while the is unaffected other than perhaps becoming a seven-day-a-week line between Metropolitan and 71-Continental with the possibly adding runs to offset the loss of the in Queens. Edited to add: Your routing for the mirrors what I had in mind originally for this, with the running Whitehall-Rockaway Park and indeed replacing the in Queens while the runs it's "natural" route between 95th-Bay Ridge and Astoria, however, given the apparently wanting a yard on one end or the other, I could see the going to Nassau with the becoming much more beefed up to become the full-time Broadway Local running via the RBB to Rockaway Park (eliminating the need for the Rockaway as well as the rush-hour trains there), with some trains southbound extended to 9th Avenue on the where it can turn.
  15. Same as my prior post above.

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