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  1. I neglected to note in that one the would be the Fulton Local at all times.
  2. That was my misreading an earlier post on the , thinking it would run a Jamaica Center-Jamaica Center loop running via Archer, QB, 53rd, 8th Avenue, 6th Avenue, Chrystie and Broadway-Brooklyn.
  3. No. That just happens to be the line here with some flexibility. I'm simply working within the parameters of available tracks. That is why in the new version I now have the combined with the Brooklyn portion of the as the would basically be what used to be the rush hour but now a 24/7 line and the replacing the that is eliminated completely, with there still being midtown service from Middle Village but now via 8th Avenue instead of 6th and also becoming 17-19/7 for Middle Village residents. The idea was to cut but make sure every station was served by at least one line at all times.
  4. Actually, in my new one, the is eliminated entirely and replaced by the running all times except overnights to 168.
  5. Mine is far from perfect, but this is about making the best of a really bad situation: So I was wrong on the , I was thinking in terms of running a Jamaica Center loop (Upper to lower level and vice versa). The return of the Brown basically becoming a 24/7 version of the old "bankers special" had more to do with people looking for midtown and so forth often transferring to the or as it was the first chance they got. Plus, such gains a major transfer point at Fulton between (in my proposal) the and trains at Fulton. The would simply be replacing the on 6th Avenue in this and running to 96th-2nd actually means a service increase for arguably the most densely populated area of not only New York but arguably the entire country. Having eight-car trains are NOT ideal, but it's doing the best with what you have. Anyway, this is attempt #3 at this: and run as they do now, except the northbound stops at 79th and 86th Street (skips such southbound). is a shuttle between 148-Lenox Terminal and 96th Street at all times. runs at all times from Woodlawn-New Lots Avenue, express in Manhattan runs all times except late nights between Dyre Avenue and Brooklyn Bridge as a local in Manhattan (late nights runs as it does now) and run as they do now, but no express service peak hours runs all times between 207th and Far Rockaway. , , , and are eliminated. runs 168th Street-Metropolitan Avenue, replacing the along the Broadway-Brooklyn and Myrtle El lines. Late nights runs as a shuttle as the currently does, runs to 168 all other times. , , , , and run as they do now except the now becomes a full-time local to/from Jamaica Center. is extended to 95th Street-Bay Ridge at all times and replaces the now-defunct in Brooklyn. runs full-time as a 4th Avenue local through the tunnel. Grand Central-Times Square runs rush hours only Franklin Avenue and Rockaway Park run as they do now except the Rockaway is full-time. There is also a Euclid-Lefferts at all times with some service to/from Lefferts rush hours.
  6. You are aware the would have to be cut to eight cars, but yes, I can see where that could be done. Another option is the one I noted where the returns to being a brown line and is combined with a truncated running Metropolitan Avenue-Bay Ridge (as noted, effectively the old "bankers special" as a 24/7 line). The current is truncated to Whitehall to 71st-Continental while the is eliminated and the current becomes orange and replaces the current on 6th Avenue, running via 63rd to 96th-2nd with the . I would also have the go back to being to 71st-Continental, allowing the to actually go back to being an express at all times. As I also noted on mine, the becomes a Lefferts-Euclid shuttle except for rush hours when it runs to/from 34th-Penn Station while the operates fully to Far Rockaway and the Rockaway officially becomes and actually becomes a full-time route between Euclid and Rockaway Park.
  7. It's not ideal, but it's a case where they can most easily be turned. Maybe you have the go to 14th Street as actually was done for quite some time after 9/11 when the and both were locals (which I remember very well). On the east side, you might be able to get away with having the terminate at Grand Central and the continuing to run express through there, but you'd need to have quick turns on the to do that. Other option there would be to have the go local with the in Manhattan and have both terminate at Brooklyn Bridge while the runs as it normally does.
  8. If it got to that point, the as I have noted can be reduced to a shuttle running between 148th and 34th-Penn Station and perhaps if further necessary cut back to 96th ( and can both run local on Broadway-7th Avenue in that case). The in this would face a similar cutback to Grand Central as I would do it. This would at least keep those lines going to midtown.
  9. Probably not unless the residents of East Harlem would rather have a short stretch of elevated tracks (at least to 125th Street from say 120th Street or so) as opposed to nothing at all. Cost-wise, at this point it's likely far cheaper to do and that could drive it if they really want it.
  10. Exactly. And I do think after that if it's cheaper to do, 125th Street should be done as an elevated station with a bridge then built to go to the Bronx for as suggested two stations at 138th (transfer to and 149th (transfer to and ) with provisions for: Being able to go across 125th to a terminal at Broadway with transfers at all stations across 125 (yes, I know such would have to be built above the Metro-North tracks if that were done). An LGA line turning off at 124th Street (with to accommodate that the platforms for 125 from 125-127 on 2nd) to a new station at 124th Street-1st Avenue before going over a bridge to Randalls Island (with stops at Ichan Stadium and likely one other location) and then over mostly industrial areas to get to LGA and possibly also have that line continue to Flushing. From 149th Street, a rebuild of what used to be the Bronx portion of the 3rd Avenue EL, either as EL or subway. The latter three as noted would simply be provisions for later branches. The more immediate focus would extend the SAS into the Bronx and at least have it cover transfers to the that way. That might be cheaper than doing the subway as it is planned.
  11. I would at doing that instead, possibly with the line becoming elevated after 116th Street (and a new rail bridge to The Bronx), with stations at 138th Street-3rd Avenue for the and 149th for the and . Provisions could be then do for a later extension over the former Bronx 3rd Avenue EL route, either as an EL or subway. You could also include provisions for a separate extension to LaGuardia that way (with a separate station for THAT at 124th Street-1st Avenue) also via a rail bridge that stops on Randalls Island (most likely at Ichan Stadium with an additional stop TBD) and a couple of stops in Queens on the way to LGA, out of the way of residential properties.
  12. It's not ideal. The in this would be shortened to Grand Central and would use there to turn. If you can find a way to do that AND have the run express, then by all means the can remain an express.
  13. Bringing this over from Proposals/Ideas where we had been discussing this: If we did have severe service cuts, here's how I would do it with some variations: and run as they do now, except runs local in Manhattan. is a shuttle between 148-Lenox Terminal and 34th Street Penn Station at all times, running express. runs at all times from Woodlawn-New Lots Avenue, local throughout runs all times except late nights between Dyre Avenue and Grand Central (late nights runs as it does now) and run as they do now, but no express service peak hours runs all times between 207th and Far Rockaway (have to keep the to Far Rockaway because of JFK travelers), local in Manhattan and Brooklyn , and are eliminated. becomes a shuttle between Euclid Avenue and Lefferts Boulevard at all times except rush hours, when it runs as an express to and from 34th Street-Penn Station or Columbus Circle. runs as it does now except it also is now a local in Manhattan all times and in Brooklyn late nights , , and run as they do now. returns to running from Church Avenue to 71st-Continental (local throughout). becomes the official shuttle between Rockaway Park and Euclid Avenue. switches places with the current and runs via 6th Avenue, 63rd Street and SAS to 96th Street-2nd Avenue, becoming orange in the process. No skip-stop. returns to brown and runs Metropolitan Avenue to 95th Street-Bay Ridge at all times and replaces the on Nassau (basically a variation of the old "bankers special" now running 24/7). runs from Whitehall Street-71st Continental at all times except overnights and is replaced in Brooklyn by the Grand Central-Times Square runs rush hours only Franklin Avenue runs as it does now
  14. Looks like a regular Google Map to me. I SERIOUSLY doubt we'd wind up with buses totally eliminated. The M15 alone does enough that it would be safe.
  15. For 116th, perhaps that is done using what is existing and if necessary building two side platforms (and if necessary, an underpass to go back and forth between the two). If that is required to at least get part of Stage 2 done, then that may be necessary.
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