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  1. My original idea for this called for a loop line by connecting ONLY the northbound (Brooklyn-Bound) track to the Manhattan Bridge where such a "Brown " would stop northbound only at Jay-Metrotech, Court, Broad, Fulton and Chambers going via the tunnel to Manhattan and via the Bridge back, with select trains going southbound only during rush hours operating via the tunnel (northbound completely unaffected).
  2. That IS what I would still do, but as a "Brown " between 9th and Essex as essentially the old / "Brown " but also including in-service yard runs with such runs ending/beginning at Broadway Junction and listed as such on the schedule.
  3. Part of an overall scheme that I've noted before.
  4. This is why they need to rebuild Atlantic Avenue as the infrastructure is actually there to do a rebuild of the parts that were demolished. Would allow for greater flexibility and also short-turn trains there.
  5. I'm wondering if DeBlasio is trying to goad Cuomo into running so he can embarass him on the national page. I suspect DeBlasio is running strictly to piss Cuomo off.
  6. Pathetic!! Too bad there wasn't video on the person doing that. I mean, I can be a slob sometimes but that is on a whole other level.
  7. Or given what some believe was really the case, the donors of said politicians having too much leverage.
  8. This would be a max of 8 TPH and that would include as noted in-service yard runs that would end and begin at Broadway Junction. Essex would probably be a doable terminal for that. That can be done without the expense of doing the necessary work to reopen the abandoned platforms at Canal and Bowery (now, if you had an SAS route via Nassau, then it becomes a different story).
  9. Right. Some people simply don't know what they are talking about. It may on the surface seem done, but even if so, the last parts could be very tedious work where 10% of the work takes up 90+% of the time needed.
  10. This is exactly why I do a route from 95th-Essex and leave the alone (other than perhaps giving the existing part a new letter since the would in this become its own route separate from the as I would do it unless the new route becomes a "Brown ").
  11. This is exactly what I would be doing with my making the (or if you would prefer, "Brown ") between 95th and Essex (with scheduled in-service yard runs that end and begin at Broadway Junction). Only difference is here, this would be 24/7 and replace the in the overnights (since the only station affected in such would be Whitehall). In this case, the "Brown "/ would be a max of 8 TPH.
  12. With the , given the situation on weekends having an alternate terminal if 96th/2nd is unavailable is necessary so the can. run up 6th Avenue, which IS the priority.
  13. Oh I know, but some will still rather just take the subway anyway.
  14. Having the run to 145 if 96th/2nd is unavailable would make sense and the should have a contingency plan for that OR have the go to 168 with the and terminate there in that scenario. First time I have ever seen my old bus route (M31) ever said for alternative service. Used to use that in the days before it was extended to the west side (used to terminate at 59th/Lex).

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