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  1. Wallyhorse

    Lack of overpasses/underpasses between directions

    Moot point for now because you can't have the to Broadway-Lafayette due to congestion there, which eliminates this idea.
  2. Wallyhorse

    Lack of overpasses/underpasses between directions

    And exactly why I would look to invest in Bergen lower. The merger with the showed what can happen and I suspect would happen with a Bergen lower rebuild that is needed anyway. Were it not for the bottleneck at Broadway-Lafayette, we could re-route the to the Culver express south of West 4th while the and are BOTH Culver locals to Church Avenue, with the becoming the Coney Island service. Biggest benefit of that Coney Island riders get a one-seat ride to 8th Avenue they don't currently have and Park Slope actually gets more efficient service as the line would be starting much closer to where they are.
  3. Wallyhorse

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    Disagree. There are Veterans groups who are mostly older and likely very vocal on such (I have dealt with such types in the past). Pushing back the GO to accommodate Comic Con and the concert at CitiField to include Veterans Day would likely result in these groups protesting their people could not get to Veterans Day events (even if because the 11th is a Sunday, the actual holiday is Monday the 12th) because the was out in Manhattan or had a much more difficult time doing so, pushing such back an additional weekend to the weekend before Thanksgiving.
  4. Wallyhorse

    Lack of overpasses/underpasses between directions

    Absolutely! As noted in my own comment, I would have done this anyway ahead of the shutdown to get Bergen LL back in order and allow the to use it at all times.
  5. Wallyhorse

    Lack of overpasses/underpasses between directions

    They likely need to bring that station to ADA standards anyway, so it would be worth doing. I would have already done this ahead of the impending shutdown, citing the nature of that shutdown that would allow the to be the express to Church Avenue and the to be the local at all times and allow the to run all trains to Church Avenue as part of a plan to encourage riders to as much as possible use the either to the at Hoyt-Schermerhorn OR a new OOS transfer to the at Atlantic-Barclays.
  6. You're likely right. You'd prbably need to dig out a mezzanine in there too between the basement of the Hotel St. George and the Clark St. station to make such work.
  7. Wallyhorse

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    Veterans Day is different. There are likely a lot of groups who might go as far as to take the to court if they tried to push this G.O. back to that particular holiday to force them to move it back to the originally scheduled weekend.
  8. Wallyhorse

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    I said the same thing, but there is a big problem: Adding it to the back end would possibly result in it being the weekend before Thanksgiving (which is on its earliest possible date this year) as the weekend of Nov. 10-11 includes Veterans Day, a holiday that might have precluded pushing it back to that weekend.
  9. Wallyhorse

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    What you could do is have the terminate at 59th/8th on Weekdays at peak hours and say 8:00 PM-6:00 AM weekdays and at all times on weekends and holidays, the could replace the on CPW (the would still be local on CPW overnights), perhaps running to 145 or 168 during those hours.
  10. Wallyhorse

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    You would likely have to build a new lower level of 59th/8th to make this work, though if you somehow do that AND make it so it can connect to the CPW line, then it may be worth doing because it would allow for additional flexibility, then it might be possible, especially if the could replace the on CPW.
  11. Wallyhorse

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    That definitely could work. Politically might be the biggest hurdle to moving the line there, Also ask this because I had previously suggested having a branch of the line head towards Randalls Island, LGA and potentially Willets Point and later JFK from the SAS with a stop at 124th from 2nd to 1st Avenue before heading that way.
  12. Those don't look THAT old, but they do look like they have been in place for at least 30-40 years and may be due to be replaced.
  13. The one big hiccup is the same one that torpedoed my previous idea of the being moved to become the Culver Local while the became the Culver Express due to the also running on the same track between West 4th and Broadway-Lafayette. Long-term, I do agree that sending the up the SAS to perhaps at least a four-track terminal at 55th Street would work.
  14. Wallyhorse

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    The one flaw I see on the map is the lack of a 125th Street station, which even on 2nd Avenue to me would be necessary for going to the Bronx to work.
  15. Wallyhorse

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    Excellent: And from 149th/3rd I would recapture the old Bronx portion of the 3rd Avenue EL (either as EL or subway), consolidating many of the old stops between there and Gun Hill Road as not as many stops would be needed with the stations much longer than their original counterparts.


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