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A way to avoid paying 5 bucks for AirTrain JFK

Pablo M 201

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Ok, I'm going to give a few tips on how to avoid paying the 5 dollar fee on AirTrain JFK.


1. Have to take the Q10 to JFK Airport. Can take the Q10 from Lefferts Blvd on the (A) line or from Kew Gardens/Union TPK on the (E) and (F) line.

2. Take the Q10 to the last stop which is Terminal 4 and then find your way to AirTrain.

3. Then you can ride the entire AirTrain for free! Just don't get off at Jamaica or Howard Beach cause then you have to pay the $5 fare for it.


Oh, and becareful with taking pictures and videos cause PANYNJ doesn't allow that. Just try to sneak in a few shots or a lil video......

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Now let's just hope the Port Authority doesn't stumble onto this post...

Well, my suggestions are obvious anyway if you really look at a map and look on the PANYNJ website on where you have to pay to get into AirTrain. I'll be shocked if the PANYNJ haven't figured that out yet.

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