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Found this site through CPTDB. It tracks the buses of many agencies, including the MTA (Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island only), Rutgers, MBTA, Los Angeles Metro, TTC, Foothill Transit, and MUNI. I was even surprised to see my own City College buses on it. For example, you see see MBTA RTS #0326 on Route 80 and #0305 on Route 77.






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You should look at TransSee 2.0. The old website only worked with the unmaintained Nextbus data. The new version works with the OneBusAway data, so all routes are supported with predictions for all buses. I'm working on add all the small agencies from NextBus, as well.


See it here




I posted about Transsee in this forum here




If you are using it everyone day, I would hope the ugliness disappears into a blur of functionality.

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