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DATTCO Teams Up With Boxcar To Operate New CT Commuter Bus to NYC

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I saw this news months ago, but then I lost it and I tried forever to find it again (thought I was going crazy). Anyways, the service started December 1st. Two buses routes originate at Darien and Noroton Heights Metro North station. From those stations, buses operate express to Bryant Park, then go on to serve Hudson Yards, Chelsea, and Downtown. 

Here's a News 12 Article about it:

New bus service to provide trips to Manhattan from 2 Fairfield County train stations
Dec 01, 2021, 1:17pm

Updated on Dec 01, 2021
By: News 12 Staff

A new bus service will provide trips to Manhattan from two Fairfield County train stations.

The company Boxcar is launching its first Connecticut line called the Fairfield Flyer.

One bus will leave the Darien train station Monday through Thursday at 6:15 a.m., and another bus will depart from the Noroton Heights station at 6:20 a.m.

Boxcar CEO Joe Colangelo says the two-hour ride conveniently drops riders off in some hard-to-reach locations. "It's really easy to get to Grand Central if you live here in Darien. But actually, pretty challenging to get to Hudson Yards and downtown like the Financial District."

Drop-off locations include Bryant Park, Hudson Yards, North Chelsea, South Chelsea, Tribeca, Goldman Sachs, and Battery Service.

Return service leaves from State Street and Broadway at 5 p.m.

A roundtrip will cost $40.

The buses will have Wi-Fi and power outlets.

Boxcar will be teaming up with DATTCO to offer this service, and it is in talks with other towns to expand.

Boxcar has been offering a similar service in New Jersey since 2017.

MTA Spokesperson Dave Steckel released a statement saying, “Metro-North welcomes Boxcar to Connecticut to complement to our own fast, green, reliable service. If you’re trying to get to and from work, MSG for a game, Broadway for a show or into Manhattan for dinner and shopping, we are there for you, seven days a week with trains running to and from beautiful, Grand Central Terminal every 20-30 minutes.”

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Good find @BM5 via Woodhaven!

To be clear, the 6:15am and 6:20am trips from Darien/Noroton Heights are the same trip.

Here's more information on their other routes: 



It would be nice if they uploaded their schedules to Google Transit to give them more publicity (especially since they don't list their pickup times for the Fairfield Flyer besides their first stop).

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