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brand new m-7

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I have a quick question maybe even stupid, I just picked up my lionel m-87 yesterday at the museum store GCT I put it together this morning it was running fine then all of a sudden it stopped running and a little smoke came from the lead car should I call the museum tore where purchased of call lionel directly??

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Did it derail? Describe in details if you can, and I can try and help you. Pictures? I want to see the set in person before I purchase one..




Any time you would like to see the set you are more than welcome. Umm it derailed once but for some strange reason it stopped moving and I think I slightly oveheated the motor but I'm pretty sure it has a thermal cutout to protect it it has run fine for hours in both directions so I will hold out. Brighton if you would like to see the set let me know BronxBoys77@yahoo.com

That said that is the only thing I have purchased yet 8-) so not too much of a collection. Thanks for the replies!

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