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Have a dedicated News Catergory

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The way the news is handled now, is that things either are auto-posted, go in off-topic, or in their respective section. I think it works well and is easy for people to find stories relevant to that section. I dunno what (H) thinks though.


- A

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You can't have a category for every facet of life. Next, someone will want a dedicated "How to meet women" category.


Haha! Good one!

Remember what I have said months ago...

Harry made this website because it is the NEW YORK CITY TRANSIT FORUMS. Hint hint... TRANSIT FORUMS. Which means, we should be a transit-oriented body and that we should not wander about.


If a certain person wants a category for a certain topic, IMO, that person should make a forum of his own for that.

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As of other forums, there is a dedicated news section... I feel there should be a dedicated news section here, so all 'news' threads from the start of this forum to now can be organized into this dedicated news section... Please consider it Harry...


Actually we did have a dedicated news section when I first launched the forums and it removed in early 2008 I believe. I felt like it was not needed and decided to redirect news from their respective forums. :cool:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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