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Light-Rail from Newark to Patterson

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There are plans to extend the line to Paterson, as well as having this Passaic-Bergen Light Rail line that would connect Passaic Cty with Bergen Cty (and having 5 stops in Paterson proper)

If the NLR is to be extended in any manner, the Elizabeth-Newark link is more likely to be done than from Newark to Paterson.

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PANYNJ and (NJT) have been wrangling over the details of the extension to EWR for the last year, they should have something to show for it (DEIS) within the year given the huge increase in :nec: ridership. Would be nice to get some of those bags going just to/from ewr and nwk on the light rail and allow more room for people on the main line trains.


I believe the current idea involves broad st and market st, and an elevated potion to clear the interstate and the rails and connect it to the :nec: rail station there.


- A

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PATH to EWR died when they opened the RaiLINK station and started charging 5 bucks (ha, first I typed **** at first, shows how much I think it is a rip off) for AirTrain EWR. They want people to take the commuter rail then AirTrain to the airport terminals. PATH to EWR still could happen but alot of the motive to do it died with RaiLINK.


NLR to Elizabeth via EWR would definately kill some service on the 62.

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The PANYNJ wants to extend the PATH trains to EWR if anything, the Elizabeth extension of the NLR would also have a stop at EWR as planned, but who knows either way they are looking for another form of transit to stop there.


Doesn't the NJT have a plan for a NLR extension to Elizabeth?

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