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Orion VII OG/NG, GMC RTS, and more!


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Great shots!
Nice pic! RTS look really weird if there isn't a logo or something between the two headlights, IMO.
Thanks and I like how RTS looks for the most part, regardless of scheme, hell I seen a pink one before and I liked it LOL..
Nice pics!
Nice pix of the Port Authority and private busses, :P!
Thank you
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OMG.....a (MTA) Bus 30ft RTS @ JFK Airport lol....great pics!

LOL thanks...
nice stuff try to get more shots of that Flx!
Thanks, that Flx #3513 was the reason I went to JFK, I want to catch it while on the road but that ain't happen that day lol... It likes to catch me when I forget my camera.
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