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What's filming at Hoyt-Schermerhorn?


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It looks like a new movie is being filmed at Hoyt-Schermerhorn (A)(G)(C) station. I saw that a R160 set is being used to film. I saw it this morning at 8am and also this afternoon I saw the whole film chew. I saw everything form the cameras to the crew. If anyone is interested the cars I saw was 8609 and 8610. Do any of you guys know what's filming?

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Was it SWAT gear or ESU? The NYPD does not have a SWAT team so it could have been some odd movie.
Not sure but there were a few guys there wearing this style of helmet.



Were there any posters regarding this information?


Not sure. It was towards the end of the platform, I was on a Queens bound (A) so I didn't get much time to look.

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Coulda been for Pelham 123.... who knows, or it coulda been as what MTR said.


I also found it just sitting there yesterday. Snapped some pics.





Do you think this guy is related? I just saw him walk down the stairs onto the platform.

Taken around 7:30 PM.

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Filming for the Taking of the Pelham 123 has already finished IINM, if this is not a MTA promo video or some safety video, it may as well have been for another movie. However, if it is for another (Hollywood) movie, I think some of the train crews might have gotten word about it.

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Final answer is in today's Newsday. Photo is on Page A11.




Angelina Jolie is seen filming the movie "Salt" yesterday at a Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, subway station. She and Brad Pitt are living in a Long Island mansion during the shoot.


I guess the station referred to is Hoyt Schermerhorn. The background is an old stairway.

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