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  1. Somewhere in a primarily Jewish neighborhood... Miscellaneous:
  2. Yesterday's test run: And they begin marcing our territory as the 6:57 out of Port Jefferson, with DE30AC's 411 and 418: Interior: Ride-Along video to come later.
  3. Let the pictures speak for themselves.
  4. I actually took a snooze while I was on the train, until the abrupt stop (thought it was train traffic ahead). Then dozed off again, until half-hour later, when we were STILL in the same spot. Didn't even realize I was on the last car of the southbound train until I heard the announcement that they were making the reverse move. Still pretty annoyed about the delay though. Was originally heading to this antique shop where i would have transferred to the L at Broadway-Junction. T/O basically said the switch malfunctioned right in front of him, and just as we returned to Sutphin Blvd, he said it would have been his lunch time had he arrived at Broad St.
  5. When everything that can go wrong during rush hour goes all wrong. Long story short, the switch between 121 St & 111 St was malfunctioning, so my train was stuck between said stations for almost an hour, and they wound up reversing my train back to Sutphin Blvd as the 121 St station on the southbound platform was under renovation.
  6. ....let that sink in for a while Shot back when LGA was borrowing C40LF's from CP back in 2014-15....
  7. Some quickie shots of the 5100s at LaGuardia. didn't really expect them to be up and running that soon. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-jhhY9jTEk
  8. Not surprised at all. I blame components that were made in China.
  9. 3578, 3596. Both are still running on the Q-38 headed towards the Rego Park terminus as we speak.
  10. Still surprised that despite the XD-40's they just got, they're still short on buses.
  11. B&H employee shuttle. Operated by the same guys that operate the B-110. They're also a charter bus company and a bus can be chartered upon request. The bus you saw makes stops at Forest Hills Gardens, all the way up to Fresh Meadows, as it primarily serves Jewish neighborhoods. It goes the same direction as the Q-64. Orion V #7876 iirc is owned by Golden Touch or some private contractor, they also own RTS #7810 for the Bulova Shuttle.
  12. Knowing LGA briefly had 5000's during the summer back in 2013, it's possible they're there for revenue service. Could be wrong though.
  13. Worth noting that 7438 hit service on the Q23 earlier today. Even with the new buses, LGA is still short on buses, some of their RTS's are either getting scrapped or pushed to JFK..
  14. Just a single side-by-side shot of MTABC 7438 and NYCT 7286.

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