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  1. Him having a orgasm in the woods over a tree hey everyone has there thing.I wish the some random would do that sorry for going off topic on this fourm I can’t imagine a person would wine and cry about the smallest things in life and how he got over 2000 subs is another story.
  2. I miss the days of bashing Pinepowerli and his companions but this site and a lot of us including me have moved on from those days even though every time Iam on here I feel this fourm has dried up a lot.
  3. What does otoh mean and I respect this person for his idea some of may seem silly but I see where he is going.
  4. This topic reminds me of when Pinepowerli was suspected of stealing people’s idea on the n15 in 2016.
  5. So far for the n15 it gets good service.I think it’s every 15-20 minutes there’s a bus as for the 33 I never took but seems like it carries a good amount.
  6. Funny I live in Long Beach and there was no crazies running around causing mayhem.
  7. He definitely whines about the smallest things that make you face palm same thing with pinepowerli.Glad he ran off this site he can’t even take criticism and cries if anybody dislikes his video even if it 7 dislikes.sorry to get off topic
  8. You can’t be serious dude the link is in the description.Wait are R62 2004orionvcng if so just go away.
  9. https://www.auctionsinternational.com/auction/nassau-county-mta-ny-16306-16306
  10. Pinepowerli and his defenders.Also people who drive like snails and people who don’t move in a grocery store.
  11. Gonna throw this but suspect pinepowerli is buying subs as for the Orion v buses wonder how long they will keep them.
  12. Also nearby wantagh rantpowerli aka whinepowerli lol

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