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  1. So far for the n15 it gets good service.I think it’s every 15-20 minutes there’s a bus as for the 33 I never took but seems like it carries a good amount.
  2. Funny I live in Long Beach and there was no crazies running around causing mayhem.
  3. He definitely whines about the smallest things that make you face palm same thing with pinepowerli.Glad he ran off this site he can’t even take criticism and cries if anybody dislikes his video even if it 7 dislikes.sorry to get off topic
  4. You can’t be serious dude the link is in the description.Wait are R62 2004orionvcng if so just go away.
  5. https://www.auctionsinternational.com/auction/nassau-county-mta-ny-16306-16306
  6. Pinepowerli and his defenders.Also people who drive like snails and people who don’t move in a grocery store.
  7. Gonna throw this but suspect pinepowerli is buying subs as for the Orion v buses wonder how long they will keep them.
  8. Also nearby wantagh rantpowerli aka whinepowerli lol
  9. Fear mongering hmmm kinda suspicious since your youtube account has that on but whatever good luck trying to find a Orion v cng as they are at Mitchell field and not rvc.The ones that were at rvc were probably moved to cedar creek for scarp.
  10. Surrre you always play the victim in every Your thing your on whether it be citydata this one or reddit YouTube.
  11. Hi Ricky coolan aka chargerdodger 2004orionv the buses at rvc are no longer.Why you might ask well I rode past it the other day.Now why don’t you go back to doing what you do best and go to whinepowerli channel and complain about the bablyon branch.
  12. Just go cry to Whiney piney aka 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
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