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  1. Yes and Yes. Two reasons. #1 so that all trains still on the road can be cleaned in terminals without interference of those who refuse to leave the train preventing the cleaners access to the entire train, which leads to #2 which is to have legal standing to get the homeless out of the system (since NYPD didn't want to enforce the "subway service is for essential employees only getting to and from work) they can now enforce the "the system is closed and you are now trespassing" without any ACLU's crying that they're targetting the homeless specifically).
  2. You give someone a choice - ride the express train but the likelihood of picking up the virus is there, or ride the local and be absolutely safe but it might be a couple more minutes, and that tells you why the and are the packed ones. I can only imagine how the Flushing riders are dealing with no express whatsoever.
  3. You can speculate on what weekend service will be, but things change day to day (and the MTA website is NOT doing a good job updating things anymore) and it's all based on crew availability. I can tell you for a fact that the service headways listed on mta.info on Tuesday and Wednesday this week were completely different than what was actually running, and as we transition from AM to PM crews, it could get much better or much worse for the rest of the day. Remember that there are many crews who work the during the week and might be on the or on the weekend. The had by far the worst turn out for crews this week, but they may do better over the weekend. Also less senior people work Sat/Sun and many of them don't have an assigned job or location. Also there might be enough senior people looking for overtime to completely fill these weekend jobs. My speculation is that most lines will be running their regular weekend schedule.
  4. My random thought for the night: defying my best instincts, I've actually been reading fantasy plans on this forum the last couple days (since there really isn't anything better to do with my free time lately than screw around online). And the impression I keep getting is that many of you have absolutely no consideration for the train crews and what their job entails when they are off the train. There are certain places that can not be used as terminals. Just because you can turn a train there doesn't mean you should. Cutting back runs so that both destinations are locations that don't have crew facilities (even great men have to pee sometimes!) is cruel and inhumane. And in these times of social distancing and the city refusing to do anything about assaults against employees, how can you have an entire line worth of crews have to stand around on the platform, having no place to even sit down or eat their lunch, until they are ready to make their next trip? Even when non-terminal locations are used as temporary terminals for a GO, it will always return to a regular location and their time at that temporary terminal will be at best to drop back to the second train arriving. This is exactly why 205 on the is not a terminal and the crew change is done at Bedford Park. Likewise when the goes to 86 St (or the to Ave X for that matter), the crew change is at Kings Highway which is equipped to handle multiple crews (but NOT Kings Highway on the which I know is a miserable place for everyone involved to end at).
  5. You are talking about two extra stops which takes less than 5 minutes. The crews would also be able to use a real crew room where more than one person can use the bathroom at a time, as well as a real dispatcher's office with a computer. Also trains at Brighton Beach don't have to relay. This is the third time today where I've responded to a fantasy GO where the author isn't taking relaying time into consideration. You know with GO's like this the road T/O is gonna have to relay one end of the train. So they're gonna be on the train even longer than if you just let them continue to Brighton Beach.
  6. See above. MIght I also add that in the time it would take to relay the at 215, it could have completed the trip up to 242. So once again I ask WHY would you want it to end at 215 and force essential employees commuting home to take 2 buses?
  7. No. The Bx7 stops running at 1am and the Bx9 doesn't stop at 215. They're already scrambling to get the shuttle buses on the Lenox Ave line covered. And why on earth would you want to make 215, a location with no crew facilities and not even a dispatcher's office, a terminal?
  8. All of the NTT's work in the ABBA, ABBBA, ABBBBA unit configuration. You can also substitute a C car between an A and B.
  9. Well I hit a timer my first day working the line (which also happens to be the most overrun signal on that line) and I'm still working here. Since I was still on probation it was treated as a learning experience, along with a "now don't do it again!" warning. There are 100 different reasons for being late. Pick one and you're fine.
  10. False. R142's can run in 4 to 6 car units. The middle car in a 5 car unit doesn't actually provide anything to another car. It's always the B car next to the A car. When the C cars were ordered for the R188s, these were lighter cars missing a number of parts for the "A-B pairing". With those cars, they actually pass through on both ends so that the A and B cars between them communicate. This is why the C car is always found between an A and B car in a unit, and once again the B car in the middle of a unit don't marry with any other cars (as to the question of why they didn't just have two C cars on the new orders, my best guess is consistency with the R142A's which were converted?)
  11. In case you've been living under a rock for the last week, there was a really bad fire at 110-Lenox. With this GO, there can't be service running on the Lenox Ave line so that the station can be repaired with unhindered track access. As I stated above, there are not enough midnight crews to run 137-New Lots on a reasonable headway and at this time we're having enough trouble filling regular jobs, let alone create GO jobs. So gets suspended, the runs down the east side to Flatbush and that leaves the as the sole West Side service on the midnights, as well as the only service who can make the Park Place-Atlantic run. The M55 is already free, so can be used to go Chambers to South Ferry (and no, there's no work being done on that portion). Due to lack of midnight crews and no GO crews being hired, this 242-Atlantic service will run at a minimum of every 30 minutes.
  12. Over the weekend the was running 60 minute headways between 137 and New Lots on the midnight. All they had available were the 6 shuttle crews that are normally out of 148 to 42. Since the was running down the east side, that meant 60 minutes between trains at Park Place-Hoyt.
  13. I see two problems here. First, Carroll isn't a terminal and you can't turn trains there. You need to drop them out at Bergen, run south of the station to the reverse marker(can't go all the way to Carroll and back) change ends and come back north to Bergen. Secondly, there is no way you are going to be able to turn both and trains making that move unless each line is running on 20 minute or greater headways. A better idea would be to end the at Jay and use Bergen lower to turn them. Lastly, why are you calling Church-Coney Island service the when it's actually an running in two sections?
  14. Why Kings Highway instead of Brighton Beach?
  15. So send the local from 125. They do it all the time. It makes absolutely no sense why you would instead send the up the Concourse and extend the to 207. That's a much better plan for your bus route. Although I can't recall there ever being a time where the entire bridge was closed to both vehicle and subway traffic.
  16. If the can run to 207, why can't the ? This GO makes absolutely no sense. Don't even get me started on how little sense it makes to send a shuttle bus to the SPUYTEN DUYVIL MNRR station, especially if it's only to get customers to Marble Hill. You have obviously never driven to Spuyten Duyvil, which is an extremely unfriendly station for bus traffic, and there is no direct route from the Henry Hudson bridge to that station. You are also going to piss off every rider who is trying to get to Broadway since making that Spuyten Duyvil stop is going to add at least 15 extra minutes to their bustitution. At least run shuttle buses that go directly to Broadway! Oh and regarding that other GO you posted, why would you call a service between Queens Plaza and Jamaica Center the instead of the ????
  17. Roosevelt Island has neither a dispatcher office or a crew facility. Where are these crews supposed to take their lunch or comfort when they get to Roosevelt Island?
  18. Gonna have to suspend service or extend to Bedford Park all day if you want the to end at 145. Also, Roosevelt Island isn't a terminal, why wouldn't you send the to 21-QB?
  19. ....and how are you going to turn service at Chambers? The only way that could reasonably be done is if JH1&3 got restored, and trains would have to relay into those tracks. If IF that were done, those relays would interfere with both north and southbound service, which makes a rather slow move across the switches north of Chambers. Nevermind that if you sent the to Chambers, it would have to use 8 car trains. A better solution would be to send the to Essex and have it turn on the J3-4 track in the station.
  20. Conductors: You are given a radio for a reason. Learn how to use it. Don't wait for your partner to answer if the train is moving. My #1 peeve as a Train Operator was when I had a conductor who was afraid to use their radio. My #1 peeve as a dispatcher is conductors who refuse to answer the radio because they think only T/O's are supposed to answer. Also learn how to read the air gauge. It will let you know what is going on up front. Do not close the doors at a terminal if the train isn't charged yet! Train Operators: I must emphasize this again. Do not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES operate a train with customers on board while in YX. You are there to move out of service trains only.
  21. Hey guys just a friendly reminder that when you are in the YX program, you are not to operate a train with customers on board UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
  22. The list exists and there have already been a couple of classes (permanent, not provisional) off of it. Including one I'm in!
  23. List was established at end of June and the first class from it started this Monday. Up to #26
  24. All NTT's can run in 4 to 6 car configurations per unit, and up to two units per train set. So you can have 4,5,6,8,9,10,11 or 12 car sets on the 142+ The R188's aren't going anywhere. It also seems ridiculous to me to have 6 car sets on the ... last I heard both ends were getting 5 car platforms, 2 tracks, throw some 62's or 142's on them and call it a day.
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