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  1. Where are these advocacy pages and when are the meetings taking place?
  2. The MTA claims they're for safety and train their new drivers to drive 10-15mph below the speed limit but that does nothing but create a hazard for everyone on the road. More problems are caused by driving under the speed limit than over.
  3. If you reduce the far a little bit more people can take the express bus and you'll have more ridership. Funny enough, the MTA could make more money off this
  4. They all start on time but they just drive down the road sooooo slooowww its a little ridiculous. I also think drivers should be advised of traffic conditions and look for ways to beat the traffic when they can.
  5. For starters the following trips have been really slow and a problem BxM1 1:15pm southbound (weekdays) 1:45 pm southbound (saturdays) 11:10pm northbound (weekdays) 1:30pm southbound (sundays) 9:30pm southbound (sundays) BxM2 3:00pm southbound (Saturdays) 7:20am northbound (weekdays) BxM3 1:35pm southbound (weekdays) 8:35pm southbound (weekdays) 9:35pm southbound (weekdays) 11:05pm northbound (weekdays) 11:15pm northbound (saturdays) BxM4 11:05pm northbound (weekdays) 10:45pm northbound (saturdays) 10:30pm northbound (sundays) BxM4s are the worst of them all, going extra slow while carrying the least amount of passengers
  6. It's easier to list the trips that dont have a super slow run.
  7. Can something be done with B/Os to stop driving like 90 year old grandmas? Its getting frustrating to be passed by cars left and right while the bus can clearly go much faster
  8. HELP I left my bag on the 5:43 local Hudson Line train from Grand Central to Greystone on Tuesday. I boarded the train at GCT and got off at Riverdale. Its a black Food Network bag. Does anyone know how I could possibly get it back? (I already put in an inquiry for Metro North Lost and Found a couple days ago)
  9. Whats the biggest negative feedback from the Bronx redesigns?
  10. Lex is just as bad but 2nd isnt terrible. 5th is the worst of them all in Harlem though.
  11. Is there any way we can stop the Bronx express routes from using 5th Ave north of 116th St? Traffic on 5th Ave in Harlem can be a death trap, especially in Rush Hour.
  12. Does anyone think the nonstop section of the route should be at the driver's discretion? Whichever way they feel will be faster should be the way to go?
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