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  1. Manhattan Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    the new route to Inwood would be the M99, different from the M98 north of 125th, as it would take the HRD all the way up to Dyckman. Then It would serve Inwood.
  2. Manhattan Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    How about a new LTD route along Lex/3rd Avs, the M99, between E Midtown and E Harlem, then up the HRD to Inwood, serving Dyckman St and Broadway terminating at Bway/220th St. This would eliminate the Inwood service on the BxM1 and make that a quicker route, as well as giving Inwood residents an express route to Midtown for $2.75
  3. Manhattan Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I like this idea of shortening the really long routes a bit. I'm thinking terminating the M101 at 125th St/1st Ave where the M100 ends is pretty good. The M2 and M4 both could be truncated to 96th St/Madison Ave (except late nights for the M2) install a new route (M13) making all local stops on 5th/Madison Avs between 8th St & 106th St, route will replace M106 along 106th St and terminate at 106th St/FDR Drive keep the M3 and add full time limited service except for late nights. extend M5 back to Houston St like the pre 2010 days renumber M55 back to M6 and install a new southbound route via 7th Ave, 32nd St, broadway extend the M1 back to South Ferry just like the pre 2010 days, also revert back to Park Ave south of 40th St extend M10 and M104 down to Penn Sta, terminating at 31st St. increase frequencies on the M102 and M103 as they are now the only two Lex/3rd Avs routes. Also implement Limited service on the M102 with the M106 eliminated, more resources will be used for the M96 and the new M13. M98 extended back down to 34th St. this is all for better Manhattan service
  4. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    But when there's no incident on the RFK I feel like they would kill a lot of time and beat traffic
  5. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I wonder if any northbound BxM6/7/8/9/10/11s have skipped the RFK bridge hassle and taken the Willis Ave Bridge to Bruckner Blvd/Bruckner Expwy. Wonder how much time that would save
  6. WTF is going on at CP??

    It would be a great thing for all parties if some QM5/6s skipped the Queens Blvd hassle entirely and went LIE-GCP-Union Tpke!
  7. WTF is going on at CP??

    Easy ways I can see certain routes skipping half the stops when necessary. BxM1/2/18 (NB): 230th St, right on Riverdale Ave, jump straight to 239th St/HH Pkwy. BxM2 (SB): 5th Ave straight down to 59th or 57th St, then swing over to 7th Ave BxM3: (NB): Maj Deegan to Exit 11-Van Cort Pk South, then proceed to Broadway BxM4: (NB): Maj Deegan to Exit 9-fordham Rd, Exit 8-179th St, Exit 11-Van Cort Pk South, or Exit 13-233rd St depending on where anyone is getting off (this should be able to happen a lot, because the south bronx really isnt express bus territory) BxM7: (NB) Bruckner Expwy straight up to Bartow and proceed to northern half of Co-Op City BxM8: (NB) Bruckner Expwy, until passenger requests stop, then exit to Bruckner Blvd. BxM10: (NB) Bruckner Expwy, north on Bronx River Pkwy, north on Boston Rd, all the way to Eastchester Rd. BxM11: (NB) Bronx River Pkwy, north to Gun Hill, or 233rd St, if possible. BxM18: (SB) 5th Ave, left on 23rd St, FDR Dr South, all the way to the southern loop, then back north on Church Ave for any stops. QM1/5/31/35: (EB) Long Island Expressway, straight to 188th St, into Fresh Meadows Circle, proceed from there. QM1/5/6/31/35/36: (EB) Long Island Expwy, Grand Central Pkwy, straight to Union Tpke, proceed from there. QM3: (EB) Long Island Expressway, straight to Little Neck Pkwy, make final stop there. QM4: (EB) Long Island Expwy, south on 164th St, proceed to Jewel Ave.
  8. WTF is going on at CP??

    What happened to the days where express buses with only a few passengers on board would take short cuts and skip half the stops...??
  9. MTA ridership dropping as New Yorkers find other ways to travel

    Subways constantly running local, long headways between trains, slow speeds, constant holdups between stations, (sometimes 15-20 min) and buses are now affected by slower speed limits and new laws where you cant make turns at certain intersections. It's all becoming a complete mess!!!! The best options are Metro North, LIRR and sometimes the express bus during off peak hours
  10. Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    When I get the or home from work at night (I get on at Chambers St) it doesnt matter which one i get because theyre both going local. They're always being held up somewhere along the line too, sometimes for 10 minutes
  11. R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    I remember as a kid when they only ran to 34th St under Manhattan bridge construction. That took the soul and identity out of the and
  12. Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    Anybody else tired of express trains constantly running local... especially the
  13. R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    The and are being rerouted to Montague??
  14. Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Anyone here think the Q2 and Q8 should be combined into one route.
  15. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    How will all the detoured routes be affected tomorrow for the marathon?


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