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  1. 1020 recently got into an accident. Accordion snapped apart. Not sure whether or not it will become scrapped, but probably not
  2. Good to hear. 20881 was in service on the 159 earlier as well
  3. Without 20845-20849, is the current in-service roster for Fairview so far 20850-20879?
  4. Was 6819 mentioned for ENY? It ran on the B12 on 12/20, according to TransSee
  5. (Not confirmed) but most likely College Point. They have the oldest MCIs currently, and it'd make sense for them to go there if they are assigned to MTA Bus
  6. 9 AN460RCs were in service yesterday. 9503, 9506, 9507, 9530, 9531, 9609, 9612, 9614 and 9624. First time the count has been this high in a while to my knowledge.
  7. Glitches happened today with that software. There was an '1111' rolling around, as well as a supposed XD60 '6229' on the M11.
  8. Probably not. It would be better to try and catch one of the last three at JFK.
  9. This idea/concept reminds me of the "Blue Night" system which the TTC has in place
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