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  1. I rode 5626 on the Bx19 today. 5626 to WF. I think it was at OH before
  2. Anyone mention 4221 at Grand yet? Apparently those NGs loaners at KB aren't needed anymore.
  3. Yeah, seems like there are a few hot R62A cars. A couple days ago I got 1900 (very hot), and 1899 which was kinda hot, but slightly better. Afterwards I rode 2384 which was blistering. A year ago I rode 2238 which was really hot, like sitting in a sauna. Occasionally there's a cool R62A car, but not often. R62s on the are usually cold
  4. Yeah, I've noticed that too. I think it happened over time, and it's mostly on older factories, like 7811-7859 and 7871-76
  5. 5257 at WF if not reported. Ran on the Bx19 a couple times
  6. Nice catch! That single was 1902. Glad 2081 still has an RFW... For now
  7. Well that's it I guess. 7581-7936-7590 are at Corona
  8. Yeah, all of the R62As excluding 1943 and 1949 have cabs on the cars ending in 1, 5, 6 and 10. Guess they're just linking the remaining singles as best as possible now
  9. Today I saw a five car set of 1900 singles on the . The ends had full cabs. The consist was 1943-1944-1947-1948-1949. 1943 was leading Manhattan bound
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