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  1. I saw an R179 (A) going uptown once I left Broad Channel on an R32.
  2. I guess select trains will be R62s to 148 Street granted that 145 Street only handles 5 cars.
  3. If there isn't a to E 180 St program, why not suspend the and replace it with to Utica Avenue? BTW, I did saw an R142A at Simpson St signed up as a to Utica.
  4. So apparently there isn't a via Broadway/West End Program on the going downtown but they have it uptown? They have it via West end and Broadway local. Uptown F had this: F JAMAICA-179 ST F QUEENS BLVD EXP F VIA WEST END/BWAY In addition, the Broadway stops on the FIND didn't have the transfering lines.
  5. Why can't the run express to Brooklyn Bridge instead of running local? Or, why not send it to Bowling Green if the TA is just doing work on the Joralemon Tubes.
  6. That's how it's supposed to be, the and trains should be similar when they have R160s.
  7. Is it really necessary to include 59 Street even though we all know is going through the Broadway line? Just put BROADWAY LOCAL and we won't have this problem.
  8. Hmmm.... I thought of cutting Lefferts and replacing them with a to Lefferts, of course running express in Brooklyn. Extend the to Euclid and make it go local, gonna have to look into it if it's possible.
  9. 207-Lefferts/Mott Av/Rock Pk via CPW and 6 Av Local unchanged Jay St-Euclid Av local unchanged Jamaica Ctr-2 Av via 6 Av Local 179-Stillwell (some F trains via the G line from Qns Plaza-Bergen St) 50, 42, 34, 23 Streets on the 8th Ave Line are closed. For 50, 42, and 34 Streets, use the nearby 7th Ave Line and trains and free shuttle buses. For 14 Street-8 Avenue, take the A, E, or F train to 14 St and transfer to the L train. 242-34 Local 241-Flatbush via line (shuttle buses run from 149 St-GC to 145-Lenox for West Side access) 148-34 Express unchanged Chambers St - Flatbush Av and Dyre Av-E 180 St unchanged Unchanged
  10. Guys I'm at 182-183rd and there are police and fire fighters at the southbound platform. I think it's a 12-9 but from what I see here there are workers looking under the train with flashlights.
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