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  1. What Happened to it? It hasn’t even been a week since the bus started service.
  2. Is this the beginning of those busses being retired?
  3. I always wondered this.. Can Manhattanville drivers drive Orion VII CNG’s if they were ever to be loaned someday?
  4. What happens If GA can’t fix it? And What’s the status of 6899?
  5. 4121 Quill to KB saw it as Not In Service. It is also repainted.
  6. 6899 hasent seen service over a month now since it broke down when Kingsbridge had it. Where is 6899 heading Now?
  7. 3906 is running on the M4 bus route right know as I type. The bus is from Quill. 2 days ago it was and rts 5236. Why is MJQ running on the M4 more often now?
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