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  1. I wish they would enforce some of these bus lanes like blocking the box. It's considered a parking violation as well as a moving violation, so you can station traffic agents all down the corridor, and they can scan the violators' registration and ticket them in 30 seconds flat. Make the curb regulation no stopping anytime instead of no standing and be aggressive about forcing everyone to immediately turn or stay out. People will learn.
  2. MNR Beacon Line

    Cuomo had the MTA waste $30M on tunnel vanity project

    Don't want to make a new thread for this: https://nypost.com/2018/07/24/cuomo-spent-253k-on-colored-pylons-that-may-violate-standards/ So, to recap, Cuomo spent over a quarter million on SPECIALLY ORDERED plastic bollards that don't comply with federal regulations. Instead of ordering compliant bollards that are available off-the-shelf and cheaper. This is just like the Cuomo Sign fiasco when King Andrew spent 8 million on distracting tourism highway signs that weren't compliant with federal regulations and the FHWA forced him to take them down (they're still not all down yet, and the FHWA has already fined the state for failing them to take them down in a timely fashion). Is he psychotic? His deciding to micromanage these things has only led to millions in waste and constant bad publicity. What does he think he's accomplishing? Thanks to his obsession with the Royal Colors, we're going to be able to see the dirty, fading Cuomo Scheme R160s 15 years from now, long after Cuomo's presidential ambitions fizzle away in the primaries, and wonder why he didn't just do the one thing that would gain him universal support and fix the subways instead of building backwards Airtrains and plating the beleaguered transit system in USB ports.
  3. MNR Beacon Line

    New Uniforms for MTA B/O's

    Seriously? That's insulting! I got a real tie when I worked at McDonald's for Christ's sake. If that demographic can manage a half-windsor I think bus operators can too...
  4. MNR Beacon Line

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    If anyone has or is getting a paper MNR August monthly could you post a picture? There's a ticket stock shortage so they're being printed on weekly stock, I'm curious to see what that looks like.
  5. MNR Beacon Line

    tickets / pass on Metro North - good across lines?

    No way is that in the tariff regs. Those conductors are just cutting people slack (because, honestly, you paid the railroad the same amount, it shouldn't matter).
  6. MNR Beacon Line

    tickets / pass on Metro North - good across lines?

    Thanks for the corrections. I really hate how non-transparent MNR and LIRR are about their tariff regulations. I only know as much as I do from getting bits and pieces from transit forums and talking to employees (and clearly a lot of my information is outdated). Why the railroad thinks its ticketing policies should be non-public information in any aspect is beyond me.
  7. MNR Beacon Line

    tickets / pass on Metro North - good across lines?

    It's actually pretty complicated. This is how it works for East of Hudson service: The diversion in stations table (shown above) shows the equivalent fare zones for all the lines. Commutation tickets (weeklies and monthlies between Manhattan and points north) are good for travel between any stations up through the northerly fare zone or its equivalent, on any line. E.g., per the table, a Hastings-on-Hudson to GCT weekly or monthly ticket would also be good between Irvington and GCT, Hartsdale and Mt Vernon West, Old Greenwich and GCT, etc. Same applies for a New Haven commutation ticket holder wishing to travel on one of the other two lines. However, non-commutation tickets (all other ticket types including one-way, senior, disabled, intermediate, etc.) are not at all interchangeable between the New Haven Line and the other two lines. So a Westport to Fordham monthly ticket is good for stations on the New Haven line only between zones 2 and 18/42. A Tarrytown to GCT one-way would also be valid on the Harlem line as far up as Chappaqua, but would not be good for any travel on the New Haven line.
  8. MNR Beacon Line

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    This is not a choice that exists in reality. The ADA is a law, not a suggestion. The MTA at minimum needs to be spending 20% of their renovation budget on accessibility features, and they have not been doing that (thus why they're being sued). We waste billions a year on paratransit. Accessibility needs to come sooner than later but the MTA is penny wise and pound foolish and fails to see how deferring this work is screwing them over in the future.
  9. MNR Beacon Line

    Double decker X17J MTA bus to run to Midtown this week

    The new buses are 12'-10" in regular operation, and the Lincoln Tunnel clearance is 13'-0". Not an issue.
  10. MNR Beacon Line

    MTA Scrambling To Get PTC Installed On All Trains

    The current cab signaling system on MNR and LIRR is not compliant with PTC. I'm more familiar with the MNR end but I know LIRR is slightly different so I can't speak absolutely for both systems. It was only originally designed to prevent signal-related infractions. The most restrictive indication is R (15 mph) (there is no stop cab indication, only wayside) which is enforced with a full service penalty application. ASC as-is is most likely compliant in satisfying the the functional prevention of train-to-train collisions requirement as per 49 CFR 236.1005 (f). Originally the only speed limit the system enforced was the maximum allowable speed on the road. After the Spuyten Duyvil derailment to comply with FRA Emergency Order 29 they added speed enforcement to some bad curves around the system by retrofitting ASC, but some territory speed limits are still not enforced by ASC, so it does not comply with the requirement to functionally prevent overspeed derailments (49 CFR 236.1005 [a] [1] [ii]). There are additional requirements not met by ASC, for example 49 CFR 236.1005 (a) ( 1) (iii) which requires functional prevention of train incursion into work zones.
  11. MNR Beacon Line

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Are they putting passengers on these cars? I'd be more than pissed to be put on a MARC coach after paying Amtrak ticket prices.
  12. MNR Beacon Line

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Speaking of announcements, I've taken to complaining to the MTA when the announcements are off. This seems especially prevalent in evening trains, which leads me to believe that the announcements being off is a choice by the conductor rather than some kind of technical difficulty. Last night the automated announcements were off on my GCT to Southeast M7, and when I got out at Golden's Bridge a guy asked me if how to get back down to Katonah since he missed his stop. Not to mention that it's a huge ADA violation. I see blind people on MNR trains fairly frequently actually.
  13. MNR Beacon Line

    Enhanced Station Initiative to Hit Metro-North

    They're going to miss their f**king PTC deadline. End of story. MNR and LIRR don't have the time or the money for this.
  14. MNR Beacon Line

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    No, it's not the "dink donk" that they play before announcements. I can't describe it, and it would be hard to record it since it comes on seemingly randomly. I always hear it several times per trip on the Harlem line. If you keep your ears open you'll probably hear it.
  15. MNR Beacon Line

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Maybe a somewhat obscure question: I've noticed that the M7As will play a certain little jingle (it sounds like a ringtone or something, maybe three seconds long?) ocassionally throughout a trip. Does anyone know what this is? I assume it's a message to the train crew.


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