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  1. MNR Beacon Line

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    This is not a choice that exists in reality. The ADA is a law, not a suggestion. The MTA at minimum needs to be spending 20% of their renovation budget on accessibility features, and they have not been doing that (thus why they're being sued). We waste billions a year on paratransit. Accessibility needs to come sooner than later but the MTA is penny wise and pound foolish and fails to see how deferring this work is screwing them over in the future.
  2. MNR Beacon Line

    Double decker X17J MTA bus to run to Midtown this week

    The new buses are 12'-10" in regular operation, and the Lincoln Tunnel clearance is 13'-0". Not an issue.
  3. MNR Beacon Line

    MTA Scrambling To Get PTC Installed On All Trains

    The current cab signaling system on MNR and LIRR is not compliant with PTC. I'm more familiar with the MNR end but I know LIRR is slightly different so I can't speak absolutely for both systems. It was only originally designed to prevent signal-related infractions. The most restrictive indication is R (15 mph) (there is no stop cab indication, only wayside) which is enforced with a full service penalty application. ASC as-is is most likely compliant in satisfying the the functional prevention of train-to-train collisions requirement as per 49 CFR 236.1005 (f). Originally the only speed limit the system enforced was the maximum allowable speed on the road. After the Spuyten Duyvil derailment to comply with FRA Emergency Order 29 they added speed enforcement to some bad curves around the system by retrofitting ASC, but some territory speed limits are still not enforced by ASC, so it does not comply with the requirement to functionally prevent overspeed derailments (49 CFR 236.1005 [a] [1] [ii]). There are additional requirements not met by ASC, for example 49 CFR 236.1005 (a) ( 1) (iii) which requires functional prevention of train incursion into work zones.
  4. MNR Beacon Line

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Are they putting passengers on these cars? I'd be more than pissed to be put on a MARC coach after paying Amtrak ticket prices.
  5. MNR Beacon Line

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Speaking of announcements, I've taken to complaining to the MTA when the announcements are off. This seems especially prevalent in evening trains, which leads me to believe that the announcements being off is a choice by the conductor rather than some kind of technical difficulty. Last night the automated announcements were off on my GCT to Southeast M7, and when I got out at Golden's Bridge a guy asked me if how to get back down to Katonah since he missed his stop. Not to mention that it's a huge ADA violation. I see blind people on MNR trains fairly frequently actually.
  6. MNR Beacon Line

    Enhanced Station Initiative to Hit Metro-North

    They're going to miss their f**king PTC deadline. End of story. MNR and LIRR don't have the time or the money for this.
  7. MNR Beacon Line

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    No, it's not the "dink donk" that they play before announcements. I can't describe it, and it would be hard to record it since it comes on seemingly randomly. I always hear it several times per trip on the Harlem line. If you keep your ears open you'll probably hear it.
  8. MNR Beacon Line

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Maybe a somewhat obscure question: I've noticed that the M7As will play a certain little jingle (it sounds like a ringtone or something, maybe three seconds long?) ocassionally throughout a trip. Does anyone know what this is? I assume it's a message to the train crew.
  9. MNR Beacon Line

    R211 Discussion Thread

    If that's the case could someone submit a FOIL request?
  10. MNR Beacon Line

    MTA takes political correctness to new heights

    Collins Dictionaries specifically studied the prevalence of the singular they for the Committee on Bible Translation, and its results put you quite definitively in the minority: "1. Generic pronouns and determiners "This part of the study considered the types of pronouns and determiners that are used to refer to indefinite pronouns (such as someone, everybody and one) and non-gender specific nouns (such as a person, each child and any teacher): "A. masculine (he, his, himself, etc.); B. feminine (she, her, herself, etc.); C. plural/gender-neutral (they, them, one, themselves, etc.); D. alternative forms (s/he, him or her, his/her, etc.) "In all the varieties of English analyzed, plural/neutral pronouns and determiners account for the majority of usages. Between 1990 and 2009, instances of masculine generic pronouns and determiners, expressed as a percentage of total generic pronoun usage in general written English, fell from 22% to 8%. "e.g. ‘…when a person accepts unconditional responsibility, he denies himself the privilege of “complaining” and “finding faults.”’ "Instances of ‘alternative’ generic pronouns and determiners fell from 12% to 8%. "e.g. ‘Any citizen who wants to educate himself or herself has plenty of sources from which to do so.’ "Instances of plural/neutral generic pronouns and determiners rose from 65% to 84%. "e.g. ‘If you can identify an individual who metabolises nicotine faster you can treat them more effectively.’ "Figures for the other corpora analyzed in the study are broadly comparable with figures from the general written English corpus both in overall magnitude and in the general trend over time." You would almost certainly need to be deliberately obtuse to take offense to the example that you quoted. Standards in English are determined by usage, and common usage in formal and informal contexts has nearly entirely preferred the singular they to any other type of gender-nonspecific writing.
  11. MNR Beacon Line

    Metro-North Beacon Line may become bike trail

    If they keep one track, I'll be happy. Be careful not to fall for the "rail-banking" BS though. Once a railroad is turned into a rail trail, it's politically near impossible to convert it back to a road. The idea that rail trails can serve as effective interim solutions before the line is economically sustainable as a road again is basically a scam, and the truck lobby fought hard to pass the rails-to-trails act knowing that once railroads get turned into rail trails, the fate of that ROW is basically sealed against ever conveying freight again.
  12. MNR Beacon Line

    M-9 Discussion

    I just threw into the "counties that the MTA doesn't care about serving" pile. North fork service on LIRR is beyond pathetic.
  13. MNR Beacon Line

    M-9 Discussion

    As an upper Hudson Line rider, I really hope MNR will at least give them some extensive service if it plans on keeping them for decades from now. The trucks are in pretty bad shape. There isn't as widespread of a squeaking issue as with the M-7s (where it can be almost intolerable at the car ends); but a lot of the cars have an extreme sag to one side, even if only slightly asymmetrically-loaded, and the some cars will rock quite violently into turns. The seats absolutely need to be reupholstered. By my guess most of the M-7As have been, so they have no excuse. The Shoreliner seats are disgusting. The current toilet & HVAC systems are woefully inadequate and very problematic. A peak GCT-Poughkeepsie train with only one working toilet is unacceptable, but common. Unfortunately, Dutchess, Putnam, Orange, Rockland, and Suffolk Counties' tax dollars aren't as good as the others' in the MCTD, so I don't expect these fixes to come soon, or at all. What are we going to do, drive into the city? The MTA knows our bluff.
  14. MNR Beacon Line

    M-9 Discussion

    Do you mean the Shoreliners? They're dingy and uncomfortable, but I wouldn't count on it. Since they don't provide their own traction, they're much, much less likely to suffer a mechanical issue that prevents them from moving, so the need to replace them isn't as pressing as the need to replace old EMUs.
  15. MNR Beacon Line

    M-9 Discussion



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