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  1. Any fellow 9604 exam takers or exp people, If someone moved and doesn't have access to their old address' mailbox, and they work a 9 to 5 in Queens where it won't be possible to get to Livingston in Brooklyn before the closing office hours, are there any alternatives that he/she could do? Thank you
  2. Does amnyone know when 180 livingston closes . need admission letter for exam 9604
  3. Hey guys, What list number are they up to on this exam if anyone knows? =D Ty
  4. I not only hate passing by a LIRR train because it reminds me of how I failed the second portion of the test, but I also have a profound new respect for every RR conductor outside the city. Maybe next time, maybe not- congrats to everyone that made it that day, study hard!! =D 4 only from the previous class stayed on? wow...
  5. Last question because.. I'm annoying like that =). How strict is that credit check? If anyone has any insight.. I don't think I'm going to make it through the credit check because I may have a account in collect. Thanks anyway. And wish and hope the best to everyone who's made it
  6. Hello to everyone near and far. I just received the email to the hall in a couple of days. Does anyone know employment verification is performed? Do they only take w2s or sterling handles? Thanks so much and gl to everyone
  7. Thanks JV620. I don't mean to cause a ruckus. Im just having a hard time accepting the results. Maybe things will work out. But thanks for recognizing my pain. Good luck to you and everyone else.
  8. There's no way this crap is random. It strikes me as odd that people with certain last names have list numbers that precede 1600 and yet there are people like me who pay the fee and sigb up early but dont have squat to show for it. What a joke.
  9. Jv620 +Young+'s right. I doubt 88k people registered for the exam. Congrats!
  10. I feel like the universe is against me in these mta "random list numbers". For the traffic checker I applied as soon as the registration opened up and got somewhere in the high 3000s. For this exam same deal... lol
  11. I received a letter today, did anyone else get a list #?
  12. Does anybody know the process from making a transfer working in the field to hq? I know you apply as internal but is it as easy as people say it is
  13. That was an awesome video! Im taking exams soon and signing up for my permit class.
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