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  1. They probably are waiting to get through Phase 2 so that they can have a reasonable amount of trackage to work on.
  2. Listen, we may find it stupid, but everything has a reason. If CBTC is installed in the busiest sections it can be done quicker than an entire line on a one by one basis. We need to focus on spreading CBTC wherever necessary and afterwards fill out the missing pieces. It also allows work to be done simultaneously and crews, equipment to be equally dispersed.
  3. WestFarms36

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Sadly, that will not happen. The Cuomo Scheme is to Identify the train sets that have modified seating arrangements only.
  4. WestFarms36

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    is really on it with the new LED Lighting and Arrow Mats.
  5. WestFarms36

    Worst MTA/NICE/BEE-LINE Bus Route?

    NICE Bus - Horrendous, say no more... The Bronx - Bx21 Always late and Crowded. Bx36 Crowded and Stuck in traffic. Bx22 very slow, sluggish, deplorable in on time performance, and its routing and scheduling as far as terminals go is the most inconsistant that I have ever seen. Manhattan - M3 it appears whenever it feels like it, usually never at its first stop on time which is sad. M100 what in the f*ck happened to the original routing? It's like the Bus is serving invisible people. MY RATING FOR EACH ROUTE Bx6 Local 82% Bx6 +Select Bus 90% Bx21 8% Bx22 10% Bx36 40% Bx40/42 72% Q44 +Select Bus 85% M3 22% M100 61%
  6. It was a mistake for them to get rid of the $7 Fun Pass.
  7. WestFarms36

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    Wait what the hell?
  8. WestFarms36

    MTA Bus Operations: Repainted/Wrapped Buses

    They really screwed up on the fleet number of 6113 when it got wrapped for +SBS+. Is it the way the numbers come out or do they people incharge don't give a crap or just suck at labeling?
  9. WestFarms36

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    About time those 1200 series leave the M15 +SBS+ It was really pitiful seeing all other +SBS+ routes being upgraded and the M15 staying behind.
  10. You gotta be f**king kidding me. They are complaining about keeping bike traffic off their street while 13th street alone Between Avenue A - 8th Avenue has 162 f**king Bike docks less than a block apart. You could give a bike to the entire neighborhood with 162 bikes. They should not be complaining when they have a surplus of bikes and then contradicting what they've been asking for.
  11. Those a**holes should be the last ones speaking. I am already up to the top with these mortal idiots who think that the world revolves around them, unfortunately it doesn't. Complaining about their "Pristine" Street, while it is a public street Maintained with OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS, something that none of them even care to educate themselves about. After all its a public street and it was built to carry traffic, not to be used as their f*cking driveway. Seriously, even relocating a light pole is that disturbing to them. I find nothing wrong with bike lanes, and also whats wrong with cars? Its a street, its made for vehicles, if it bothers them that much, why not turn the damn street into a damn 12 Block Plaza and keep it to themselves!
  12. WestFarms36

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    Jesus Christ, MJQ is a hungry b*tch when it comes to new buses... They seriously wanna get everything.
  13. Usually the School always has 2 Trip student MetroCards in the case a student lost one until a new one arrived. Her school should have given her a 2 trip MetroCard, schools usually have them for trips and reasons such as hers, I actually hold my student MetroCard with my life and Thankfully have never lost it.
  14. WestFarms36

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    But when it comes to reducing lanes, closing streets, or bombarding bike lanes. They do it in a matter of hours..
  15. WestFarms36

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    Because the DOT wants to be lazy and spend 5 years adding TSP to the traffic lights, which is something that can be done in months. The DOT Slacks in general. Tell me how it can take up to 3 months or more to re install a new light pole?


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