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  1. WestFarms36

    Bx9 SBS (Unofficial Plan, Study, Feedback)

    I fixed it for you. I recommend the Bx9 +SBS+ ending at 225 St. There's not a big market for +SBS+ above 225 St, the local is fine making trips to 262 St. Plus +SBS+ would be more than fine running between W Farms Sq-225 St as it is basically doing the busiest stretch of the route.
  2. WestFarms36

    Bx9 SBS (Unofficial Plan, Study, Feedback)

    It would be nice but when you notice the last NYCT Bus route to receive LTD Service was the Bx36 in 2009. Bus last had it in 2013 for the Q70. Its just a service dead underwater and it is alive as long as those routes don't get cut, or converted to +SBS+ and LIMITED service no longer seems to be an option under the .
  3. WestFarms36

    Bx9 SBS (Unofficial Plan, Study, Feedback)

    The is just focused on +SBS+ these days... and they aren't stopping any time soon.
  4. WestFarms36

    Bx9 SBS (Unofficial Plan, Study, Feedback)

    Is no longer on the LIMITED department. New LIMITED service is dead as dog poop at this point.
  5. WestFarms36

    Bx9 SBS (Unofficial Plan, Study, Feedback)

    That routing could work better than Bailey Avenue. Its kinda redundant on Bailey Avenue with the Bx10.
  6. WestFarms36

    Bx9 SBS (Unofficial Plan, Study, Feedback)

    Yes, the fleet would be split and Bus Frequencies up in Riverdale would not be reduced. The Bx9 Local and +SBS+ would have their frequencies split, continuing the Bx9 +SBS+ via Broadway would slow it down due to congestion anyway. There would be no Bus Cuts on the Bx9 between 225 St and 262 St.
  7. WestFarms36

    Bx9 SBS (Unofficial Plan, Study, Feedback)

    The Bx9 +SBS+ has more benefit ending at 225 St-Broadway because it is the busiest stretch, plus having the Bx9 +SBS+ go via Bailey Avenue is useless when you have the Bx10. People in Riverdale would not bother using the Bx9 +SBS+ because it would take them AWAY from Broadway, so if they want to go shopping on Broadway, they will stay with the Bx9 local. Second of all Bailey Avenue is mostly residential so bringing a Bx9 +SBS+ would bring uproar with NIMBY's who wouldn't want a Fare Machine in their sidewalk, let alone another bus route. Finally a Bx9 +SBS+ via Bailey Av would be detremental as you would eliminate all the connections to the South of 242 Street, the purpose of the Bx9 in Riverdale is for people to go on Broadway not away from it. It's more practical terminating the Bx9 +SBS+ at 225 St-Broadway, anyone who wants to go north can transfer to the Bx9 local or the train.
  8. WestFarms36

    Bx9 SBS (Unofficial Plan, Study, Feedback)

    Damn, is there a specific software for it or do you use in house tools?
  9. WestFarms36

    Bx9 SBS (Unofficial Plan, Study, Feedback)

    Editing the schedule..
  10. WestFarms36

    Bx9 SBS (Unofficial Plan, Study, Feedback)

    Not possible with the set-up, but I like what you did with the paddle... How'd you do it?
  11. WestFarms36

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    I completely agree, just because you have an account in the Forums, doesn't give you the right to fight or want to be on top of someone else. We are all human beings at the end of the day despite our differences, and we are here to express our concerns, learn new things, socialize with other people on a platform that is specifically for users interested in Transit. I feel that we should all respect each other regardless of our differences.
  12. WestFarms36

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the machines during off hours, but for the Quarter machines (If you don't live near an +SBS+ route that doesn't operate late night) Try a parking meter after rules are no longer in effect. In the case of the MetroCard Machines, they do display that message on a Black screen, and do not do any functions until the route starts running again at its scheduled time.
  13. WestFarms36

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    The Machines are still on, they Just display "Bx12 +SBS+ not running, use the Bx12 Local." The machines also do not accept payments during those hours... and for the Quarters machine, its just like the Parking meter during off hours.
  14. WestFarms36

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    You lucky f*ck...
  15. WestFarms36

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    Will the current Buses delivered in the new scheme get them in their repaints?


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