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  1. Wish you nothing but the best of luck, and hopefully you succeed in your future endeavors.
  2. Can you copy and paste this to this thread, I can't read it. Not subscribed.
  3. The CNG Order was never botched, they were just simply retired once their expiration date on their tanks had been met. If this were about botching buses, then where the hell would our replacements be?
  4. @Future ENY OP@MysteriousBtrain@Coney Island Av ...Then here is guy #2. It's an endless cycle.
  5. What in hell are you talking about? West Farms never rushed to retire the OG CNG's, THEY HAD TO because CNG Buses have tanks that expire. As any depot with a shortage West Farms needed buses to fill in that gap, and the best choice was to send the newer XD40's up to West Farms in order to fill in the shortage gap, and why the hell do you want send Next Gens to a mostly NFI Depot, this makes no sense at all, especially when they house in CNG Buses for Christ sake. This is not about making everyone ride the new buses, its about sending buses where there is a need, not a plea. Most people fail to realize that CNG Buses actually have to be decommissioned by its expiration date, you and a couple of others in here with the same ideology you have always make the mistake of stating things without doing research, because its much easier to say things out of the blue. You people need to research, Google up information about CNG Tanks, search up CNG Buses and their service history in other agencies. Assumptions cannot be made, and is such an irresponsible decision making method in a Transit Agency. Buses don't have to be sequential, its not the end of the world, like its the same damn bus with different numbers, there is no need to have an OCD Breakdown and getting horny over the assignments you feel these buses should have. The only department that knows best is the Department of Buses, they are the one's who make responsible decisions, and know what has to be done.
  6. The XE60 hasn't even been delivered yet, unless you mean an XD60...
  7. Don't worry, wrong fonts aren't one thing that is bad... They've also mispelled street names in the past, like Tinton Av in the Bronx, the older signs say "TIINTON AV", but a couple of them have the extra I covered with a green sticker.
  8. @MHV9218 @Around the Horn That font is actually Highway Gothic, its the ones currently used on the much newer street signs, and all highway signs. You can tell its Highway Gothic by the point ends of the letters, and the more the 2 is curvy. Clearview is different, the character ends are flat, the characters are slightly more spaced and bigger.. There is a BxM8 Bus stop sign around Country Club with the same font.
  9. According to the TTMG Roster 1021-1109 have an L9N Engine while 1016-1020 have an ISL G NZ. Can anyone confirm if the L9N is the actual Engine on those units, or if its a mistake.
  10. Do you have the link? I was at TTMG, unless I was at the wrong site.
  11. Looks like Christmas came early for Staten Island Politicians.
  12. True. But in the same manner we went from 40 D60HF's to 0 is an example of how can make quick moves to take a wholesale of buses OOS.
  13. In my honest opinion, if I were in charge of the I would have had these buses gone ages ago... But I can't say for sure whether there were any underlying factors behind them being in service this long. Those buses are a constant accessibility issue, and the news got people's attention due to the fact that it came on a source where everyone is reading from, and if you market something, or vocalize on an issue via a major communication port, then people will realize and the issues can be tackled. I feel that these buses should also be gone, and especially when we pay for the service. As for the driver's these tantrums have to stop. They are no one but employee's collecting a paycheck, if they don't like it, there is the door. Many other people want to work as Bus Operators and will gladly take their spot. These buses have been meant to retire at some point, and can't be around forever.
  14. I do support having Elected officials speak up about their community, anyone can agree on that. It's just the lack of self investigation, and dependence of unreliable sources to make these claims. I personally would not want to be stuck riding on a 23 year old bus, everyone deserves to ride in a modern fleet, but this has nothing to do with poor communities. Jackie Gleason is an all CNG Depot, they can't house Diesels. They got new XN40's in 2016, and new XN60's in 2018 because their older buses which were also CNG's were reaching their expiration date, and after their tanks expire they can't run. The case with the XN60's had to do with articulation of the B35 which is a heavy capacity route. Right now we are in the middle of an order and we still got hundreds of more buses to yet come in, we can't rid these RTS's without replacements because those depot's will have a shortage, and runs will be slashed due to lack of buses. Another point that the author failed to mention is that these depot's with these old RTS's are currently getting new buses at the moment and there is still more to come. That author has not used a single reliable source, and the has plans for 251 more diesels and 275 Hybrids, with a plan to fully electrify their fleet by 2042. This isn't rocket science to anyone who does their research. This is taught in grade school, make sure you use reliable resources to state your claim and provide factual evidence to support your claim, this isn't too hard to follow. Journalists are taught this as well as they study, but most likely the Daily News has some biased poorly skilled writer putting out their opinions without evidence, and not using evidence to support their own claim. This writer has dishonored himself, and has affected his newspaper's reputation based on this article without any evidence or background information supporting his claim.. I am not a journalist god damn it, and hell do I know that in order to have reliable information you have to... 1) Research Information from MULTIPLE RELIABLE SOURCES. 2) Make sure those multiple sources POINT OUT A CONSISTENT POV. 3) Make sure to collect evidence necessary to SUPPORT YOUR CLAIM. 4) Make sure you INCLUDE DETAILS and BE SPECIFIC about EACH and EVERY EVENT/CATEGORY. 5) Make sure you are using REAL STATISTICS. ...Simply not hard to follow, and this author has failed to do those 5 simple steps that a Journalist/Writer should be applying on their everyday story. Then the Journalists wonder why their credibility is mopped around the floor.
  15. Politicians and Transit don't go together. If there is anything we can learn from this is to make sure you have done your research before opening your mouth on some nonsensical bullshit.

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