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  1. Looks like the can use that money to prioritize repairs on the Subway. 😂
  2. WestFarms36

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    The raising of the Bridge has nothing to do with Performance. The roadway was raised in a measured way, its not steep nor has to do with Vehicle performance.
  3. WestFarms36

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Whats with XD40 7668 and the New York City Bus label? I thought the new scheme buses weren't going to have that anymore.
  4. LMFAO. Seriously, Elected officials would have been playing with their fingers all day if there was nothing wrong in the city or Subway.
  5. WestFarms36

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    How the hell do you even trust riding in a dollar van? God forbid those never maintained old vans lose their brakes, or criminals are abducting people, or robbing in those unsafe vehicles. I would never ride on illegal, unregistered, profit hungry, unsafe vehicles. Never would I put my life, or my family's life in danger.
  6. WestFarms36

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    Who the hell in their right state of mind be capable of riding in a Dollar Van, not just only risking their life, but in danger of being abducted by god knows the person driving that thing.
  7. WestFarms36

    MTA Bus Operations: Repainted/Wrapped Buses

    I wonder what thats all about.
  8. WestFarms36

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    Looks like the NG's are in Good Riddance Cards.
  9. WestFarms36

    Enhanced Station Initiative

  10. WestFarms36

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    The paper is really good and surely describes the situation and demographics accurately. I like how she mentions the role that transportation plays, and why its necessary.
  11. WestFarms36

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    I live in the area, No one really advocates for better service. This causes to take advantage of these Silent Neighborhoods, and literally shut down the crap outta the Dyre Avenue line. Not only does this happen with trains, but Buses too. Bx21 bus service is deplorable as it is and the bus is full to the brim. Service is infrequent and unreliable. Bx21 should have been chosen to be articulated. The East 180 St Bus Stop almost always has a block long line of people waiting, with buses crushloaded in both directions during any time of day. No one in Morris Park advocates for service.
  12. WestFarms36

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    I seriously want to know, who was the Genius that scrapped Pelham Parkway on the , it is disgusting to even be inside that Station tbh. Whenever I am there, I try to hold my breath as much as possible.
  13. WestFarms36

    Museum of sex ads will be removed

    5586, 7713 and 7815 from West Farms Depot have the MUSEUM OF SEX ads removed.
  14. One word describes this mayor... Boastful
  15. WestFarms36

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I wonder what seems so difficult about ACTUALLY taking time to clean those buses.


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