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  1. WestFarms36

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I was actually on various XN40's these past few days, and I have really noticed on how fast West Farms Depot has been installing the Clever Devices Information Screens, I wanted to know if there is more constant deliveries of the screens to the depot because only 3 WF C40LF's have gotten Vianova's and deployment has been slow. Does this have to do with the fact that Clever Devices is concentrated on the NG's and XN40's, or the fact that Vianova screens are being widespread in deployment?
  2. NEW YORK — Gov. Andrew Cuomo offered New Yorkers a stark choice Thursday, saying that unless lawmakers authorize new tolls for motorists entering the busiest parts of Manhattan, fares and tolls for subways, buses, tunnels and bridges will go up by 30 percent. Despite the ultimatum, however, the Democratic governor offered few new details about his toll plan during Thursday's remarks before city business leaders. Cuomo has said that congestion tolls on vehicles driving south of 60th Street in Manhattan are the best way to address gridlock while also raising money for transit improvements. But he has not suggested a specific toll amount, frustrating the lawmakers who must approve the toll and justify it to their constituents. Cuomo wants tolls approved by April 1 as part of next year's state budget. Cuomo said that without the tolls, which he estimates could raise $1 billion annually, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will have no choice but to raise its bus and subway fares by 30 percent. Tolls for MTA bridges and tunnels would go up, too. Known as congestion tolls, similar surcharges have been used in cities including London and Singapore as a way to encourage the use of mass transit. "The real choice is between congestion pricing or a 30 percent toll and fare increase," Cuomo told a gathering of the Association for a Better New York. "It's A or B because there is no C." MTA officials laid out a similar choice — new tolls or higher fares — last week at a legislative budget hearing in Albany, prompting lawmakers to ask officials why they haven't released a suggested toll amount, or said exactly how the money would be spent. "The MTA says give us $1 billion a year and we'll make the subways better. Just trust us," said Sen. John Liu, D-Queens, who said he wants to be able to discuss the specifics of Cuomo's proposal with constituents before voting on it. "The problem with a blank check is that there's no accountability." Under Cuomo's plan, the tolls would begin in 2021. Earlier estimates have set the toll as high as $12 for motorists entering the busiest parts of Manhattan, though officials have said they don't expect the toll to be that expensive. Cuomo's budget director, Robert Mujica, said Cuomo will not suggest his own toll amount, since the responsibility of setting and adjusting tolls is typically left to the state agency or authority in charge of the infrastructure. He said lawmakers need to decide first whether they support the concept. The exact toll amount will likely depend on factors such as when the tolls are in effect. Congestion tolls could be adjusted based on traffic and the time and day of the week, so a motorist entering Manhattan during rush hour might pay more than a weekend driver. Even without the details, however, a growing list of civic and business groups have signed onto the tolls. "The business community welcomes Gov. Cuomo's willingness to take on the challenge of fixing and adequately funding our mass transit system. Traffic congestion costs the region over $20 billion per year and contributes to pollution and global warming. Revenues from congestion pricing are needed to fund modernization of the subway, bus and commuter rail system and to ensure that New York remains a thriving global city," said Kathryn Wylde, President & CEO of the Partnership for New York City. The governor is also seeking to overhaul the MTA's management, saying the agency must be reorganized to reduce bureaucracy. Link to article: https://pix11.com/2019/02/07/cuomo-to-lawmakers-congestion-tolls-or-30-percent-fare-hike/
  3. Our Infinite Master Cuomo has already taken the reigns of totalitarian control and he shall not let a peasant touch his astonishing accomplishment {F*CKED UP FAILURE AND NATURAL DISASTER} But shall we give him the blame once someone gets Lung Cancer because of Silica dust, may he not see himself re elected.
  4. You'll eventually encounter those people, and you'll realize...
  5. Well the thing is that its better for the personnel to learn new cleaning techniques/equipment in the cleaning industry, I don't know if you agree, but the cleaners don't do an excellent job at cleaning. Cleanliness of course comes with a big price tag because of all the materials required and the workforce cleaning 3,000 subway cars. I feel that if she wanted to express her point well, then she should have stated other things that such money should be spent on instead of rambling on how the time is not appropriate for such effort. The problem is that this society has developed itself in a culture where they feel that essential cleaning is a taboo and that it is something that comes in a small price. Hell 5 gallons of Fabuloso costs $20 for me and plus a new bucket and mop that comes around $30. Society needs to learn on how to place equal priorities on all sections and not install all of the focus in one place. Andy Byford made it clear that signaling, accessibility, cleanliness, and culture change were his top 4 priorities. All 4 priorities have been receiving attention and the thing is that things have been getting better little by little. It's slow progress of course and sometimes a step back is taken, but you know that atleast a group of people are putting effort into changing the for the better. I know that our Fuhrer Cuomo loves to put his fingerprints on Initiatives just to earn a title of a savior without realizing that he just does the opposite.
  6. Well, I really try to stay away from having to judge people's cleanliness habits and personal hygiene, but what Veronica Vanterpool has said is just preposterous and baseless. How is cleanliness not a priority for the subway system? I just find it difficult to understand how that is possible. Cleaning is important because it stops deterioration of the cars and stations, creates a safer and cleaner environment, and prevents TRACK FIRES, something that they are always complaining about. Just unbelievable. If Veronica Vanterpool gives cleanliness such low importance, then I wonder her vagina smelling like a Chinese fish market and probably finds it okay.
  7. WestFarms36

    MTA Bus Operations: Deliveries, Moves & Transfers

    Its not possible for NYCT Buses to have MTA Bus codes, because their codes overlap. (e.g. the M14A Code in NYCT is the Q114 Code for MTA Bus)
  8. This guy is just an anus. I love how much he tries to care about Transit when it comes to [distracting] the media from the crumbling NYCHA buildings which are in asinine conditions. This man as I have said before is nothing but corrupt, inept, despicable, and a complete lowlife. It's so excellent that he'd use the as a curtain right now since he and his friend who is head of NYCHA have a deadline at the end of this month to comply with the Feds, but in the words of Maya Angelou, "You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been." Increasing signal priority is not something that he would be known as a savior for, when the project itself has been so slow that no one even has a clue that TSP is a thing, separated bus lanes should have been something that he should have invested on since day one in office back in 2014. This man talks so much shit out of his mouth that sometimes you think the farts are coming out of his mouth, it's just horrendous. Look at "Fair Fares" for example, day 10 and nothing has been issued, even his own administration is clueless on how the program works. The only way you can verify things in this administration is when things like these have ALREADY BEEN ESTABLISHED, but even that is a disaster to even predict. The protected Bus Lanes may be the only thing to make it on, but anything else has to be taken by the "Wait and see" approach. Instead of using this issue to hide the disaster that he is currently postulating at NYCHA in the guise of looking like a friendly mayor who is trying his best and needs help to move onto bigger things. This administration is nothing but an utter joke, zero f*cks are given to us by him, he is nothing but a condescending fascist who wants to push through their fascist agenda, putting out unrealistic and taboo like ideals just to please himself and inconvenience others as he usually does with pleasure. This mayor is the only mayor who shows a great example of how astonishingly amazing you can be at setting the bar in such a low position that it makes you want to give him a gold star for "effort-less" work. What a joke.
  9. WestFarms36

    R211 Discussion Thread

    There is nothing the can do but call the NYPD if they are posing harm to passengers, the city won't accept these people into shelters either, so where do you expect to place them anyway? Another thing is that wouldn't want to risk transit employees dealing with those people regardless. The city puts regulation, and employees in Transit do not have any rights to prosecute people.
  10. WestFarms36

    R211 Discussion Thread

    Well we can't sacrifice the need of space over a homeless situation, at the end of the day ridership may be in decline now, but can skyrocket in the future. We can't keep these small bumps in the road divert us from progress, and as stingy as the smell could be it is up to the politicians to get themselves at work with that matter, and unfortunately there needs to be heavy enforcement of the homelessness crisis which has only been made worse by the current buffoon warming up that chair at city hall. I support open gangway cars, and they are a capacity solution, along with new signaling in the future, we can't let "people" taunt us into scrapping concepts that can have a drastic change in the way we commute. The 21st century is already here, no one in 2019 should say that its impossible to do many things which have now been facilitated by technology and advanced methods of oversight and execution. The solution is a competent administration in the city which brings in sets of laws meant to combat homelessness, improve the shelter system in the city which is deplorable; Increase security at these shelter's which are notorious for conflict. The NYPD also has to be held accountable because not only is it a safety risk, but a hygiene, and lawsuit on the way case... For the 's case, their hands are tied because they have no control on what to do with these people, let alone where in hell will the move these people to if the city isn't willing to accept them in their shelter system. This crisis is to blame on this mayor, he is nothing but incompetent, inept for his job, and feels that he is entitled to do what he knows is wrong for the sole purpose of advancing his fascist agenda and shove it down everyone's throats; Just look at "Fair Fares" and we're just in day 4 of 2019... Things only seen in inept people...
  11. WestFarms36

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    They are inside the buses on the actual overhead advertising panels.
  12. WestFarms36

    MTA Bus Operations: On-board screens and announcements

    For some reason I've seen that as the case for all Manhattanville's NG's.
  13. WestFarms36

    MTA Bus Operations: On-board screens and announcements

    C40LF 284 has had them for a month now.
  14. WestFarms36

    MTA Bus Operations: Deliveries, Moves & Transfers

    Replacing the CNG Tanks is a very expensive process per bus. It makes much more economical sense to order new buses at a cheaper price.


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