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  1. I am busy as of this month and won't have time to round up all the units with OMNY for the end of the year, so if you're willing to you can either do the full fleet or just the Brooklyn Bus Fleet. It's pretty much up to grabs this month.
  2. The 191 Street Elevators are back up and running. Project got completed early. (Saw the 181 St Elevator replacement got accelerated to December 5th, 2021 from March 2022.) Completed 191 1 Station: February 2020 - February 2021 November 2020 The new elevators are in service! Construction began February 1, 2020, and wrapped up way ahead of schedule on November 24, 2020, instead of February 2021, dramatically minimizing the impact on our customers.
  3. Any Rear door bases on JG's C40LF's yet or just the Front, because 216 so far is the only one I've spotted with a base in the rear.
  4. @Via Garibaldi 8 I'm not aware if you've received these types of complaints in your advocacy group, but several people have already been frustrated with the fact that the College Point based BxM9 Trips' OMNY Readers are yet not activated and for those who do depend on OMNY have been kicked off the bus by some Operators. Really wonder how this was never thought through, but you might want to bring that up.
  5. Yeah, you should nag that dude about it... Everything on your phone seems completely normal. Last week I couldn't log into omny.info because apparently the servers were down, I had a couple of friends also attempt to log into their OMNY accounts and had the same error, didn't know about the issue until I notified them with photo evidence about what was going on.
  6. Lol to the Driver, should release stats specifying the device types that are used on OMNY, I use my iPhone/Apple Watch because with my contactless card there is sort of a little delay and you have to take a bit more time to tap, as opposed to my phone where I don't even have to hover for half a second and it reads my card. On the BxM6 I did experience a passenger having trouble getting his contactless card read by the OMNY reader, Idk if it is something to do with frequency or in the case of your phone firmware/hardware or anything of that sort. I have encountered OOS readers, so it would be good for you to bring that issue up.
  7. Oh that glitch. 😂 I tapped on the M1 and M3 on various occasions, and had it show up on my account as "Q101" "Q103" and the day I used it on the Subway at 96 Street, it later came up as "R254." You'll most likely keep coming across those glitches as I have, but in regards to the mobile wallet, I am unsure of your device or setup, but make sure your card doesn't require verification from your bank to be used on your mobile wallet, and when you're tapping make sure you get the area of your phone with the NFC Chip closer to the reader. I use my iPhone and Apple Watch more than I've used my contactless card and it's performed decently, so I haven't yet experienced issues on that end.
  8. Bases for 9560 as well. 216 has a reader in the front, Base in the rear door. First C40LF spotted so far with Bases in the rear door.
  9. Very Interesting read here... Link: https://www.thecity.nyc/2020/10/25/21533583/mtas-subway-omny-tap-fare-ada-disabled-subway-riders MTA’s New OMNY Tap-and-Go Fare Setup Leaves Disabled Subway Riders Waiting BY JOSE MARTINEZ OCT 25, 2020, 7:00PM EDT Share this story A commuter taps her phone on an OMNY pad at Times Square-42 Street, Oct. 24, 2020. The MTA’s new contactless fare-payment system, already in use at hundreds of subway stations, is on track to be working at every stop and on all buses by the end of the year. But OMNY will not be an option for subway riders with disabilities until the fall of 2021, after its tap-and-go scanners are installed and activated at the automatic gates that are the way in to accessible stations for commuters in wheelchairs or with service animals. “I couldn’t use OMNY in the subway even if I wanted to,” said Dustin Jones, a wheelchair user from The Bronx and founder of United for Equal Access, a transportation advocacy group. “They didn’t put those readers near the autogate and I feel 100% left behind.” The MTA has been installing OMNY access at stations across the city, Oct. 23, 2020. Jones said getting access to OMNY after other riders is “typical” of a subway system where only about a quarter of stations are fully accessible and planned Americans with Disabilities Act upgrades are jeopardized by the MTA’s coronavirus-driven financial collapse. The autogates open to riders who use MTA-issued reduced-fare MetroCards for people with disabilities. But the gates are not yet tailored for OMNY, as the transit agency continues its phased introduction of the new fare-payment system. “I’m a little tired of always being the last person in the back of the bus, figuratively speaking,” said Edith Prentiss, a wheelchair user and member of the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA. “We’re always the last ones to get something working.” ‘A Transitional Period’ The MTA says the OMNY rollout is on schedule, with phasing necessary to deal with potential glitches along the way while shifting to new fare-payment systems via smartphones and contactless cards. OMNY is in “a transitional period, which is so important for people with disabilities who may have been travel trained to use the MetroCard,” said Gian Carlo Pedulla, a blind subway rider who is on the MTA’s Advisory Committee for Transit Accessibility. “The extra time will allow for individuals to learn the new OMNY system.” The MTA plans to start a reduced-fare pilot program for the new system next summer after developing and launching an OMNY card that can be refilled with cash or linked to bank accounts and credit cards. Riders currently must use a smartphone payment app or a general-purpose bank-issued contactless payment card. Other features, such as unlimited ride passes and student fares, will also be added during the rollout. ‘We’re in close contact with customers with disabilities and advocates to keep them apprised.’ The full OMNY reduced-fare program will follow the pilot program later in 2021, with plans to phase out MetroCards by 2023. “The incredibly popular OMNY system continues to roll out on schedule as planned and we’re in close contact with customers with disabilities and advocates to keep them apprised and make sure we build a system that works as well for them as for anyone,” said Kayla Shults, an MTA spokesperson. ‘Why Can’t We Do It Now?’ The contactless payment system has expanded to more than three-quarters of all 472 subway stations and drawn nearly 25 million taps since its May 2019 debut on Staten Island buses and along a stretch of the 4, 5 and 6 lines, according to the MTA. As with the MetroCards that are used at the autogates, riders with disabilities will have to fill out an application for reduced-fare subway access through OMNY. “You have to prove you’re disabled, you have to wait weeks to get approved — you can’t just get a MetroCard and get on the subway like everyone else,” said Jessica Murray of Rise and Resist’s Elevator Action Group, which advocates for mass transit accessibility. An autogate for a reduced-fare MetroCards, Oct. 24, 2020. Jose Martinez/THE CITY An MTA spokesperson said the agency plans to revamp and speed the application process for riders who want to receive reduced-fare trips through OMNY. Riders said they’d prefer earlier access to OMNY in subway stations. “I don’t see any reason why they can’t quickly upgrade the autogates with OMNY readers at the same time they are upgrading the turnstiles,” said April Coughlin, who uses a wheelchair. Jones expressed similar sentiments in blunter terms: “We’ll get to it later — really? Why the hell can’t we do that now?”
  10. Meanwhile the people in Inwood are F*cked on a nightly basis, because the Bx12's the only thing that runs there at night, but no North-South local routes. It's also sad to say Election Day and Early Voting coming up and with voting locations being in those areas, there is no way in hell that poll workers will ever show up before 5 AM who depend on transit. No M100 and No Bx7.
  11. Did you happen to ride 6144 on the M15 SBS? Rode it yesterday and had to tap up front.
  12. 22 Bases (FRONT DOOR ONLY) On the other hand, one of the 3800's on the M4...
  13. The implications of conveying people to “get a car” is purely blind-sighted until there comes a traffic problem. Most of these guidelines fail to provide the solutions are alternatives that can be sought in a New York City environment. There are people who can’t afford a Hotel Room to self isolate, or live in a single bedroom apartment with multiple family members which makes it impossible to self isolate which can sometimes lead to multiple people in that household to become infected. Telling a person who barely makes ends meet to get a car is nothing but an insult and there’s little that the city/state have done to mitigate that real problem. Obviously depending where you live in the country your options and alternatives will be much different. As for Pinepower, he just complains about things but fails to realize the bigger picture. The demographics change, social behavior changes, communities change and honestly things won’t be the way they were when you were young. So I find that more as an issue of denying change than trying to embrace it.

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