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  1. Link to Article: https://nypost.com/2019/10/07/inside-the-mtas-disturbing-boiler-rooms/ Inside the MTA’s ‘disturbing’ boiler rooms Think the subways are dirty? Imagine the MTA facilities you can’t see. Inspections of five transit boiler rooms revealed “disturbing and extreme structural and safety concerns,” MTA Inspector General Carolyn Pokorny said Monday — including crumbling, rat-infested boiler rooms and hazardous water conditions that put transit workers in danger of electrocution. Pokorny’s office launched the inquiry in response to complaints concerning the boiler room at the East New York Yard, where IG staff found fire hazards and tripping hazards, as well as violations related to emergency egress. They also found flooding in the Jerome Avenue boiler room so high that “workers had to walk on makeshift wood planks” to avoid standing in water — including while working on electrical equipment. The IG called the findings “alarming.” “It is unacceptable to expect workers to report to work in what are essentially preventable, extremely hazardous conditions,” Pokorny said in a statement. At 205th Street, investigators found structural decay impacting both the safety of workers and the integrity of the boiler — which was located in a dilapidated, rat-infested “temporary” structure in place for over a decade. At 207th Street, workers had installed tarps immediately beneath the ceiling to protect electrical equipment, and themselves, from leaking asbestos-filled water. Pokorny blamed the years of neglect by MTA leadership and personnel. “These concerns were known to management … but the problems were not addressed,” Pokorny wrote in the report summary sent to the MTA on Friday. The findings — which precede a full audit to be released at a later date — provide ammunition for transit labor leaders, who have griped about underground working conditions as management seeks to increase employee health care contributions and cut back on overtime. “Now you know why transit workers are so pissed off,” said TWU Local 100 president Tony Utano, whose union is in the thick of heated contract negotiations with MTA management. “We work in horrendous conditions — exposed wires, asbestos, swarms of rats.” In a statement, MTA spokesperson Meredith Daniels pointed to steps the agency has taken or plans to take at each of the workplaces visited by the IG and said a “full system-wide inspection” is underway. “The safety of the MTA’s workforce is our top priority as is the proper maintenance of all our assets,” Daniels said. The MTA “corrects defects during the course of routine inspections and maintenance at these facilities is already underway.”
  2. Also the last time I rode it, which was last week. It had the radio programmed to WF
  3. Are the miles reset on the pilot Buses when they go back to the NFI plant, or does it stay with the miles its accumulated on its tips back and forth from NFI?
  4. I think you'd be the adequate person to go to 2 Broadway & Lecture the Judy McCain lady who still has her head in her ass, by making insane service cuts on Important routes.
  5. I spotted 5326 on the Bx36 today. It's no longer SBS Wrapped.
  6. I don't know if this has been discussed, but are there any plans or consideration to retrofit the existing buses with Hanovers/Aesys, or is it cost-prohibitive at this point to do so?
  7. I was referring to the moderators. Not You. But that doesn't matter now that it has been moved.
  8. Looks like the TWU most definitely failed at finding the most appropriate lawyer...
  9. Creating this thread was unnecessary. If anything you could've asked that Question in Fleets and Depots or Bus Random Thoughts Threads.
  10. Yeah, and to further simplify this. Have a 2 Mile route with 8 40 Foot Buses and 7-8 Minute waits. Now change that to 2 Articulated Buses with 16-18 Minute waits.
  11. Obviously Artics do offer more space, but the whole process is for nothing when you eliminate a ton of runs to pack people who would normally be on 5 40 Footers, onto 2 Artics. One thing is to Articulate a route to reach a route's growing demands, another is simply articulating a route to make people wait longer and pack them onto a single bus.
  12. Well has been using Articulation as a way to CUT service. The Bx36 literally got murdered in the Spring Pick back in April. A route who's headways would be 5-7 Minutes, turned into 12-14 Minute waits. Of course there are Articulated routes out there with short headways, but in those instances they are routes which NEED demand, but it isn't fair for the rider who has to wait during the scorching heat in July, and Hand Freezing cold in January to endure such a cut. The purpose of Articulation is to provide more capacity for a given route, not to use it as a way to quietly eliminate trips while at it. In other words, you are not increasing capacity when you are eliminating far more trips to carry even more people that will overcrowd the Articulated Buses instead. Let me create a scenario: Paul lives by the Bx35 and the route is currently running 40 Foot Standards. Paul has to be at work everyday by 8:30am, and his Job is in Washington Heights on the last stop. Paul starts his trip at E 167 St/Grand Concourse. Now his trip according to myMTA is 22 Minutes from his stop all the way to Washington Heights, Paul wants to allow an extra 10 Minutes onto his trip, so he wants to be there by 8:20am. Now according to the Bx35 Schedule for the Spring Pick, Effective April 28, 2019 during the 7am Hour there are 14 Buses scheduled to arrive at his stop, those trips are the :00, 04, 10, 14, 19, 23, 27, 31, 35, 39, 43, 47, 52, 57. Now According to the Bx35 Schedule for the Fall Pick, Effective September 1, 2019 during the 7am Hour there are now 10 Buses Scheduled to arrive at his stop, those trips are the :00, 06, 12, 19, 25, 31, 38, 44, 51, 57. Paul used to take the 7:57 trip which would arrive fairly crowded, that bus would be due in Washington Heights by 8:14am, if he would run a bit late, he'd have another bus due at his stop by 8:01am allowing him to arrive by 8:17am, still giving him time to go and clock in. Now post articulation, guess what happened to the people who would be on the 04, 10, 14, 23, 27, 35, and 47 Buses, well they are now packing onto the :00, 04, 10, 14, 19, 23, 27, 31, 35, 39, 43, 47, 52, 57 trips. So now that you've eliminated a few trips those people are coming out of their homes earlier or later to pack onto whatever they get, and when the bus is exceeding its passenger load, far more people who are at the Bus Stops are screwed since they can't get on the buses that pull up and have to wait for the next bus which arrives way later than what it used to be, hence making people late to work, school, appointments, etc, and all while INCREASING the WAIT TIMES at a stop. So in this case if Paul has to toss up his 7:57am bus because its overcrowded, he has to wait for the next one which arrives by 8:03am, dumping him off exactly at 8:20am at his stop, then making him late for work, let alone if he were to toss up the 8:03am bus because it was also overcrowded, he'd end up in the Heights by 8:26am, now leaving him 6 minutes late to work. Now, I am being generous to talk about the AM Rush, but if I made a scenario based during off-peak, or Sunday Service, then it would be far worse than this. Now the problem here aren't the artics, it's the way is utilizing it to cut service by making a fantasy land and telling riders that bigger capacity buses will solve the woes of their lives, without letting them know about trip changes, and/or headway increases which will pack buses even worse, and have riders waiting even longer for a transportation choice that should be prioritized instead.
  13. Do not even get me started on the Bx39's morning headways. 7AM - :05, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55 Now the Highlighted trip is my bus, but thing does not show up until 7:37 or later most of the time... Note that I get to the stop by 6:55am everyday, and none of those buses arrive before mine.

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