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  1. This isn't on a borough by borough approach. This will gradually make it onto the entire Bus Fleet by October 2020 if everything is on schedule.
  2. Well in reality for Teens it wouldn't do anything, cuz they wouldn't pay on a regular trip anyway.
  3. The just has to step up and take over the service. This is something they should've ratted out in August 2018 when they launched the redesign. I either see these routes being cut, or taking over them in the future. The lack of Amenities, USB Charging, WIFI, OMNY, Bus Time is something that also affects customers who need to be somewhere, and this should be something everyone should be fighting and petitioning for, of course the isn't perfect, but it'll be much better than what is being dealt with now. This is something the has to step on to the plate for, and they are right on time. Also another factor of ridership decline besides the unreliability is also the fact that under the redesign there's other alternatives and I would understand the people rushing away from the SIM23/SIM24 for based alternatives, because someone wouldn't put it with crappy buses, no tracking information, lack of amenities, and sub-par service. This is something that has to be done, it is still early for change.
  4. In reference to the observation of how people had to deal with service cuts in the 90's, just shows that the little game of theirs isn't new.
  5. Now you know how it feels like when the was still about cuts in the 90's.
  6. There's no incentive really. Its just Samuelsen's fat pie hole complaining about more overtime, and then victimizing himself when the picture gets clear.
  7. Trottenberg and Byford are two people who have many solutions and plans up their sleeves, but the bureaucracy in this state is just asinine and disgraceful. Cuomo just seriously needs to f**k off and fight for the by finding solutions to fund the Transportation Mogul of NY State, not complaining about cleaning products used in the subway, by demonstrating people that he is committed to fully funding the not tearing apart division heads on talk shows, confronting the truth, not running with it. If there is one thing that lead to this, and it was their infamous campaign slogan, "Vote for the Cuomo, not the homo." ...Well, I think this Cuomo, is a just a no-no.
  8. Now you feel my pain. The issue lies on that we the customers are paying for a service, but getting a bus in abhorrent condition in return. The needs to stop the excuses of needing more money, cleaning should be a priority rather than sliding thousands in overtime to some a**hole who probably is smiling all and about with his fat check.. This issue is something that exists in local and express bus fleets in most depots, Many of us are aware that hires cleaners and that they have the tools to perform their job. The question to be asked is if these Cleaners are deployed in every depot, and if they have the tools necessary to perform their job, as well as seeing if there is a protocol in place to make sure these buses are clean.
  9. Is there a way for me to upload my pictures onto here?
  10. Not surprised if Cuomo appears on a new season of Love it or List it... 🤣
  11. The issue really falls only at Gun Hill Depot. In the case of West Farms, they've improved. The buses are clean and everything there is basically in check. Kingsbridge is a depot I am beginning to question, and I am afraid they could follow Gun Hill's footsteps.
  12. Oh for sure. I was on 5478 on the Bx22, it's one of the new SBS LFSA's. The interior was already disgusting. The bus was heavily scratched on the exterior, the back was black in dirty smoke and grime, on the rear left corner by the headlight was a hole. Gun Hill seriously is an issue, and I am surprised the has never noticed, nor no one has brought the attention to anyone there about the conditions of their buses. 4799 one of their 2013 XD60s literally burnt on fire. 4770 smelled like smoke in the back, and was dirty to the point where you though you were riding a murder bus.
  13. Making every Select route free would be a waste of money. It would also be a burden on top of the current fare beating crisis.
  14. No. They did have the Honest Tea driver side wrap on 306 a couple of months ago.

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