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  1. I would love to see a lot of this broad face to face these mouths are very loose. It’s either the board way or your talking nonsense when half of you drive or only take buses In your neighborhoods. As someone that does both equally I see a lot of rider input while biases cry babies @B35 via Church, @MysteriousBtrain pushing there opinions as fact. I don’t do bullies In the real world so why would I care over a screen. I’m not just my neighborhoods I’ve rode just about the whole system been outside before 21 and this safe New York. I doubt either of you ride buses in half the neighborhoods you give you input in. So how do you know what work from the last 10 years you been in that area ?? You pass through the area does count as you knowing more then a resident or someone that use that almost ever day. Learn to humble yourself you are not that smart either as you just feed off your master@East New York information. So if he going for the job you two should show him the ropes once you get off your knees.
  2. You worry about something we can’t control which is KCC. The B1 can be modified and actually labeled which would make a huge difference. By putting the B1X on the schedule you free up Regular B1 as most KCC students will opp for the B1X then regular B1. I didn’t bring up the B49 because it does not serve the train station nobody going to walk from West end Avenue.
  3. All B1 should start from KCC The B1X would act as a limited. That way you don’t have packed B1 while people stand on oriental blvd and wait. B1 - every 4-5 B1X - every 8-10
  4. We had a similar situation I was in JHS the B6 trippers to ENY. At one point we had both the B6/B82 but it was a issue because they would be close door from E 82 st to Rockaway parkway. Now it’s just The B6 with the 4 trippers which operates as normal from E 82 St to ENY. Normal customer can now either wait 15-30 for a already packed regular B6 or Get on the Trippers full of kids. This option could work because the 3rd Bus would not have KCC students. The 2nd bus shadows the B1X so by the time the 3rd leave you have normal service towards the train stations.
  5. Seem like you can read it’s not much else to debunk. Just like the B84 you are not in these neighborhoods so talking to you is minute.
  6. You clearly mad at someone other then me maybe yourself, Definitely state facts. I’m around the city not one section talking about a trip I took years ago. Your not current outside of Flatbush so slow your tuff guy roll. Like I stated before I don’t do this extra forum chatter I come to give my options like everyone else. But once again you sensitive member constantly try to attack my post. Bro do your thing with these Foamer/Buffs I really don’t care how you feel nor will I ever.
  7. Coming from people who don’t ride most the lines they speak on 😂😂😂. Im around the city not one area like most who piggy back info they believe to be true.
  8. In the case of the M35/M100 argument both routes won’t suffer from any combo or change. The M100 does not carry a lot of patrons eastbound on 125 as most people are leaving the Borough. As for Randall’s island it has no effect on the westbound service they just need connection to the mainland. Bx15 - will effect service on Third Av M60 - will effect LGA service M101 - will effect Lexington The M100 service west of 1 av would not see much of any change the M101 does most the lifting on Amsterdam.
  9. That what farebox collections, Ride survey other methods are used for. What you do with that knowledge make all the difference, chance given I feel I would do extremely well.
  10. The retired fleet is not the problem is was no mystery that WF needs buses. It’s the same story they could not have foreseen the growth which is BS. Byford need to really change the lazy culture that runs rampant in MTA management.
  11. Not guy one or two just me with a brain nothing major.
  12. The M35 is not struggling, It can be streamlined as well. It does it need to go across 125 you already have 4 lines. Harlem is not in a uproar about anything with the M35 but its not maximize to its potential.
  13. The same one who botched the CNG order that created this.
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