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  1. I Won’t lose sleep over the the fact you don’t understand the logic of cause and effect. T/O , B/O like him will always have a hard time it’s just a shame most find it acceptable so it won’t change anytime soon.
  2. You might have been the only one that read my response I never agreed with violence. I’m not going to let the horrible workers blame patrons for there lack of care for their job.
  3. That not it’s your Conductor but he is able to not do his job and have a horrible Attitude you have to be kidding me. Most lie to customers delays with nothing more then “ I don’t know what going on” or most times no info. There are good people in every field when the bad out weights the good nobody want to take accountability. It’s still your job to help the best you can PA system or not that no excuse to half ass your job. It’s good to see how many mouths open towards the customers being wrong as if there not the reason you have a job that why this system is a joke. As a Future Conductor I hope to stay clear of your types Plus i don’t worry about indicts like this because I’m here for people I can get out my own way to help someone beside myself.
  4. As state in the rule book you have discretion you are a Civil servent. You job is to move people it’s not your job to play politics a lot of driver bring that energy on there self. You don’t like helping people get another there are tons of job your not require to deal with the public. The crime part i don’t agree with at all I also understand both side it’s a give and take.
  5. When do you hold the neglect MTA employees who refuse to help people or don’t have the courtesy to inform people on what’s going on. With out people you don’t have a job Point blank the people are not here for them it’s the other way. I don’t believe in over doing thing but let’s not act as if the MTA does not allow there workers to be uninformed and absolutely no help but have Attitudes.
  6. Edwin Thomas did not deserve to be killed he also should have just gave the transfer. You are a civil servent you here to help people not take matter into your own hands because you have power. You have desertion when it come to the fare but most choose to be ass holes because they can.
  7. Mind your business T/O that don’t do there job but quick to mouth off to patrons. You get what you put out these are the reason are system is such a joke.
  8. Just New York

    New Goethals Br is amazing

    It’s not the Outerbridge see about 5,000 less cars.
  9. Just New York

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    7487 is the the Q3 as well
  10. Just New York

    The Clever Device Topic

    I think the 107/108 are long over due to be converted back to extract fare Newark deserves MCI.


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