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  1. @Ultimategamer12c Just saw 3444/3777 on the , definitely not retired.
  2. That doesn’t even make sense. It’s more logical to keep the R46s at Pitkin, and R68s at Coney Island. The can use the 8-9 R46 train sets needed for rush hours out of Pitkin Yard, just like how the uses R32s out of 207 Street. That can save a lot of spares, and it creates a more uniform fleet. 72 cars beats 140 cars, and saves 8.5 trains.
  3. Last time TTMG posted their roster, back in December, it said 210, while 215 cars were listed. They were missing three whole pairs, one of the three are still in-service today. This was before any cars were retired, so they weren’t reactivated. I counted the cars from the new roster, and I believe it adds up to 101 cars (should be 102, since they forgot one car from a mixed pair). Based on the last time, I’m not going to count on the TTMG roster. Also it list 5870-77 still at Pitkin, when it moved to Jamaica, then Coney Island already..... Along with other errors. It’s possible they forgot some pairs, along with adding pairs that are actually retired. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Do you know which 16 cars were newly retired?
  5. You REALLY want those R160’s to go back to the huh... I guess your T/O fellow doesn’t like the swap either. The isn’t going to waste time swapping cars from CI to JAM, only to return them in a few months. I hope you’ll like walking to the train on a regular basis.
  6. Wouldn’t it make more sense if they put the R46 on the ? The has to change terminals between Bedford Park Blvd and 145 St. Also, it’s a weekday-only service. The doesn’t need to change the rollsigns, so R68/As would be more ideal. @bwwnyc123 They added 34 St-Hudson Yards on the rollsigns of all those R62As that used to be on the . Don’t see how that would be difficult for the R68/As on the . A fair number of sets already have it.
  7. Before the swap CI had 580 R160’s (58 trains). Jamaica is only going to give 396 R46s (49.5 trains). CI is going to potentially need to have a few sets of R46s from Pitkin. So that could justify the idea of keeping some of the R32s.
  8. Back in 2009, the R32s were the same age as the R46s now. Yet, were on the . Remember they weren’t expected to be in-service past 2010, if it weren’t for the R44s. For the past decade, they’ve only had enough cars for a couple lines, since the R160’s retired about two-thirds of the fleet.
  9. It doesn't make sense to do a R32/R46 swap between the that previously didn't work out very well, I won't believe it until I see it. If the R32s are going to retire next month, hopefully the realizes the flaws of this plan soon enough. The R46 spare rate will decrease if the R32s can't fill-in, and R46s on the are another story. Also, they managed to bring the fleet down from 212 down to 122 in less than a week. Under that rate, they could've gotten rid of the R32s already. If they're going to retire, what's the point of keeping them in-service at this point, and why has the retirement rate been put to a pause?
  10. Since you guys consider NYCTSubway as a valid source on Wikipedia, and may consider it a valid source in general... The fact that they say "new fleet of New Technology trainsets" I believe signifies the R211s, since the R179s are essentially done testing and in-service. Also from the ERA Bulletin October 2019: "1,077 new Subdivision “B” cars would also be ordered as options onto our current R-211 order that will replace the R-32 class and oldest of the R-46 class cars." (page 20). https://erausa.org/pdf/bulletin/2019/2019-10-bulletin.pdf That's what I found. Let's see if the R32's actually pull through though.
  11. @m2fwannabe Rode on pair 3672/73 today on the , however, the other three pairs attached to the consist were NOT the same pairs. Maybe they were officially retired now?
  12. Awww boo-hoo. Seriously though, if riders can deal with them for 25+ years, I’m sure you can deal with them for less than five.
  13. I can confirm the same consist was running on the today, Friday, February 7. (North-3673, 3819-South). I’m going to attach some pictures I took. With the builder plate: Leaving the station: I gotta say for an R32, this set ran so SMOOTHLY! No screeching, just a bit of bucking. This set ran pretty good. Also on a side note, they seemed to have put some yellow tape under the car number plate, as you can see from the photo. I saw it on 3818 as well, that’s gotta mean something.
  14. Just because a train is NIS on a certain route, doesn’t mean that the will get the R46s. First, according to the MTA documents, 1486 cars (1250 in five-car sets) are getting CBTC for QBL, leaving about 40 cars for CI, @Union Tpke has also stated this somewhere in this thread. CI is going to need every R46 that they get from Jamaica. Second, I agree that some R32s should stay, but as a reserve fleet, mainly to be used during rush hours. If they get rid of them, they’ll probably make the fleet requirements really tight. Honestly by the end of this month, we should know the fate of the R32s, 122 cars is still a considerable amount of cars in-service. At this point let’s just see what happens.
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