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  1. 3876/7 has been in-service for at least a week now. Not so sure about 3522/3.
  2. 3548/3593 and 3896/7 also at ENY. They were seen on the this week.
  3. Add 3404/5, 3430/1, 3628/3669, and 3872/3 to ENY.
  4. I'll throw in some predictions while we're at it. Personally, I can see the base order and a chunk of option 1 going to Pitkin/207 Street, while the rest of the order to CI. The R160s at CI can be bumped to Jamaica, and surplus R68s can go to Concourse, in order to make the yards as uniform as possible.
  5. The MTA is now planning to install CBTC equipment on the ENTIRE R160 fleet. Smart move.
  6. @R32 3838 Seems like someone already posted the move on YouTube:
  7. 3414/15, 3430/31, 3614/15, 3780/81, 3798/99, 3804/05
  8. 3820 has the same orange sticker as 3864. Also, 3818/19 have yellow stickers that are a bit different from the “orange” ones. Maybe this is the set @Around the Horn was talking about? As far as I can tell it was a Pitkin pair back in the ‘90s.
  9. Apparently there was another subway car fire at 103rd Street , yesterday evening. Crews managed to successfully remove the train from the station. https://mobile.twitter.com/NYCTSubway/status/1244046976112570370 This is getting ridiculous at this point, as this is impacting people’s safety. *Sigh*
  10. Well you have the R262 order coming around the corner. A few sets can go to the 42nd Street , given that there's 504 cars in the base order and all lines on the Main Line are configured in ten-car trains. That leaves four six-car trains.
  11. According from one of the media outlets, I believe CBS?, the T/O was pronounced dead at Mount Sinai hospital, NOT on-scene. It’s very possible he could’ve died from cardiac arrest from all the smoke inhalation, but that’s yet to be known.
  12. Apparently there’s a couple other videos on YouTube (different perspectives). I’m going to assume that they’re firefighters on-duty, but maybe someone on here can give a better answer.
  13. I found an on-scene video on the incident, for those interested. WARNING: This content could be disturbing for some viewers. This was definitely not something myself or anyone would’ve expected to happen. My heart goes to the family of the MTA worker who lost his life on duty; I can’t imagine what they must be going through right now. As New Yorkers, we must remain strong, through these tough times.
  14. The is still running Express in Manhattan.
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