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  1. No we're keeping those till they die... I dont know why we getting these though
  2. LOL beat him by two hours anyway was at Zerega for a bit today looking for a plate/part that cant be found... I came across this interesting work in progress 5658, this bus is being conjoined with the rear of 5656 I see...
  3. Well there you have it ladies & gents, the 2nd to last Nova in the artic order. So we pretty much done here.
  4. Been overdue... been sitting on the track for quite some time they were suppose to have done it According to the foreman 126 is sending over a few RTSs to Queens Village dunno why...
  5. 6431 if it not on list... Also Lemme f**k y'all up for a sec. So FRESH So clean you can eat off of it on the spot EVEN the operator's seat is new.
  6. Ok looking at my log here at work... 3/28/13 9354 to CMF (Grand) 3/28/13 9626 to CMF (Grand) Cylinder Head/Reline 3/29/13 9426 to QV from 126 (already noted I see) 3/31/13 6286 to CS
  7. Thanks to the edit by T. Vega A Preview of whats to come-
  8. 9317, 9865, 7672, 6853, (Orion V CNG I forgot the number), 3741 3548 could not be found... Nor 6290
  9. What do all these buses have in common? Spontaneous Combustion (minus 9865)
  10. …I work with some real comedians Lmao
  11. I just said interesting because they look interesting... Different from the Steril koni lifts theyve been using for years
  12. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks & yep. Those were the days man... No problem, you're welcome. would love to see this on the (B64) too
  13. But when it does... Just Some Others:
  14. 6220 is getting worked on a Jamaica, it'll head to Casey Stengel when done. 6286 is @ QV but for maintenance reasons. They're at jamaica & QV for: Maintenance so they can go to Stengel who we're helping out because these buses are so beat. We are only inspecting, working on them, cleaning them and pretri ping them They won't hit service @ QV or JAM When they get to Stengel then they will hit service Just some of the Staten Island quality I've noticed so far -front left clearance light is out & it's hanging -broken console missing buttons and strmg wheel stuck -tranny issue -severe body rust - holes all over exterior hi -hi beams don't work -shot suspension -No hazard lights
  15. Not necessarily Assistant/apprentice i've been working with them, assisting them, doing misc. tasks for the foreman, they've been teaching me and showing me how to inspect the buses, fix things like a broken mirror, apply decals or use my electrical skills.Just one of the many things I do at QV other than clerical work.
  16. Yeah it's odd looking but we ran out of blue numbers I also added the decals on the engine cover
  17. Hmm well what has Dmouse been up to at QV? Inspected/Pre-tripped 8756 on Wednesday I also added the lettering to the back, as there was just a logo there :3 Also I completely did 8803's rear. It didnt have any of the stickers, just MTA logo again. Surprised the stockroom had the old school do not turn on right sticker... I don't remember doing this...
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