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  1. Yep, there are all for trainz, but the R1 and R62 are not open to the public yet and the membership that "would" have gotten them for you is no longer open. The creator closed the membership part of this site back over the summer. He did say that some day they would be free, the key word here is some day as he does not release content very offten. All the other cars are on Down Load Station, just look under subway or NYCTA. They should be easy to find.
  2. Unless you have it already, you can't get it. It was part of a limited release and the creator is very slow at putting out his work, but when he does it is well worth it. Like his R1 which is very well detailed.
  3. Well saddly the R62 cars are payware. Right now they are now available to anyone as the creator made put them out with a special release.
  4. Very very nice, I wish my laptop could let me run something like that. Were did you get te NJT cars by the way?
  5. Correct, the only thing I don't like about the R12 is that it does not have a reading for the Polo Grounds, but it is still a sick car.
  6. I think so, he also made models of most of the fleet, but they don't have this kind of detail.
  7. Thanks for all the comments! I don't think these guys need any intro R36 from the side R62 from the side R46 GOH from the side Who knows what this is? Or this? An R33 set sitting and rusting away as a work motor Another view of the same set, does anyone know what is on the next track?
  8. Sorry, I'm not a bus guy all I know is that they are from the UK. I just put them there so I could have a bus shop next to my repair shop. If I get the time maybe I can get tsome shots of the GOHed R46 and R62 with some R12 cars thrown in there.
  9. Well its a rail sim, but you create everything, the route were I took those shots was made by me. All of the items I downloaded. Most of the game is 3rd party creations. Many people build the trains which may have some detail to some that have insane amounts of detail. Now you can create missions and such, but it is not only trains. Some people have made ships, buses, cars, plains, and even space ships.
  10. It's a game, Trainz Classic by Auran. For this version you do need a good computer, but for the old Trainz 2004, I ran it on my crappy Dell with all my subway trains just fine. A few more. The Bus Shops Work equipment waiting to go to work R46, R40, And an R30 A Low-V getting worked on New MoW train
  11. There is not a route like those in BVE, but there is a full system route. It is very basic because of its large scale. The same guy who made it also made one showing most of the second system routes.
  12. I have a few shots from Trainz Classic. These shots are from a route I have been slowly working on and a small storage yard with an engine shop. New meets old, a band new R46 passes an old R1 on the RR line north of 95th Street. The R1 has old rollsigns with no listing. A band new R46 on brand new rails waiting testing in the yard. Notice the rollsign. An old R1 being used as a school car for new T/Os and C/Rs. The next time this car will move will be if its getting scraped or being sent to the museum. R30s, slant 40s, and an R40 with a band new sign for the line. Its a train, but you would not know that till you see the side sign. Here a motor instructor shows new T/Os an R46 set. Once they are out on the road, maybe some will get to operate them down the road. So let me know how you like these and if anyone has any others please post them.
  13. The work flags were found on ebay, the person who had them had no idea where they were from. The R143 book was given to me by a friend of a friend who was working the train because he found out through a friend that I was very much into trains.
  14. Why thank you, with it I can answer almost any question about the operation of the R143, so If anyone has any questions go ahead and ask away.
  15. That is sweet! I wish I could find more things like that, I wish I had an MTA rule book Aka The Blue Bible.
  16. Well I think it was worth the $300, in several years there could be a nice resale value. I like the R143 book but i wish I had one from the R160's but it was a great gift.
  17. OH MY GOD!!!!! Were did you get the front rollsign and the B signs. Are they from an R44 or 46. That is so cool!
  18. Nice bunch of maps, I have a few recent ones and some from the ealry 90's. I was always more into the rollsigns and other equipment. If any one has more rollsigns, please post some pictures of them!
  19. OK you just made me jelous with that front route sign. How did you get it and were can I get one too? You have some very cool stuff, like Error said were did you get those signs. So my collection: redbird side 3 peice sign redbird front route sign on frame R27/30 front route sign on frame R40/42 side route sign no frame redbird hand hold 3 old safety lantens, red green, and yellow a flying redbird poster a poster for the R142 cars several maps MTA shirt patch RTO Train Operator patch I just bought a flashlight on ebay that looks like and old TA light with a red tail light and a safety vest with the MTA patches removed.
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