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  1. some man committed suicide. jumping in front of the train
  2. I made a video showing buses from the past in the glory days where buses can seen in different parts of NYC. Disclaimer : Most of the content pictures are not mine.I only want to do a tribute.I have included some of mine content.Enjoy the video!!!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dswtN7WsugY
  3. Service Change Posted: 06/21/2018 3:34PM Some 4 southbound trains will end at 149 St-Grand Concourse. Some 5 southbound trains are stopping along the 2 line from 149 St-Grand Concourse to Nevins St. Northbound <6>express trains are running local from 3 Av-149 St to Parkchester. (dont get this!) Southbound 6 trains are running express from 14 St-Union Sq to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall. These service changes because of a broken rail at 14 St-Union Sq. Expect delays in 4,5 and 6 train service. Our crews are on the scene working to restore normal service and we'll follow up soon.
  4. jolusoji

    Double decker X17J MTA bus to run to Midtown this week

    That will be Awesome to catch it then. If it is in service what express routes are going to see it?
  5. jolusoji

    Double decker X17J MTA bus to run to Midtown this week

    How can I catch the Double decker bus in the morning/evening ? I planning on riding on it for next week.I be coming from the South Bronx.
  6. I know most of the riders comes from SBS 41 for north of Gun hill. The stairs at gun Hill are too much. plus the fact nearly all stations are not ADA accessible.The 39 is the default choice for elderly riders well.Bus service frequencies are aright at the moment.It seen improvement over the years.The only time i find the 2 train useful is trying to catch the 39 bus when I missed it on bus time or catch a crosstown bus 26,12,or 28
  7. You make a great point about Bus service North of Pelham Pkwy. Once rush hours hits, the service is terrible,Buses are bunched up and affects the 22,12,Sbs,60,61,and 62. Suppose to have some buses short turn at Pelham. On the south side of the route.There been weeks of bus not showing up around Parkchester during Pm rush hour.Most of the people coming from the 6 train. Some of them takes the 36 or limited.But they still have to transfer to 39 at story ave or Lafayette to continue their trip who lives in Soundview or Clason pt
  8. One route that I would change is The Bx39. The route will have 2 variants One local and limited.Local buses follow the pre 2010. Clason Pt to Gun hill rd. The limited operates full route.It be only local north of Gun hill rd. The Limited runs on Weekdays only from 6AM-9PM.The local will operate the full route On nights,weekends and the addition of 24 hr service. It a rough idea I had some few years ago.
  9. jolusoji

    R188 Discussion Thread

    i just rode them on the 6 train yesterday around 11:45 am on 6 train express from parkchester to 125st
  10. jolusoji

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    What time does the R142A set on the 6 train comes out to service? I have seen videos of it in service for a few days.How long Winchester Yard is going to have them also?
  11. jolusoji

    Create your own train/bus model

    I have plenty of concepts and drawings like this


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