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  1. ohh ok,so know i know it was just an accident or something to that effect.thanks.and its also ashame that we have to have cops at stations to make sure that the ppl that r coming from the P.R parade dont go insane in the subway!
  2. i heard about that on the news,but im still wondering what happened to me on the yesterday!
  3. Yesterday at 1pm I was waiting for the train at Ft Hamilton Pkwy,I waited a very long time for it.The station was getting jam packed! It's now 2:30! It never came! So now I went upstairs to the token booth clerk and asked him whats going on! He said there was a very bad accident btwn Coney and 86st! and that the trains are terminating at 36st! If there was a very bad accident btwn Coney and 86st,why cant the trains terminate at Ave U or Kings Hwy? Or replace the Sea Beach with shuttle buses! Its pretty weird! (He shouldve announced this,instead of making everyone wait downstairs and melt in this 100* heat wave!!!!) So now I go back downstairs,I get my grandma tell her and everyone else the bad news! Now I and hundreds of other ppl go back upstairs! Now the tokenboothclerk announces this; For Manhattan and Queens,take the B9 bus going to Bay Ridge via 60st,which is 2 blocks away,and take it to 4ave and transfer to the train at the 59 st stop.Take it to 36st for the train,I was going to the dwntn mall with my grandma,which is on Pacific st,so I stayed on the which is local,and took it to Pacific st,who would feel like getting off an air conditioned train,in a heat wave! Now he says; For 8 ave Station,take the B9 bus going to Bay Ridge,and take it to 8 ave,For stations btwn New Utrecht and 20 ave,take the B9 bus going to Kings Plaza,and get off at New Utrecht,18,or 20 ave (2-4 block difference) For stations btwn Bay Pkwy and Coney Island,walk to the B1 bus stop at Bay Ridge Ave,which is 7 blocks away! For Bay Pkwy/67 st,Take a B1 bus going to Manhattan Beach,and get off at Bay Pkwy/86 st and transfer to the B6 bus going to East NY,which will take you to Bay Pkwy/67 st Station,For Kings Hwy Station transfer to the B82 bus going to Spring Creek,which will take you to Kings Hwy Station,For Ave U Station,take the B1 bus going to Manhattan Beach,get off at 25 ave and transfer to the B3 bus,which will take you to Ave U Station,For 86 st station,take the B1 bus going to Manhattan Beach,which will take you to 86 st station/W8 st,For Coney Island you have 2 options,take the B1 bus going to Manhattan Beach and get off at Bay Pkwy/86 st,and transfer to the B82 bus,and take it to the last stop,Coney Island,or go upstairs and transfer to the train,and take it to the last stop,Coney Island.He starts giving out 2 bus/train passes to each person.This was a very BIG NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!! And Guess what!!! when I was coming home it was still happening! except both sides were running on the ,and also,the and were running local along 4 ave this time! I also noticed alot of P.Officers on the 36 st station,and a work train on the express track! Pretty Weird! So now I had to take the to 62 st walk 2 blocks to 60 st and transfer to the B9 For Ft Hamilton Pkwy Station! Also someone told me it was a bomb scare! So which one is it,accident btwn Coney and 86st,or a bomb scare?! I think it was a bomb scare cause I saw alot of P.Officers on the 36 st station.
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