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  1. The majority of your posts do not have anything to do with the R179, post your R42 stuff in the Subways Random Thoughts Thread, not here.
  2. 18 and 19 were there for a press conference. It doesn't have any business being at MQ either honestly. In theory, yes. But logically, they'd have to lose the M86(since that kicked the M31 out of MQ).
  3. Whenever the fall pick begins, is when the line is supposedly getting the artics.
  4. Can't age that much when it has fiberglass panels.
  5. How ironic that 7090 gets into an accident on it's fifth anniversary in service....it was on this date back in 2014 where it entered service.
  6. Until the rest of the LFS order comes through, that cannot be said for sure.
  7. Because, as it was said millions of times on TV and in other places, we are currently in a test phase which only includes Staten Island and several stations along the Lexington Avenue Line. The NGs that have them in Manhattan were previously from Staten Island. 1. Yes, they've all left the island. 2. A majority of those were brand new to The Bronx, but were transferred to SI. I guess they didn't care enough to change the maps. 3. No, Flatbush and MQ also received them.
  8. Actually, not anymore. Seattle is now the city that boasts about that the most. They will soon have the largest fleet of Proterras in North America. While that is true, how they execute the turn is a whole other story.
  9. I wasn't getting on your case. I just stated that because as always, things can change in a heartbeat.
  10. Unless it has changed, it's all NYCT. As for that second one, wait and see.
  11. 7787 is at ENY. 7848 still at the vendor. No longer at Zerega. I'm assuming deliveries on the XD40s are on hold till next month.

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