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  1. That doesn't mean they won't get 64 buses. They probably just changed the numeric order as to who gets what batch.
  2. Much like the majority of our new-ish buses, some of the new XD40s at ENY & Fresh Pond already have water leaks on rainy days. Some of the leaks come through the vents, and the leaks usually occur at the rear. But I understand where you are coming from since you actually drive them.
  3. Yet you're passing this off as a fact....how exactly do you know that they were in bad shape? Even the folks down at the ceremony who have driven and worked on those buses have said that these buses could've lasted for a couple more years.....the frames of those buses were in good shape, so they could have taken more abuse. What made them look bad was just their appearance, that was it. Hell, there were groups of people that preferred those over the low floors(i.e M66 & M72 passengers that complained about the lack of space in the low floors). And a bus shouldn't last as long as an RTS, Fishbowl or any of our old high floors have? I don't think you understand what that means. It's a testament to how well those buses have performed on our messed up streets 24/7/365 during their lifetime. We'd be surprised if any of our low floor buses can last as long as any of those. If they're still in good shape structurally and mechanically after their 12-15 year retirement schedule, they can keep on trucking, and the RTS has technically been the only fleet that has consistently proven that time and time again. Yes, obviously, they needed to go, they were here for 5-10 years longer than they should have been. But they have proven time and time again that they were made for New York City and they were the true workhorses of this city, whether people like it or not. -EDIT- Also, why do you have two accounts?
  4. The majority wasn't in bad shape. Structurally, they could have lasted for another year or two and would have if we went with the original shutdown plan.
  5. That's not completely true, especially with these new deliveries. The only depots that are actually, noticeably short are Ulmer Park(still didn't get their full batch of Xcelsiors yet IIRC), and Flatbush(they lost a bunch of artics and didn't get much back in exchange to compensate for their losses). Every other depot that had RTSs got their losses filled by Hybrids or new Xcelsiors.
  6. It's not so much that they are lemons(since nothing is mechanically wrong with them, which is what the term Lemon means), it's just how they are programmed. And as we can tell, they're programmed stupidly to a certain extent.
  7. They need 219? Since when? Historically, Fresh Pond always made service(with spares) below that amount you've stated.....so I'm not sure where you're pulling that number from. Ever since they lost both of their shares of the B38 & Q58, they've had no need to get to that amount that you've stated....they've always made service and had spares between 200 and 209 buses. And Flatbush needs 250? It's close, but not to that amount exactly....a handful of artics and 40ft buses would offset their losses, but they don't need that actual amount of 250 buses. ROFLMAO. I'd buy you a drink for this. We've been over this. Those 36 LFSAs would NOT have replaced ALL of the local LFSAs..... First and foremost, they had far more local LFSAs than the extra 36 buses they just got. Second, and most importantly, you and several others are forgetting about the spare factor at Quill. If you send MORE local buses to The Bronx while sending MORE SBS buses on the M14....that greatly reduces the spare factor of SBS buses at Quill, hence why they are getting these extra XD60s. Quill currently has 18 local LFSAs left, so I'm pretty sure that's more than evident that they would not have replaced the local fleet entirely.....especially when they had roughly 50 or so local LFSAs prior to this happening. This is primarily why Quill is getting a batch of XD60s, to continue replacing the entire local fleet, and to increase the spare factor. To further prove the point, the XD60 fleet has been mostly exclusive to the M14 as of late due to the arrival of the new LFSAs. And if anyone has ventured onto 14th Street since that has happened, you can clearly tell that even WITH that change, there are still local LFSAs left because there's just not enough SBS buses to cover all of the articulated routes at once, while maintaining a decent spare factor. I remember posting my theory about this in the Fleets & Depots thread, it was challenged by several people, and look what's happening, this exact scenario.... Yeah......no. Most of those line riders are not even bothering with the M14. They're piling onto the more than taking that bus anywhere. It's just a glitched destination sign.
  8. Just know that things can change in a heartbeat.....let's not get overzealous of these things until it actually happens. Nothing is confirmed, as things can change without notice....just like this unorganized XD40 order we're still going through.
  9. Please, do not start any rumors on here. So far, they aren't rumored for anything.....
  10. We do have lives to live, you know......we don't get paid for this shit. Folks, I'm gonna say this one last time before I start deleting posts. Post ONLY, and ONLY deliveries or moves/transfers! On that note, 8622-8625 assigned at Gun Hill, with 8624 physically there.
  11. It's not recent, and I suppose that not all of the LFSs got updated with it, but I know some 8300s go up to 60.
  12. No idea...they used to be governed higher at 45-50, but when Vision Zero kicked in, that changed quickly. It is hazardous. NJ State Police has pulled over buses on the S89 for going too slow, hence why all of the LFSs(at least the older ones at Yukon) are governed at 60 I believe. The newer LFSs should be following suit soon.
  13. Anything governed at 40MPH is not made for NYC.
  14. While that was true....the information that was provided wasn't 100% accurate either. The actual, bigger site that the dispatchers and such have access to is far more accurate than what was leaked on Google. I am glad that it's gone though. The last thing we need are operators being scrutinized by potential passengers about why they are X-amounts of minutes late and such. But, thanks to that tweet, whoever is responsible for that being leaked to Google of all places is going to get disciplined quite harshly(if it gets to that case). This is one hell of an overreaction if I've ever seen one. No shit the MTA should be held accountable for it, they were held accountable and were joked at ever since the day someone(Lil 57) posted the link on here many months back, which you've apparently missed while being away for quite a while. But seeing as it was also being used as a tool to monitor metrics and how service actually is to potentially request for better service was a good thing, but, the fact that it got removed because of some buff that didn't know any better is also a bad thing, because now there's no other legitimate, accurate way to prove that service in the majority of the city is shite....so yes, the shamer also has to be held accountable. Both sides, the MTA's Bustrek team, and the person who put it out on Twitter have to be held accountable.

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