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  1. Great link, thanks for posting it!🙂
  2. Are there any plans to bring former Erie line trains into New York? Wouldn't the ALP-45DP make that possible? Would be nice to see thru New York to Port Jervis train service....
  3. Too bad it never was expanded beyond 184th street....there could have been stations at 188th Street, Francis Lewis Blvd., and Springfield Blvd. And perhaps even further, to the city line with a few more stops...
  4. Why is that? They sure look hardy enough to me....certainly more rugged than those old wooden Q-types....
  5. I don't know....who paid the Port Authority when the bus to Howard Beach that served the long term parking was free?
  6. Anyone have a good guess of when the R32's will all be retired? Just curious as to how close they may get to the 'Q -type' 66 year longevity record.... Probably not too close, as they would have to last until 2030! 🙂
  7. What I think they should do, is simply extend the 'free zone' of the Airtrain to the Howard Beach station, so that it replicates the one fare ride that used to exist when it was a bus making the connection. Whether they should do it at Jamaica also, is another matter, with its own pro's and con's.....
  8. Toying around with these people is never a good idea...you never know how unstable they may be, or what their reaction might be...why risk getting slashed with a box-cutter? Best to just ignore them, or if they are insistent, just shake your head, no.....in my experience, they will just move on to the next person
  9. I bought a standee 'strap' several years ago...does the MTA still sell any hardware items? Oh, I just found this...http://web.mta.info/nyct/materiel/collectsales/
  10. Wonder what would have happened, had a panicked observer pulled the emergency brake? Isn't that pretty much what those brakes are there for? Wonder if he would have been able to hang on, in that case?
  11. This section of the quoted article does not give any credit to David Gunn, for the leader that accomplished that...
  12. The bottom line is, if people would stop giving these low-life's money, applause, or attention, they would soon enough disappear. That's how I handle their annoyance. I either pretend to be sleeping, or read something, and don't even look their way...
  13. The MTA should sell them at the Transit Museum gift shop, and also the GCT annex...good way to make some extra funds... After all, the NYPD and NYFD sells and licenses their logo's for sale through various vendor's...why should the MTA be any different?
  14. On a bus, it is the number you see in the box at the bottom of the windshield...it is for information of street inspector's...not the same as the route number displayed for the public in the destination sign above the windshield....
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