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  1. I find that laughable without proof. All of a sudden 11 R160's on the C? No way, especially last Sat./8 and Sun./9 there were all R46's on the C.
  2. Very simple. If there was a bad ordered R46 C train and it went to the yard, and the only replacement the yard had was an R160, that is what it will be rather than having the C line short a train with an OK train available. No doubt that R160 would go to 207 or Pitkin when the C closes down for the night with a swap of equipment for the next morning.
  3. Trains are not allowed to be transferred between locations during the rush hour. Either one of 2 things likely happened: the train went out of service enroute due to a mechanical defect or the train, or there was no c/r available at the point of origin and a c/r off the board at another location was on his way to Broad St. to pick up the train for it's northbound trip.
  4. The A line has been back to regular schedule for several weeks now. Just because you've been seeing more R160's on the A doesn't mean more there are more on the line since no doubt you haven't been out there long enough to book every train on the line. Or have you? There are no assigned R160 slots, and there are no assigned R46 slots. As you know it takes a Far Rock train longer to make a round trip than it takes a Lefferts train to make a round trip. Sometimes at 207 it is necessary for a train from Lefferts to leave as a train to Far Rock and vice versa. You could be at a station for 45 minutes and see a bunch of R46's and surmise that there are fewer R160's (or more) yet the equipment happens to be running consecutively or almost consecutively.
  5. The last run of the R16's were on the M.
  6. Why do so many people on this site keep asking this same question all the time: "How many R160's are on the A Line"? And the answer keeps on being given: the number varies day to day having to do with the number of R46's Pitkin/207 has available day to day. The balance is made up of R160's from Jamaica, some of which has to go back on a day by day basis due to inspection and barn requests. THE ANSWER IS 15-17 r160's DAILY. It is not possible to give the answer on a daily basis, unless someone here is willing to sit at B'way/Nassau or Chambers St. during the rush, book north and south motors, then add them up to report to us. subwaycommuter1983: I am not singling you out for asking this question.
  7. I never operated a GE R16 on the road, they were all retired, I did move one in ENYD on a switching move. Even though I never had a burn up with an R16, I had so many slow trains/dead motors. No communication with the conductors due to no PA's. The c/r's were not carrying radios then. Doors had a habit of unlocking but not opening in individual cars at stations. The original unmodified door engines were long before my time.
  8. They could be there for wheel truing. I believe the CI machine is out of service currently.
  9. A lot of the posters here were not yet alive in the 80's, before the GOH program, to see how bad it was. In the IRT, at least when the R62's arrived in 1984, the real bad old cars were retired: the R12/14/15 and the real basket cases of the R17/21/22. But the IRT still had lots of smoke and fires coming out of the old cars, even the R26/28/29/33/36's. The B Division, where I was a t/o, had their problems too, believe me. Did I have "fun". One day operating R32 #3904 on the D, whenever I put the controller into coast, the train would buck like a wild bull. I cut out the dynamic brakes, and it got a little better, but not much. Apparently the problem car was in one of the other cars. I picked up a car inspector at 125. Obviously we had to cut the dynamic brakes back in. I told him to hold on when I put the controller in coast. He didn't believe me and almost bashed his head into the storm door glass! I did the same thing a few more times, he couldn't believe what went on with this , I know that applied to me too. So out of service at 59, and into the middle at 30/8 and back to CCYD. Another time when the Manny B was closed. I was working the D from 57/7 to Br. Beach. Slow train. My first 2 cars were 4504/05. Train was really slow as soon as I left 57/7. Going up the hill between 34th and 28th, I barely made it. I also knew I would not make it up the grade of the MannyB. I started smelling smoke. I put my head out and flames were shooting out of the resistor grids in the second car. I limped into 14th St., "discharged" and IRT people who were stationed at 14th St. (Lex Line) came over. The car inspector verified the grids were burnt out, and we cut out the motor. Many passengers refused to get off as the RCI wanted the train discharged. Command Center said to proceed, nobody ever pulled a cord because as far as I was concerned, I wasn't stopping till Brighton Beach.....But......Between 7th Ave. and Prospect Park, I smelled more smoke. Now MY car was doing the same thing as the second car was doing previously. This train was haunted! We get to Prospect Park and stopped. After cutting out the motors in my car, Command told us to wait for police to get the rest of them off. The Car Inspector went toward the back of the train, I locked my self in the cab after I told the passengers that they had a choice (over the PA system), that they could get off for me, or get off for the cops. They stood their ground! When the cops came, they still refused till they were threatened with arrest. I had a few people who banged on my cab window from the outside because THEY LOST! Another one: 4736/37, the 2 cars at Transit Tech. One of them had smoke issuing somewhere north of 125, I cut out the motor. This was before a smoking train would automatically be taken out of service. As long as the smoke subsided, the train remained in service. When I passed another train at 135 he called me on the radio and told me I had the mate smoking. He gave me the car #. I told Command. They told me to discharge, change ends, cut out the motor and hold at 135 spur. But there already was an R44 A train at 125 on the local track also smoking and the station was full of smoke. I cut out the motor and got out of there ASAP. Passengers left the train because the train & station was full of smoke. Finally on a Friday morning in 1982. I was working midnights on the D. Last 1/2 trip southbound, the first train of the morning to Brighton Beach. Around 5:40 AM at Bedford Park. I only worked this job on Fridays as the regular guy was off on Friday/Saturday. Took a point of power for rolling test (no pull back, brakes releasing, and no hand brakes hopefully). I saw a big flash in the cab, came from behind me. Called the RCI. He was in the tower and saw the flash and actually was on his way out before I called him. He asked if I was OK. I was stunned. He cut out the motors. The "am_meter", which shows car voltage if the motors in that car was alive was charred black. When I moved again, it didn't look right from the outside. I had the c/r open up the doors again. I left the reverser in. Turns out both headlights were burnt out and charred black. I told the TD that I couldn't take a train with no headlights. Pissed as he was he took me off, and had a switchman take the train to the yard and told me to deadhead. Of course I went home because I would be done for the day once I got to Brighton and in those days we didn't sign out. When I got to back to work that night, I was told that the 600 volts got mixed into the 32 volt battery circuits. In other words, 4504 became a HI-V on me! That car spent over a month in CIYD Main Shop being repaired and re-wired. Internally the car fried. 4505 was visible from McDonald Ave. So no matter how bad the R179's may be, they won't be allowed to get as bad as these cars in the stories I just told. They will not be "Returned to Sender". They will be made to work because we will not go back to the 1970's and 1980's.
  10. There was an incident a long time ago with an R44 that stopped at Nostrand Ave. n/b. When the doors failed to open the t/o looked toward the back, but couldn't see back there because it was rush hour and the passengers on the platform were up tight against the train waiting for the doors to open. The t/o called the c/r on the Intercom and PA, but had no response. Just when he was about to go back to investigate, some passenger came running up and said he only had 2 cars. To make the situation even weirder, the 6 cars left behind did not go into emergency. Neither did his 2. This was when the R44's had drawbars connecting 2 cars, rather than 4. This was before the GOH program. There was another one on the midnight, an 8 car R44 transfer from 207YD to Pitkin Yd. Somewhere along the way in Brooklyn, a pull apart mid train at a draw bar. Fortunately t/o's section went into emergency and he discovered the pull apart as he was doing his investigation. I forget if this one was pre or post GOH.
  11. Maybe. How long ago approx.? I'm not going to say that it never happened.
  12. I can assure you that the R32's have indeed have door or doors open enroute at one time or another over their 55+ year lifetime, even since GOH! You did use the word "never".
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