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  1. That means that LGA depot and operator is covering the run. Upon completing the run, the bus and operator returns to LGA. CP has enough buses to cover their jobs since we are on a weekend "Essential Schedule".
  2. At the expense of being criticized by the BusChat Police, a post like this belongs in the "Random Thoughts" section. This section is for moves and transfers THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED, and not for speculation.
  3. No. Because the "out of depot" bus may be doing a particular run for one day with a bus operator from the depot from where the bus is assigned. After the trip is done, the operator and bus returns to the depot to which it is assigned to. This is done because one depot could have an extra board operator available whereas another depot could have an open run with no extra board operator available. Therefore the bus isn't technically lent to another depot. It's simply a bus and operator is lent for one run and the bus and operator returns to its' home depot after the run is done. The bus and operator wouldn't even go into the depot where the route is assigned to.
  4. Oops. Sorry. I guess I need new glasses! But the place is closed!
  5. It would be quite helpful if they ran the Q32 all night since it parallels the #7 along Roosevelt Ave. and Queens Blvd., and gives extra service over the Queensboro Bridge. although the Q60 already runs every 30 minutes overnight.
  6. Before the C was suspended due to the pandemic, there was one day when the line had a mixture of R46's and R179's. No R32's at all. Other days there was only 1 or 2 trains of R32's running. So the line does not have a complete dependency on 88 R179's.
  7. By having fewer cars sitting in the yard waiting for repair. They will get into the barn sooner. This goes for all barns. They can get by. It will take YEARS for ridership to rebound. There are lots of people saying that when things start getting back to normal, there is no way they are getting on the germ filled crowded subway. Look for higher and higher Uber type demand, no matter what the cost to the rider. People have learned how to tele-commute who can.
  8. It really wasn't a rumor from January. At an MTA Board meeting (well before this pandemic, they said that the R32's would be retired by the end of the first quarter of 2020. Lots of folks in the railfan community did not believe it. Well here we are.
  9. The issue (not trivial at all) WILL NOT be fixed as it will cause service disruptions and expense. As noted on this site many times, there is a bulletin that no equipment form R1/9 to R42 is allowed in the Montague. This is because of a clearance issue with the lighting and the conduits. Somebody or some bunch of so called engineers messed up and did not take into account the roof lines of the older equipment. There is no reason at this point to repair it based on the active roster.
  10. Not happening. Murphy's law at NYCT tells us just when the R32 is at the point of no return something bad happens on the bridge and all service would have to go via the Montague, and now they have a big problem.
  11. I still can't get "really needed" since there is plenty of idle equipment around and the very line these cars are used on is one of those idle lines.
  12. Ridiculous. Each set would have to come in to the main shop and be broken apart. and these have cables and drawbars. Then each set would have to be track tested to see if all systems are working properly. You should know by now the virus has hit NYCT hard, the shops too. Personnel is very limited. Then when they need the cars again, the whole process starts all over. Very labor intensive.
  13. Now listen here buddy, maybe some on here have a 4th grade reading level with zero common sense but you are certainly not referring to me because I would have never lasted with NYCT as a Train Operator for over 33 years (with 34 in the company) with ZERO operating violations. Amazing you made that 4th grade reading level wisecrack to my post! Furthermore if you go back to your post of Saturday April 4th at 12:43 AM, you specifically said, and I quote "...….but as crews start dropping like leaves in the dead of autumn, the next plan is to have the G OPTO 24/7." You're the one who told us what the next plan was. Then you claim you didn't say "they're going to run 600 ft trains at OPTO. So then who told you? And why did you repeat such a ridiculous statement it you know better? You are not a rookie on this site. Under your R32 pic it reads "1,647 posts." I have said multiple times (I have 1,546 posts) that OPTO is not permitted on trains over 300' in length". So why did you even waste our time in telling us that ".....the next plan is to have the G OPTO 24/7?" As a side, on M-F on all 3 tours, there are picked conductor jobs. Therefore there will be no OPTO intervals sent out M-F even with a 300' train. At least last Friday, they were running 600' trains. If they kept 600' trains all last weekend, they would of had to find conductors, which they can't even find to staff other lines.
  14. 600' G trains are operating since regularly scheduled intervals are not able to be covered due to lack of crews. And who told you that 24/7 OPTO is the next plan for the G 24/7? The fact of the matter is that OPTO is only permitted with trains a maximum of 300' long. In other words, long trains on the G = NO OPTO! It's in the contract! When they did that on the L some years ago the contract was violated. Once the grievance process went thru the steps, the conductors were immediately reinstated.
  15. Due to driver shortages, it is very possible that 7751 never went to Grand for a day. Rather it simply was doing trips on the B39 with a FP operator covering. Right now there is no reason for one depot to be loaning another depot buses since there are less fewer buses needed to provide full service.
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