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How do I become?


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Look now and look often. If what you're looking for isn't there, check back in a couple months.


In the meantime, get yourself a decent work history so that you won't hand in a nearly blank application.


And don't worry about training, because they don't care if you trained on your own. When you get hired you'll be given full training and be paid for it.

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How do i become a NJ Transit Rail conductor or Loco Driver? I always wanted to drive a train , every since i was a little boi. So what kind Classes or Lessons do i have to take to become one? And where do i go to train?




You'd probably have to be able to spell "boy" first.


EDIT: Sorry, no offence intended. I reckon I shouldn't be such a PITA.

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18, this will be my first job:) if i find or get it:)


Without a decent work history you'll have no shot. In the meantime you need to get some little jobs (school library, grocery store, etc.) that are 100% on the books so that you can have decent references that NJT will certainly want to contact. Or volunteer if it is tough to find a paying job, but make sure that you could get a decent reference out of it. Hand them an application with a blank area for work experience and they'll toss it out. Hand them an application with falsified information for work experience and you could be disqualified for life from NJT.


So get crackin'.

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