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Two weeks of New Jersey and some Pennsylvania Freight railroading, More UP too!


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I figured I had enough photos from the past two weekends to start a photo thread, was hoping to make a third week but alas we can't always win. Anyway will hit some of the normal spots on the Lehigh Line and will also head over to the River Line and into the Allentown area.


We start on 11/14/2009 in Manville with NS 21M:



Next it was decided to move further up the LEHL to Perryville after we found out there were some delays due to a high and wide, we catch NS 20R here:



Followed by NS 18G:



Next up was NS 213 with two UP units going solo(no NS power):



213 was held so we decided to move to Bloomsbury to get another shot of it:



We tried to beat 213 to Bethlehem but failed consolation though was NS 20W:



Hearing that the High and Wide I mentioned earlier had permission up the LEHL to Allentown we raced back to Bloomsbury to catch it before we lost light, NS 053:



The next day 11/15 found me up in Teaneck on the CSX Riverline


CSX Q439:



CSX Q434:



With nothing else coming we headed back down to the LEHL where we found Q191 stopped in Bound Brook:



Next up was NS 18N sorry for the bad shot no filter of sun shade were on as it caught me by surprise since radio was off still:



CSX Q438:



We managed to beat Q439 which was seen earlier in the day:



That was followed by NS 33K:



11/18 found me in South Plainfield as a break from school work where I caught NS 22V:



11/20 was on my way to the hobby shop in the New Market Section of Piscataway when my bestfriend and I spotted a headlight coming down the LEHL. To our astonishment it was Conrail local MA-1 which was working an industry we all had thought did not get rail service any more.

Two shots:





11/21 found me back on the LEHL:


NS 214 through Manville:



Followed by NS 22V:



Headed down to South Plainfield where we start with CSX Q300:



That was followed by CSX Q409 with 8 locomotives!:



Following that was NS 212 with a UP SD70M leading:



Finally a stop in New Market caught CSX Q418:



Enjoy! And thanks for looking!



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Really?! That is an apple cider brand. Now i'm gonna worry bout contamination... :confused:


It's cool you got some narrow nose -9's i have not seen any of those since the 90's anywhere. My dad used to work at the steel sheet cutting & processing plant down on the freight line that splits off from the NEC at morrisville, crosses over the R3/west trenton line near woodbourne station. Was conrail back then, so i'm never surprised to see them in blue.


- A

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You're talking about the Fairless Steel Branch.


YES! :tup:


Man i used to love watching them move the trains & locos all over for hours when i didn't have school & i couldn't go in the shop area, was confined to cafeteria & parking lot since the rest of the inside was either off limits office, or heavy equipment unsafe for a kid.


One time a coil fell off the lift and partly unrolled & part of the shop floor staff was asked to come into the fenced off part (they often left tank cars overnight so they had a barbed wire 10 foot high double link fence) to help push the coil over the unrolled part so the coil lift could take it back in to put new straps on, got to watch the whole thing!


- A

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Woah, UP power all the way in the East Coast?


Yes sir, they come in on High Priority UPS trains along with other Intermodals, sometimes BNSF and KCS will make an appearance as well.


You're in my neck of the woods, the ABE area.


If you go along Canal St in Easton, the tracks are right next to the street at street level, so you can get some great pictures.


Also, on the south side of Bethlehem, there is a spot you can go where the tracks from the north side of the Lehigh and south side meet, just about under the Hill-to-Hill bridge. You could literally drive up onto the tracks and take shots there.


Thanks for that info in Easton, I usually just take the free bridge and some back roads flying through the town trying to catch a train, never thought to actually stop and get it there!


Truly great work!


Thanks Paul!


sweet pics


Thanks Joe!

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Or this:



No good man!


I've only ever seen one loco with fire damage in person, and something happened at max power i guess, all the paint was scorched off the outside stemming from 2 of the hood door vents was also some sooty residue. I forget where i saw it, it was like 6 at the time, but i do remember the charred CR blue loco vividly!


- A

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