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Tracks of the NYC Subway 2010 edition

Peter Dougherty

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Hi folks,


Thanks to everyone for the last-minute updates over the past few days. I've managed to get the 2010 version off to the printer over the weekend and a proof should be forthcoming on Monday afternoon. If all's good to go, I should have the first batch of books in-hand on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning! The big news is I finally got a couple of pages done showing Grand Central's track layout, at least they way it was in roughly 2007.


I decided to go with new images for the Brighton line depicting the ongoing work in the state it's in now, and ditto for the Culver viaduct. What I didn't get in for this time were the signals at East 180th St. I'd be very very grateful if some kind soul could give me a full update here before Monday afternoon if possible. If there are single-line drawings of this contract I'd be much obliged for a copy!


I'll probably release a small handful of corrected PDF pages online in a couple of weeks (cuz I'm sure I've missed a typo or two that I will find when I pick up the first new book!). The E-180 updates will appear then as well, plus anything I get in the next couple of weeks.


Just so y'all know, I'm holding a photo contest for the cover image now every year. I'll have details on my site in the next month or so, but get yer DSLRs warmed up! Thanks to Anthony Maimone for his great cover shot for the 2010 version.






Peter Dougherty,


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