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Printed Subway Timetables


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Hello everybody,


as a collector, I would always have loved to own a complete set of the printed NYC subway timetables.


But on my last trip to NYC in June, I had difficulties in finding them at all. All I found was some W timetables in a small plastic display at the booth of some BMT Broadway station.


On the plane back to Munich (which is, too late) it occurred to me that the booth agents might have helped me - they do have the subway and bus maps (of which I got several complete sets), so they might as well have the timetables, right?

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Here's an option if you don't want to walk around ;) You can email the MTA in their website and request these brochures. Although I don't know if they mail internationally. But as everyone is suggesting, the Jay street station is a pretty good spot to find some timetables.

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