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what does this sign mean and hwere at 179th is it?


Wow, that may be the only one left in the system. They used to be everywhere.


The subway cars (R-1-9 & R10) had 1, 2 and 1+2 points of heat. It could get quite hot, especially with 3 points of heat (both the 1 and the 2 point 600v c/b both turned on). (The heat level has been known to melt plastics and other such stuff placed too close to the under sides of the seats.) There was no thermostat on the cars. Heat and Ventilation was controlled manually by the crew in accordance with instructions posted in the yards and terminals. So, assuming everyone and everything was working as intended, the IND posted signs at the Conductor's position to have him turn the heat "on" and "off" (via the momentary switch controlling the heat) to avoid the car becoming too hot or too cold.


I remember seeing that same sign at the Roosevelt Avenue Station ((E)(F)(G)(R)(V)) next to the D1 Track (Manhattan-bound local track), but that one is gone.

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