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there is a potential order of r160


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I there is a potential order of 130 of. R160a. and 100 order of r160b. So that mean that will be the last order 230 cars of r160 will be purchase.

You are in the Land of the Lost all right!


Repeat the question: in English rather than Pig Latin!


If you're asking about more 160's being ordered: the answer is No.


Once these come in, no more cars have been ordered. In case you don't know, money is tight and "nobody" has any.

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LOL at this lame thread...

apparently failed to consider the following information that's been out for months...


In response to Mr. Strauss’ question as to why they just don’t produce more R160 cars, Mr. Grill said that there was a move in the federal stimulus debate to allow non-competitive, sole source procurements but that the effort failed and this process is not typically permitted under federal law.


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