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Service Cuts started on Pittsburgh light rail and bus systems

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Pittsburgh Port Authority Service Changes Go Into Effect Today.



PITTSBURGH, Pa. (KDKA-TV) ― (4/4/2010)


The latest round of Port Authority service changes are set to begin today.


Officials with the Port Authority say the changes are necessary to improve service.


As of today, 60 of Port Authority's lines will be changing either their names or routes, and in some cases both.


"For example, the Allegheny Valley route, the AV route, is changing to the P10," said Jim Ritchie, of the Port Authority. "There are some routes that are going to be discontinued."


While the changes go into effect today, the real impact probably won't be felt until Monday morning during rush hour.


But even with the imminent arrival of the change, many riders weren't even aware something different was coming."


For more here news link and video.








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they did cut some routes but they also expanded other ones to cover what was lost...for example we had a route called the 55E which ran for many years they cut that on 4/4 due to low Ridership...theres a route called the 59 Mon Valley which covers most of the 55E and more so they expanded the 59 to pick up what was lost and so on...no big losses here....YET. another Round is due in June I already heard some good and some bad!


Oh and KDKA sucks! thats why I dont watch them lol

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The new routing system is so much easier to figure out than the old one. PAT should have done this years ago, especially on the T.


Actually, the T's system isn't that different now. Since its opening, most maps and signage have had the Beechview lines colored red, and the Overbrook lines blue. So, while it is official now, you can see that sort of thing was in their minds for some time!

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