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I'm retired over 16 years!..


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I suppose there's not too many guys who've retired over 16 years ago that write on this forum. I started using computers when I was in my 16th year as a Flushing Garage bus driver. I'm almost 79 now and I'm surprised that I'm "stillalive"..


Okay, enough of "nostalgia"....my question is this: This is about my "MetroCard" free pass that I need to active since I've not used it in over 5 years, so, I need some info as to where I can activate it.


In the past, I rarely had any occasion to use the pass, since I live up in Westchester county and use my car to go anywheres..


I'd really appreciate any info on where I can re-active my metro card to ride the buses and subways. I seem to recall going to Livingston street once to re-active it and another time around 34th street and Broadway.


I"ve tried to get info on this, but getting any info from the NY Transit Authority is like pulling teeth!...and many of the numbers they suggest I call, don't even answer the phone. I guess nothing much has changed since I retired over 16 years ago.


Okay, I'd really appreciate any info on where I could activate the Metro card.


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Welcome "Stillalive"!


As far as your pass situation, first of all you have to see if your retiree pass has an expiration date and whether or not it has passed that date. If still valid, try swiping it to see if it has already been activated. If not, you'll have to contact the Pass Unit, which has since moved from 32nd & Broadway to 180 Livingston St., Brooklyn.


I'll try to get the proper numbers with live people answering them, but it might take me a day or two.

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