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Bus ID Numbers for Dispatchers and Photography — Illegal?

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The number "605" in the lower-left corner of the window (above 3751)



Today, I went to see buses at Battery Park (preferably the X20 as it's being retired). I wound up finding an Academy Buses terminal nearby and took photos of it.


Suddenly, a New Jersey Transit (or Coach USA, I don't remember) bus rolled up. On the window was a Dispatcher's ID number like the "605," but it was electronic, similar to the Luminator Horizons on many of the MTA MCIs and LIB Orion NGs, instead of it being a rollsign. Curious about the font size (being 12-pixels tall) and for wanting closer evidence of how the numbers of the Lumiantors that tall are designed, I took a close-up of it.


A bus dispatcher walked up right up to me and said that taking a shot of the Dispatcher ID is a federal offense, something that I didn't know of and was unaware. Not wanting to get arrested, I walked away and deleted the close-up.


I've done a close-up or two of an ID before like this one on a retired TMC RTS:100_6481.jpg

But this is the first time have I heard that taking a picture of it is illegal.


So I want to ask this question: Is it really against the law to take a close-up shot at a Bus ID for Dispatcher, or was the guy pulling my leg?

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When I took pic of Smartlink Card technology on M79, driver told me "No photograph." and he took away my printed copy of NYPD Photo Directive until I get off.

I think Bus ID and subway car # is helpful if you lose something on bus/subway/train.

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Also even if you deleted the upclose shot, all you have to do is 'digital crop' the original image anyway. I don't see what the point is to delete the image if you have the entire bus pic already.
No, it was a close-up shot of the "Bus ID for Dispatchers" only that I removed. I took a picture of the full bus and did keep it.
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Yes Megabus is 100% right ( as are others ) its perfectly legal you arent doing anything wrong. all you did was take a picture of the buses run number. and seeing how the driver didnt do anything wrong ( thats what im assuming ) it shouldnt of bothered him.


i.e last week i was at a bus station taking photographs and because i got sort of bored i took a picture of the run plate. the driver came out and asked what i was doing. i said takin a pic of the run plate he said ok and left. so really i think the driver just wanted to be stubbern.



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