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Rockaways $190M MTA spruce-up


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Rockaways $190M MTA spruce-up

You must take the A train to get to Sugar Hill way up in Harlem - but pretty soon, you may not have to deal with crumbling infrastructure in the Rockaways.


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority wants to begin work this fall on $190 million in upgrades to nine peninsula stations on the only subway line that connects the southernmost part of Queens to Manhattan.


"We're dependent on the A train - that's if you don't drive," said Steve Cromity, transportation committee co-chair at Community Board 14, which covers the Rockaways. "It's a one-horse town. We need some help."


The plans, which still must be approved by the state Legislature, would likely include improvements to platforms, stairs and canopies, electrical work and a public address system, said MTA spokesman Charles Seaton.


Locals are optimistic the proposal will pass.


"It'd be a breath of fresh air for the users," Cromity said. "I've taken the train myself and I know what the existing situation is."


Four other Queens stations, all on the M line, are set to be rehabbed in 2010, Seaton said.


The Forest Ave. stop would get $28.3 million, followed by $25.9 million for Fresh Pond Road, $23.7 million at Seneca Ave. and $15.2 million at Metropolitan Ave.


Cromity figured current conditions in the old, crumbling Rockaways stations depress many straphangers.


"It's got to make people feel better about themselves," he said.


"There are two bodies of water you have to go over, and sometimes the track freezes up, and you're literally up the creek without a paddle."


From: nydailynews_logo.gif icon_offsite.png - March 4, 2008

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Heh they are going to come up in my territory with that work. All of those stations that they mentioned including my home station are all in fine condition and I like it how it is right now. Its been the same way since I was a kid.

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