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NAIAS: Parts Two/Three - Select Foreign, GM, Chrysler Cars

East New York

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Ok. By the time I made it to GM and Chrysler, my battery starts to die. I took a few shots on my EVO after that. Those will come later.


I took a spin in the Escalade Hybrid, Yukon Danali Hybrid, and Chevy Volt, which is full electric, with a standby gas engine. That little thing is hot! I absolutely loved all of them. They are crazy quiet, and smooth riding cars. We also did acceleration tests in all of them.


The Caddy, and the GMC really bring it for luxury hybrids!








And the Fiat 500. Fiat has controlling interest in Chrysler.


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I'd like to drive one of those Jaguars or the black Range Rover.


Awesome photos :cool:


thank you for these interesting photos:cool:


Thanks guys!


Damn, Audi continues to produce complete beauty... love the Jag's new look, too. Great pics.


Yeah, those new Audi's are bad!

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