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Central Avenue BRT question

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Does anybody know when the bus lanes and POP will be implemented? I know they already implemented traffic signal priority on the corridor.


Also, will the buses be artics or 40-foot buses?


I just read this report and it says that the BL-20 would make only 26 stops rather than 67 stops (and I'm assuming that the BL-21 would be eliminated), but wouldn't that mean that local riders would have to walk a longer distance to a bus stop? http://transportation.westchestergov.com/images/stories/pdfs/BRT_FinalReport.pdf

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From my observations, I think they're wrapping up the installation of the automated stop announcements (inside LED displays) systems on the Neoplans. About a year ago they only had it installed on 2 buses (501 & 503), now they're just about all of them.

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