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LOL , wut....not your average subway showdown

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I feel the guy's pain. The cops take too long to respond to transit emergencies, whether minor or major, and everyone just wants to go home and it's usually some idiot like this bum with nothing but time on their hands accusing someone of something stupid and refusing to let the train go.


The accused customer stands on the platform with them, then they hold the train doors anyway and bother the train crew and make a scene.


The accused customer gets on the train and wants to keep going away from the scene, then they hold the doors open and bother the train crew and make a scene.


Usually it's over some nothing bullshit. If it's outside, these idiots will be sure to call 911 first and get blown off by the dispatcher and told to report it on the train...which serves to establish a paper trail which now when the train crew is notified of such stupidity they need to call it in to protect themselves and their jobs (rather than just breaking it up, continuing in service, and notifying rail control) and everyone gets delayed while the cops take their time to respond.


Complete ******* bullshit.

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