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  1. 81 street; Central Park west-104 street; T. to the ( 175 street; 81 street; even though I have never been through that line, I feel between 77 street & 86 street is too long. well that's enough for NYC. extra ones would be ridiculous.
  2. IRT FTW!! They dont take as long as BMT/IND lines on the weekends.
  3. Hmm interesting topic, I wonder which one will I create B) Line: Extension of the Streets that it goes under: 11th/Went End Avenue Stations: 11/West End Avenue 96 Street: 86 Street 80 Street 72 Street: Passageway to 59 Street 50 Street 42 Street 34 Street 23 Street 14 Street-Chelsea Piers
  4. Hey can I have a sign that says: Downtown, Brooklyn & Staten Island To Staten Island Mall, Staten Island. via Bway/7th avenue local, all times. To Kings Plaza, Brooklyn. Via Bway/7th Avenue Express, all times. To New Lots Avenue, Brooklyn. Via Bway/7th Avenue Express, all times but Late nights, nights to South ferry via Local. Only if you can :cool:
  5. Hey can I have one that says: (I) 12 Avenue (I) Van Wyck Express (I) Queens Express (I) Via 34 Street In a R160 sign please when you can:cool:
  6. Ok then, Also instead can you make the letters purple?

  7. right? I did the same thing, I cant figure out how to do it either.
  8. Good to know, because I wanna do the same too
  9. right? that's been going through my head like, "what the hell does it say ?" trains never ever went to or stopped at 111 Street, or unless some random douche put that there.
  10. I know right? they should do that. like the "queens Blvd" terminal? that could have been an extension to midtown Manhattan via nickel Street & down via "Bway" like the regular Bway subway.

  11. I know right? they should really do that or done that before to make the subway's better. & they should have added more stops in areas of the city to get there faster than stealing someone's car XD

  12. My Suggestion is to try to extend the & (8) lines to south ferry via the west side line making stops at: Christopher St Houston St spring St BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College) Vessey St WTC South ferry If you can or want to..
  13. This is a riverbank state park bound ( H ) train, the next stop is 3rd Av.

  14. You signs are kick-ass awesome! XD

  15. That's true, plus the is too long to have the extension as a local train.
  16. I think for the Astoria Extension, you should extend 3 lines there, the lines. the LGA extension could be given the , while the get the queens extension. the express & the local.
  17. THIS IS SO COOL!! thanks!!!:tup::tup: well the size doesn't matter :cool:.
  18. @IRT Bronx Exp: thanks I love it!

    @NYC Bus&Subway: I know right!

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