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Here's Manhattan and Brooklyn August 3,7,and Ate, lol


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Amazing shots as Always MattTrain, and I was in Brooklyn August 7th the WHOLE day around that area and was on 382 on the B4. Was that shot taken at around 3:15 or so?



Oh that was you? Did you see a photographer? I was the one that photographed the bus at the time. Cool.


great photos!!! lots of these photos were timed great especially on the bus you was on in mAnhattan! keep up the good work!!



Thanks, the timing is very important here, especially while photographing from a moving bus. I had many shots blurred because of timing issues.


Great shots



Thanks a lot!

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Great shots!!


Yea, I'll be back in Brooklyn next week so PM me and we can take some pics anywhere in that area.



Thanks a lot guys! I might be available next week or not, hopefully I am, I was on the Prevost X3-45 on the X37 that I photographed here.

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