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  1. "Bx13 Yankee Std" I used to see that all the time as a kid. I actually heard from an op that that reading is also a Luminator sign glitch.
  2. Wait did they actually move 7572 from Queens to MJQ?
  3. One of either 7848 or 7849 (or maybe they're both there) is at Ulmer Park. Couldn't see the number clearly.
  4. Did you actually read the presentation? It clear says the Shuttle will continue to operate at the busiest times (i.e. weekdays) ...
  5. Those large IND mezzanines would be perfect spaces for bike parking but no one thinks multimodally in New York apparently...
  6. I mean with the delays in Manhattan from all the people trying to squeeze on too few trains, you practically do have 3 tph... 20 minute waits on the weekends are regular at this point.
  7. I would see them a lot in the afternoon at Union Turnpike
  8. The "Eagle Team" should have been undercovers to begin with.
  9. R179 update (as of 6/13/19) East New York  3050-3149 (100) [12.5 trains] Pitkin 3010-3019, 3238-3257 (30) [3 trains] 3150-3237 (88) [11 trains] 
  10. At peak, you have two 3 car trains and one 4 car train, so 10 cars total and a 3 car train and a 4 car train (7 cars total) other times. Under this proposal, you have two 6 car trains, 12 cars total at all times.
  11. I like the renderings... At least they're keeping the 1904 look and imitating it in the new station.
  12. And the first station to get OMNY installed outside of the pilot is 51 Street on the ... Currently the three turnstile banks in the photos (52nd uptown & 51st both sides) have the bases installed and the other entrances in the complex do not.
  13. What the MTA Inspector General should be doing is pulling up to these depots unannounced and demanding to inspect the premises.
  14. Somehow I completely missed that part about the train... Completely ignored or forgot about the train SMH
  15. These coach bus manufacturers need to design a better wheelchair lift because I'm hearing about broken lifts and/or wheelchair seats way too much.
  16. I love those ads. They're so much better than those boring Good Day ads that were everywhere...
  17. Ulmer Park getting in on the Oatly ad action... I just wish they used the rear size that SEPTA uses for their Xcelsiors. This is mad tiny.
  18. Outfront just came out with a new front ad size that fits the Xcelsiors and 2011 Prevosts (which have the license plate in different spot from the 2016s which can fit the normal size) so I think they're starting to move away from that mindset.
  19. This is entirely speculation on my part but I say the since Lex is the first mainline trunk for CBTC and the have NTTs already.
  20. I could see that happening if they want to get the EPA10s off the island and make it entirely Nova. Not saying its going to happen though.

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