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  1. I heard that the pilot R211A was going to go on the and the R211T was going to go on the for 30 day tests but that was 2017 and probably has changed by now...
  2. Uh no, all that means is that the R211s will be designed to meet Queens Blvd CBTC specifications (already installed on the R160s) which is also the new systemwide CBTC standard. Again, they said that R179s and R211s would receive CBTC for that purpose, not that those two fleets are the only cars compatible. Any car with the new systemwide standard (starting with QBL equipped units) can run on any of the new and upcoming installations.
  3. uh, no they're not... Jamaica might be in line for a few R211s, but not enough to send all the R160s back. R211s forcing the Siemens units elsewhere is a possibility.
  4. CBTC starts this summer... It will be in phases with full completion in 2022. In any event, I would not rule out a straight replacement of R46s on the with R211s just yet. The R160 Siemens units ending up long term somewhere other than Coney Island and Jamaica is also a possibility.
  5. 4743 back at UP It's driving around Bay Ridge today I assume for driver training... My dad saw it shadowing a B9.
  6. 8743-8747, 8768-8772 is back at Coney Island... Saw the deadhead move myself earlier today.
  7. If y'all were on top of your board meetings, you would have known this swap was happening when the contract for CBTC installation on trains went out years ago and the number of R160s getting upgrades added up to the number of R160s on the + the number of R160s at both Jamaica and CIY (at the time of award)... I don't know why this is causing such a big uproar right now.
  8. I'd like to see the R32s on the since they haven't been on that line since GOH. The would be fun too.
  9. Quick correction for the Jamaica section: 8713-8727, 8733-8742, 8753-8757, 8763-8767, 8783-8792, 8798-8832 & 9103-9232 are also Kawasaki R160B's
  10. I've even had R46s on the with the wrong route on the front...
  11. For a split second, I thought that was the train for tomorrow and I got all excited lol
  12. Lots of 2020's out right now: 20003 on the 324 20004 on the 190X 20005, 20013 & 20016 on the 196 20007 & 20015 on the 161 20006 on the 197 20011 on the 192 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20002, 20009 and 20025 are tracking at zero latitude 20017, 20018 and 20019 are tracking near Wayne but not on any routes, might deadhead to the Port Authority later. 20034, 20041 and 20048 are at Pembina
  13. If I were to guess, it would be moved to Pitkin yard the night before.
  14. You have got to be f**king kidding me
  15. Here's pics of our new Prevosts from the Altoona report. This bus looks like MTA spec but I'm unsure if Prevost numbered it 6317 or if ours will actually use that number series.
  16. The trip slips are fake. Kids just trying to cut and not get in trouble with truancy.
  17. Saw that set this morning on the , also saw 8733-8737/8753-8757.
  18. The pilot set has to test for 12-15 months before it's approved for revenue service. Those tweets are referring to the delivery of the test set which is scheduled for July 2020.
  19. The reader still works when the screen is smashed
  20. By my count, that's 124 reopened entrances (at $2 million a piece)
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