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  1. I'd have to agree with this... Something like how Academy runs NYU shuttles with branded LFSes. IDK what buses Kingsborough uses, but Queens used school buses for their shuttles and didn't even offer a shuttle to the closest subway station (Forest Hills) so naturally the Q64 gets slammed with kids all the time.
  2. We used to have an op on the B16 school trippers who would do stuff like that to keep us kids entertained and he would have us rolling in laughter
  3. Moving on to another topic... Do you think it would make sense to extend the Pike-Cherry trippers on the M15 back to City Hall? And would it make sense to move the M9 back to the 2002-2010 routing to BPC? The traffic on Murray Street is killer.
  4. I'm going to disagree with you there since it's the 4 car R179s that are getting CBTC installed by Siemens for Crosstown CBTC, as per the RFP.
  5. Putting my thinking cap on for a second: OK so the order is three parts: base, option 1 and option 2. The base order and option 1 are fully five car sets and option 2 is a mix of four and five car sets. What we know (based on 8th Avenue CBTC documents) is that the will get the majority (if not all) of the base order . This would also kill ALL the R32s and SOME R46s. After that Jamaica is most likely receiving option 1 for the to retire the remaining R46s. I could see Coney Island getting option 2 under two scenarios: 1. Broadway CBTC comes before 6th Avenue; R211s bump off the R68s from the and increase service. 2. 6th Avenue CBTC comes before Broadway; R211s bump R68s off the and . Whichever scenario doesn't happen would most likely get a future order (R268?) We also know option 2 has some 4 car sets, so these would most likely go to ENY for the and maybe make occasional appearances on the . -------- TLDR: (30 day test R211A test on , R211T 30 day test on ) [I recall reading somewhere that this was the plan for the pilot sets] Base order (460 NYCT, 75 SIR) : , SIR Option 1 (640 NYCT): Option 2 (437 NYCT): OR ;
  6. Re: KCC Just add more B1 and B49 trips rather than introducing a third (roundabout) route to the equation Re: Brooklyn to Lower Manhattan IMO that B71 proposal from Brad Lander's office would be more useful than bringing back the B51.
  7. R179 update (as of 4/16/19) East New York  3050-3069, 3074-3149 (96) [12 trains] Pitkin 3010-3019 (10) [1 train] 3150-3229 (80) [10 trains]
  8. I'd like to see them abandon skip stop, make the full time local (which also eases overcrowding on the ) and make the express from Broadway Junction to Manhattan. And of course add frequency...
  9. Just wait until you see the front bonnet and the destination signs It's anything but a R160 look-alike
  10. That's a reupload of a video from December. The car is much closer to completion now.
  11. They did... It messed up the rest of the line because a 63rd train and a 60th train would often arrive at 57th at the same time... Huge gaps going Brooklyn bound.
  12. As if that's a problem... Extend the to Lefferts under that scenario and then the can focus on the Rockaways. I don't understand why having the be a "separate service" should be a consideration during the planning process.
  13. There is a reason why the hasn't gone to the Rockaways since 1992 and that's because it makes the line way too long and unreliable.
  14. Another typical weekend on the where there's a huge 28 minute gap between trains... Theres a 95th Street bound train at Union Street and the next one after that is at 14th.
  15. Is there a particular reason why the MTA switched from the interior layout of the 1200’s where the left side has windows seats two wide and the right side has longitudinal seating?
  16. I agree and this is one of my pet peeves with the R142s. I really like the light blue specs on the R142As, it's small but it makes such a difference.
  17. Like I suspected, they'll probably use the 4000s and then go back to 3350-3999 when the R32s have been retired.
  18. It is. The doors are now 58 inches wide like R142/As
  19. the screens on 805 are on and I'm not a fan The back sign is completely blank, the announcements lag and some of the transfers are just plain wrong.

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