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  1. How will that work? Will they have readers that can scan credit cards, phones, watches, and OMNY cards to verify the payment? What would it show them on their screens?
  2. Woodside and Jackson heights is ideal, but why not LIC? Especially with all of the subway connections and the proposed LIRR Sunnyside station...it would basically become a modern day Woodside without any residential disturbance.
  3. Dont mean to change the subject but as of today, the Q70 route has been modified (as well as coverted to artics). Heading to the airport it now stops at Terminal D first, followed by C and B. Before it would stop at Terminal B first, then D and C. Bustime has been updated, but I'm madd at how every other terminal has a logical stop name 'LGA/Terminal C" and Terminal B is called 'Terminal B/HOV Lane'. Really MTA? Is that what you want the information screens to spit out to passengers, it's already bad enough the buses have the garbage clever devices that just pronounces the text at random with no next stop announcements. Also, southbound after it serves 74th-Roosevelt, it turns onto 75th St and continues down to Wooside, and turns right on Woodside and heads down to 61st (easy access to the eastbound LIRR platforms as well at Woodside/62nd st). This should've been the route from the start, alleviates dealing with traffic on Roosevelt and dealing with the horrible layover space on 61st with the Q53.
  4. Yepp the B6 is one of the heaviest ridership routes in Brooklyn. It is a route that can definitely use artics, and maybe an SBS variant down the line. Also, now that Ulmer Park can handle artics, the B6 getting artics or running artics isn't far behind. Side note: It is hilarious watching these B1 drivers exaggerate their turns and waiting for extra space with these buses. If they understood the engineering behind an artic, they would know that the turning doesn't need more radius than a 40ft bus. They're driving these buses as if it's 60ft of a non-bendy bus. But, practice makes perfect.
  5. I doubt they'll leave 5 oddball XD60s at GH with 150 LFSAs as their artic fleet. They'll probably head over tonight, 4743-4753, 4781-4793 is only 24 and I believe they were due for 28. It'll also be nice if they can run a few on the B6, especially if an operator has the B1/B6 in their shift. It'll be a good test for future artic operations (which are inevitable at this point).
  6. @paulrivera 4795-4798 were all in service today on Gun Hill routes. Edit: Actually all 4 of them are in service as of 9:25pm 4795 Bx5 4796 Bx40 4797 Bx4 4798 Bx5
  7. Sorry for bringing this back up, but why not have this so called AirTrain run from LIC to LGA via the Amtrak right of way and making a sharp right to the north side of the Grand Central Parkway (GCP) all the way to LGA? You can build it over existing railway infrastructure, connecting it with the trains at Queensboro and Queens Plaza. Also, since there's supposed to be a planned Sunnyside Station for the LIRR, that would provide LIRR riders with easy access (and to encourage LIRR riders to use the AirTrain, LIRR can implement a 'LGA Airport' station into their system, and charge accordingly to avoid paying a separate fare for the Airtrain). There can be ticket scanners that scan your paper tickets and collect them, and another that allows you to scan your E-Tix for entry. The same can be implemented at JFK where the LIRR creates a 'JFK Airport' station and you can book your trip via the LIRR app and be charged according to zone and distance to avoid paying with two different payment systems. The AirTrain would run parallel to the LIRR tracks along Skillman and Barnett Aves, then it will fly over the LIRR tracks and run parallel to the eastern-side of the Amtrak R.O.W to the GCP, where it can make a sharp right and run on the North side parallel to the GCP all the way to LGA. It would have a terminal stop at LIC/Sunnyside, and then stops at Marine Air Terminal, Terminal B, and another stop in between Terminal C/D...and if needed...can run to 'Willets Point'. Thoughts?
  8. I was just coming to mention that, I noticed 6274, 6279 and 6286 are all running right now. I wonder if the latter two are wrapped as well. Edit : I just took a look at the new routing, I like it and looks like it'll definitely help the flow of the route. Are they making the entire 61st south of Roosevelt to Woodside the last stop / layover spot?
  9. Good points, I assumed some people on here would have the answers. We had people on here that had access to future bus orders, they have sources that can track which buses are at what depots and their statuses; you would assume someone or some people would have a connection to someone who's doing the coordination of buses at the DOB. I know it's not the end of the world, it's looks better on paper (on rosters) when buses are grouped in order and uniformity.
  10. Same thing with the Staten Island Prevost. I understand the mileage thing, but if it was just about mileage, they would be sending over specific buses instead of a small batch of consecutive numbers. Like UP getting the 73xxs from FB, the 72xxs from FP or GA, the 7134-7139 batch from ENY. I'm sure not every consecutive bus in that batch is going for the same mileage reasons. The reason why this discussion keeps coming back and forth is because no one knows how to break down the exact reasons for why things are being done. People say, "its because of mileage", "its just how the DOB" does things. But when you ask, why, or bring up counter-discussions, people catch temper tantrums. I would appreciate it if people had more civil discussions, especially when you're familiar with the user and their presence on this forum.
  11. I was thinking around 35-40 because they're getting about 28 60fts, that's equivalent to about 42 buses.
  12. These moves make me wanna vomit😂🤮. Might retire some OGs.
  13. Smh....I think it's bull too, but maybe it's mileage as well.
  14. Calm down, everything doesn't need to be an angry debate. Obviously I know it's mileage but sheesh can my OCD be triggered. I've been here long enough to understand what goes on, yall should know that. Just let me vent haha.
  15. Once again, dumb ole DOB sending various XD40s out of UP to random depots. Sending 71xxs to FB when they can send FB back the 73xxs. They're sending 71xxs to FP when they can send the 72xx over there. We need to reform DOB as well, because WTF.
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