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  1. Are there any renderings of what the LIRR Third Track is supposed to look like? With the grade crossings removed, Mineola remodeled, etc?
  2. I hate when yall say "just wait" or "wait and see". Stop being disrespectful it's a simple question, just say "it should be starting later this month if things go as scheduled".
  3. What are the fleet numbers for this order? I heard extra cars are being included. What are the extra four and five car set numbers?
  4. I know, I should've worded better. If trains were able to whip out that fast 10 yrs ago I wonder if the new speeds allow that type of acceleration because I'm sure that wasn't the normal speed when he pulled out that station. Most trains I've been on go much slower than that.
  5. How fast did the new speed leaving Grand Central go up to? I've never seen a train leave THIS station this fast, and if this is safe then all curves should be safe at this speed.
  6. Those been there for over a year. I believe 2729, 2788 and another two have screens. I heard those screens are for driver training tutorials.
  7. Castleton is sending buses to the Bronx....I wonder if the LFS order has something to do with this.
  8. They have Version 2. You see how your username is JubaionBx12+SBS? Basically the screen has Bx12+ as the term for SBS, and the automated voice reads "+" as "plus".
  9. Funny how S.I politics get involved, and now the Nova LFS order is delayed...
  10. Right I mean idc if Flatbush doesn't get extra artics for the B46 sbs, what's gonna piss me off is if they end up having 2017 and 2019 models...
  11. I feel those XD60s are getting pushed out of SBS duty, idk about the M14 LFSAs.
  12. Base fare should go up to $3, express should go down to $6, get rid of the bonuses, increase weekly limited for both, keep monthly the same, make a monthly for the express, end of debate.

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