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  1. That destination sign reading looks beautiful on the Novas. Nice and full and not split like on the Prevost. Here's a YouTube video:
  2. Apparently next week or the one after will start a Emergency Sunday schedule, where certain routes that don't run on weekends would run their midday peak frequencies, there would be enough local buses to cover all express runs if needed. At this point no one should be complaining about seats as those buses are free, and only frequent essential riders should be using it anyways. Yeah there's certain Yukon buses that have their governors removed because of the S89. If they're removing more...I'm not sure at the moment. X27 and X28 operators would use XD40s, those routes definitely do not need artics in this situation. Also, I don't even think artics are at Ulmer Park since the conversion is delayed because of the virus closing schools (and almost everything now).
  3. Bruh 2019 LFS 8609 is on the SIM1C!! I'm hearing they're about to start putting local buses on the express routes to avoid any contact with the drivers. Even though this is a crisis, some interesting things are happening across the city. Would love to see photos and videos but of course that's at your own risk. Edit: Governors are being disabled on the buses.
  4. You know...reasons why this country is suffering the most is because of the lack of uniformity and entitlement in people. If everyone coordinated and the US government acted from the very beginning...this could've cleared up by now. Look at the London Underground...NYC could do the same if people cared....nobody cares about anything but themselves...one pple have the symptoms or know someone who's suffering, then they finally listen.
  5. I'm referring to round trip lol...you don't just take a train one direction. $19.75 one way, Peak...Zone 10 to Penn Station. The most expensive is $30.50 from Zone 14 to Zone 1...Peak... which is $61 round trip.
  6. This is my only concern with this back door boarding and free rides. The trains are filled with homeless now, buses are becoming a free for all in Staten Island with bums and drunks riding around the island...wtf. I'm not gonna lie, must be nice with the LIRR situation...I pay $39.50 a day 😐.
  7. Why can't you guys just take a longer swing and leave 5 mins late? Dragging along the street just causes traffic backup, especially if it's a single way street. I've never been a fan of dragging along a line, either leave 5 mins late (since that's what happens on a regular anyways), or sit at each stop or stops that don't interfere with other bus routes. Oh, and please, communicate with the passengers if you're sitting at stops to make sure that you aren't ahead of schedule. Communication is key, and I've only seen 2 drivers in S.I communicate with passengers. Other times, someone would walk up to the driver asking what's the hold up and the driver catches an attitude. Most pple don't experience a driver sitting at stops if people aren't getting on or its a red light, and some people don't use common sense, especially if they're not used to schedules. A little communication, especially when providing a service for people, goes a long way.
  8. Shiett I will, the MTA needs rider feedback and taxpayer's feedback. We're paying for the shit we should have feedback and they should be openly listening to us.
  9. Basically just play the stand clear of the closing doors announcement and close the doors. That's basically what all automated systems do. The doors will recycle until all doors are closed.
  10. With CBTC, can and trains run with only the T/O or only the conductor if needed?
  11. Thanks for that logical answer! I completely forgot about that, well then yes, I see why they had to go that route. And I'm guessing NYCT doesn't want those buses touched. Whatever new batch of XD60s LGA gets (most likely 15 buses), needs to be specifically made for the Q70, and they also need another batch of artics specifically made for the M60.
  12. They need to order a specific batch of artics for the Q70. So since they make all of the decisions, they need to make SMART decisions. That seating layout is very stupid for people with luggage, and whatnot. They need a batch with suburban seating and two sets of luggage racks.
  13. I assumed they would've got the 25+ remaining from The Bronx.
  14. You are a part of the problem....nahh lemme stop😂.
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