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  1. That's false, you can activate tickets at anytime, because it doesn't require service, it's BUYING the tickets in the tunnels that you cannot do because there isn't any service.
  2. I've learned to not activate tickets until they come and inspect the car. There's been trains that I've activated my ticket on and they never checked, especially when it's my only train. So I wait until its official, because I definitely have a fare available, I'm just smart to take advantage of situations. Now it seems like they're targeting that crew of people who wait until the conductors come around because the LIRR probably looks at us as "potential farebeaters"...hey I'm not a farebeater but I'll save money where possible. I spoke with a conductor who didn't scan my ticket by asking him "you don't have to scan it as well?" and the guy said they only scan tickets that have the gold bar on top of the Station/Zone rectangular box (its also the bar where Long Island Rail Road is spelled out). Apparently that bar is only gold for the first minute after you activate it, so people like me who wait until last minute to activate are prone to getting scanned.
  3. I thought MTA Bus was created as a result of the combination of all of the private bus points. Something can't take over if it never existed before.
  4. Today on LIRR: (I'm telling you the ignorance will come out of me with this new system) Me : Activates "Peak" ticket for Off-Peak trip before. (job pays for transportation so I use it whenever). 5 mins into trip, conductor approaches: Me: Closes internet app, opens ticket app, shows to conductor and then i turn my phone back to myself to make sure it opened, then show him the ticket again. Conductor: Stares for 2 secs, "Can you ugh, drop that barcode down for me". Tries scanning. Doesn't work. "Can you hold your phone more steady" Me: "The train is moving how f**kinn steady do you want me to hold my hand in the air, scan the damn ticket! Its right in your face the screen is bright." Conductor: Continues scanning, not working. He stops. "Ok you're fine" Me: Wait why am I fine if it doesn't work? Conductor: "Its not working well, but your ticket has the correct date and time". Me: "If that was the case, what was the point of scanning the ticket in the first place? Seems like you just want to pick on me. I didn't see you scan anyone else's ticket." Conductor: "Its a new system we scan certain tickets." Me: "I know damn well everyone on this off peak train doesn't have a monthly or weekly ticket. But whatever." Conductor: "Have a great day". @Via Garibaldi 8 thank you for posting the article. All I know is if a conductor said I need to show another method of payment or pay the on board price, I'm not doing shit. They can call the police, and I'll end up suing. That's bullshit when I clearly have a perfectly working ticket. I have so much documentation with this shitt. I'm ready to move out of NY, it's so corrupt and heartless its not even funny anymore. Edit: Listen, I don't mind the new system. What I do mind is that they're not scanning EVERYONES ticket. That picking and choosing shitt is not cutting it. Next time I see a conductor that doesn't scan my ticket, I'm gonna ask why didn't he scan my ticket and what are they looking for on the tickets. I need an explanation.
  5. Idk how yall catch those M9s. I have yet to catch one. Would've been nice if you can search by car type on the app lol. Eventually when they decide to put them on trains that arrive in Penn Station between 7-8am, I'll be able to finally catch it. Shiett they probably wont even be "new" anymore. Any updates on how many has arrived? Also, how many trains they have running? I always see 3 pairs lying around separately in Hillside when I pass it.
  6. Nope, not enough. Buses can be loud and with announcements and such it could be hard to hear. Only the Novas have a loud chime but the Xcelsiors and Orions are too low. Also, drivers tend to not hear it if they're thinking about something else. Exactly. At least hearing "Stop Requested" would trigger their ears better. Chimes can mix with all different sounds on the bus.
  7. Wow wtf. I can just imagine the horror of someone experiencing something like that.
  8. I thought those were the 33xx cars? One extra 10 and 8 car set?
  9. I've been saying ever since the 5253-5363, 5770-5986 batch of LFSAs started running on SBS routes, that future orders should come with wide rear doors like the TTC LFS/LFSAs. Now look, all door boarding about to start in a couple years and we have all these narrow rear doored buses. All the new LFSAs 5439-5602 should've came with wide rear doors, and all Xcelsior artics in the new scheme 5364-5438, 5987-6286, 1000-1109, 4950-4964, should've came with wide rear doors.
  10. Some of them really think we're paying at that farebox. I paid my fair a month ago sir, I'm just dipping because of policy. Unlimited metrocards are the greatest thing invented. I spend roughly $255 based on if i used pay per ride, and only pay $127 a month. Saving literally over $100 a month.
  11. The ratio is 2 Artics for 3 Standards. 2 XD60s : 3 XD40s 26 XD60s : 39 XD40s They're gonna lose roughly 40 buses.
  12. I would take the London design and make it about 6ft in height (and something built over it with a 7' minimum for head clearance and to avoid people people being able to climb over). They also have to be able to withstand a force of x amount of pounds in case someone tries to run into it like a football player.
  13. Trust me you're not the only one. I notice it too and daily riders notice it as well. Ulmer Park is turning into the Gun Hill of Brooklyn. Tbh, I think Ulmer Park might be the WORST depot in the system. Its so bad people cannot even come for The Bronx, Laguardia or Staten Island. People need to get with the times, and observe the buses on the routes. And most people on this site are always quick to defend the depot talking about "the buses are constantly out", "no return time", "has a bunch of high demand routes". Its time to cut the nonsense. It's sad they're running those Xcelsiors to the ground. Its crazy how they can get away with such bullshit everyday.
  14. Ohh...because they're "Entitled" but they call themselves politically the "Forgotten Borough".
  15. There's still a good amount at UP without screens as well. Which is why I stopped looking. Lack of consistency with some of these depots. Ulmer Park is garbage. I hate that depot so much its not even funny.
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