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  1. These new Alstom trains look amazing! Everyone is joining the automation wave. I neee to look up the Montreal REM because I've never heard of it.
  2. We can all agree that the Nova LFS/LFSA wear the new scheme the best. Especially Novas with the front roof flares. The arched stripes over the windows align the flare, the bottom blue stripes that shoot upward towards the front of the bus aligns with the rounded curvature of the front bottom of the LFS/A, and the yellow stripes that shoot up towards the rear align with the systems on the rear roof part of the bus. A question based on new observations....I'm not liking how these new buses, 0022, 9510 and 9560, are coming with these aisle facing individual seats on the left hand side of the low floor section of the bus. Why must they always correct what isn't broken?
  3. Pretty sure all new buses coming in will have Vianovas (Version 2). Disappointed that the XD60s, 6126-6286 and XE60s came with unClever Devices (Version 3). Those screens barely work properly across every depot, so it's clearly a manufacturing issue.
  4. https://libn.com/2019/07/08/cuomo-announces-new-lirr-station-for-belmont-park/
  5. Since the Belmont branch will be eliminated due to the stupid plan to build a Elmont station and disregard the already established real estate, can they change the color of the Babylon or Oster Bay Branch? Those shades of green are too identical and purple is wasted, it would go good fitting in with a regular line.
  6. Those M3s are only used for emergencies, as they don't have the passenger counters to tell you how crowded each train is. That's literally the only reason why they aren't in service. They would've ran them until they can't anymore, but depending on the length of the pandemic and when it's "safe" for people to crowd up on trains, they'll put them in service, Those trains are all basically parked up at Hillside Facility.
  7. They don't have that smooth suspension like they had before when I first rode them, and I felt buckling throughout the trip. Don't get me wrong, the suspension is definitely better than the M7s, as well as the amount of rattling and squealing it does, but I can definitely feel a difference from first ride to now, on the same section of track. The interior lights are way too bright, especially for a commuter train, would've been nice if they had a dim option.
  8. aaaannnndddd that's all folks, the M9s now run like the M7s, just more soundproof and no rattling and squeezing like the M7s. I blame the LIRR with their brutal infrastructure, (aggressive switches and rough tracks) and something about their maintenance just gives me piecemeal, and I feel that's because of their operations in rotating cars all the time. You can have a shitty pair with a good pair, and this can vary across 4/6 different pairs on a consist, allowing you to feel everything and how they interact with each other. Tbh, I love these cars though, but everything featured on this train should've been a standard M7 spec, and the M9s should've been just additional trains (similar to the R179s) before a majority next generation fleet comes to replace the M7s.
  9. They'll be here. There's enough buses at the moment to kill off the worst ones.
  10. I'm not gonna lie, I thought this was created earlier this year too.
  11. The first of 72 MP14 trainsets have entered service earlier today on Line 14! These trains are BEAUTIFUL and sound AMAZING. This is how the MTAs and lines should've been operating by now, completely automated with platform doors.
  12. UP had hella extra buses after they received the XD60s for the B1. They received 28 buses so they can easily lose about 35-40 and not be short, especially with covid level ridership.
  13. That ugly pair of double decker cars randomly in that set is throwing me off.
  14. When was this? Paris seems very civilized in all the videos I've watched. The MF77 is my favorite out of the older stocks before the MP89s. I love how the doors open on those sets, and the top hat design those trains have. Paris Metro has been doing open gangways, platform doors, and full automation in the subway for years now, and they seem so efficient with it for a very old metro system like London and NY.
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