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  1. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    They definitely have the technology for right side kneeling. Vancouver’s D60LFRs have this feature, so its possible. And in Manhattan, I’ve noticed 99% of the time bus drivers cannot fully align next to curb because of people standing in the street near the crosswalk or double parked cars being in the way, so I’ve noticed people are always taking that big step up from the street, especially the elderly. I hate the fact that the Novas don’t have sensors on the rear doors, the driver flicks the “close door” switch and the doors close right away. I remember seeing this older guy boarding the M34, driver closed the doors as he grabbed the handle, and he tripped because the handle gave out on him, and what happened after? The door closed on him 3-4 times before he got on. Is there a specific reason why they never specd buses with a rear view camera? Buses back up in depots all the time, there’s terminals in the city where a bus may need to back up. I also remember one day I was on the B36, two buses traveling together, both pulled up into a stop, first bus had a wheelchair (RTS), and the second driver pulled up close trying to fit his bus into the stop. He realized the first bus was gonna be there for a while, and just sat there because he couldn’t pull out and it was “too dangerous” to back up since there was a crosswalk behind us. We sat at the stop for 4 mins, and people were mad. Also with the back door, all those specs are based on different bus models. I was going off the fact that people never wait for the green light to turn on before opening the doors, if they see a red light, they would know the door is still locked.
  2. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    What are some specs that you think these new MTA buses coming in are missing? In my opinion, I feel like the SBS buses should have right side kneeling. It looks stupid that only the front kneels for a bus where you board through all doors. Also, these new buses should have at least a rear view camera. A driver should have visibility of the entire bus. Some people still dont understand how to open a back door, maybe where the green light is, they should have a permanent red light on while the door is closed, and then when the door unlocks the light turns green. Also wish the screens were getting deployed faster (new Novas coming in without the screens, hopefully the XN60s batch comes in with screens).
  3. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Any photos of the Prevost with the information screens? I heard its bus #2729 out of Charleston.
  4. XcelsiorBoii4888

    SI Express Bus Plan Out!

    Thats basically toll+bus fare+gas, definitely not happening.
  5. XcelsiorBoii4888

    SI Express Bus Plan Out!

    I believe you guys are looking at it wrong. I think the way the new SIM5x and SIM6x works is that they will start at their original terminals, and make ALL stops until they reach the Father Capp P&R, then its a straight shot to Manhattan. Same thing with the SIM8x, starts at its terminal, then makes all stops until the end of the mall, then a straight shot to the city. I honestly don’t see that much of a difference since they’ll only be skipping 3 stops? The SIM8x seems like a nice route. I agree, I’m looking at it as our own little LIRR map. Take the car to the station park and ride and take the bus to the city, just like what LIRR commuters do. They NEED to build more park and rides though. *Sorry for multiple post, I’m on mobile*
  6. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Damnn they’re putting that many in those buses?! Do you have pics?
  7. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Might seem like a small thing, but it would be nice if they added two grab poles with stop buttons on the last pair of double seats in the rear section of the LFS/LFSA. Nothing to grab when getting up or sitting down. Would also be nice to have a set of stop requested buttons on each side for convenience. Seems like something that has been missing, and can help with crowds.
  8. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    This is a sad reality.
  9. XcelsiorBoii4888

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    Staten Island fare beating is atrocious. Its bad to the point where more than 50% of the people on one trip will not pay. And farebeating by going through the back door? Please thats “so 2005”. They will literally walk right pass the bus driver as if its a subway shuttle or SBS route. I’m sorry are there hidden SBS routes on the island? Because paying onboard isn’t really a thing anymore. Every route will have more than 50% of the riders on one trip NOT PAY, except the S79 (just about 30% won’t pay). But after 10pm, I would say only around 10% of the riders on the island will fully pay their fare. Any Staten Island B/O can agree and I’m not exaggerating. Clearly the MTA doesn’t care because this has been going on for a long time. For the express, you’ll get a few here and there on weekends, especially the X10, but weekdays the express is good.
  10. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I was gonna ask if the new Nova LFS was going to come with the front scope like in the rendering, but then I saw there was a convo about it in the upcoming bus procurement thread.
  11. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

  12. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    After watching multiple videos on youtube, the ZF transmission should’ve been the standard in all RTS. That combo mix with a DD50ERG is unreal. The ones the MTA have 5075-5124 are excellent as well, and I wonder why they only went with 50 buses. Even NJT had some ZF RTS. Theres a video on YouTube (RTS 1579), unbelievable sound. I remember when I first started riding the ZF RTS on the B36/B74, I used to be like I rode a “mean one”, because the engine used to roar louder than the Allison ones. I don’t even like the RTS model, but enjoyed riding the ZF ones because of the roar. Good times, I miss those days.
  13. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    So I must admit, from the YouTube vids, the Q52/Q53 might be a true BRT styled SBS. Island platforms, full HOV lanes, fancy buses. Everything just looks efficient and perfect, plus they are high speed routes so those B/Os be moving! Never heard those buses strain so much taking off because of the LBSS. Literally sounds like one long continuous gear between 1st and 2nd at some times. Anyone who checked out the route, how did the first “work week” go (Mon-Fri)? Friday seemed to be efficient based on a YouTube video onboard the Q52.
  14. XcelsiorBoii4888

    Nova Bus/Prevost News & Current Events

    Honestly, they should spec them like TTC, wide inward opening doors. The plug style doors are nice but I feel like they’re prone to being leaned on, since it opens like a train.
  15. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    My gosh, must of been an experience. All Staten Island traffic, plus Brooklyn traffic, all on a little 3 1/2 lane highway. They need build a direct route to Staten Island because all this “via” Brooklyn/New Jersey isn’t going to last forever; unless they build another tunnel between Brooklyn/Manhattan, and build another highway on top of the Gowanus (like an express highway, similar to ones in Jersey/upstate).


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