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  1. They did extend them, looks like that wasn't enough. Someone complained "what's the point of the 6x if its gonna make every stop like the regular 6 in Staten Island". Idk why a bus driver would do that, but there's no point of waitin for a 6x when to 6 runs like every 3 mins.
  2. Most likely, look at the bottom of the list for new changes Oct 7th on this site. http://nymta.civicconnect.com/content/together-let’s-make-commuting-faster-staten-island-express-bus-riders
  3. They're eliminating the 5x/6x finally, what a waste they were.
  4. XcelsiorBoii4888

    MTA Bus Operations: On-board screens and announcements

    I wonder when Staten Island will start installing screens on their Novas...
  5. XcelsiorBoii4888

    S40/90 Extension to Matrix Park

    Basically when the new Amazon/Matrix Park area opens (sometime during this Fall), that will be the NEW official terminal for the S40/S90. As part of the new extension, the bus will still go to the trailer park, and make the loop around the Goethals heading towards Matrix park, however, when heading back to the ferry, it will leave Matrix Park and continue down Forest via regular route. The original route is not affected in any way, except where the bus terminates. As of right now, the MTA updated the MTA BusTime data and the Staten Island Map with the new route extension. Only thing that hasn't been updated was the PDF schedule like you mentioned. So currently, buses are still terminating at Goethals, and bus drivers still use the display sign reading Goethals, but since BusTime is already updated with the new reroute, S40/S90 buses heading towards Goethals will NOT show up on the map because the destination sign on the buses say Goethals whereas BusTime is looking for buses with the new sign to Matrix Park. In my opinion they should've waited until it was at least a week or two before it opened to do the updates, because now you can't track any Goethals bound buses. Obviously anyone who will be using the routes to Matrix Park know the area isn't opened yet, so the only people affected right now are the ones who track the S40 heading to Goethals, no buses show up so they have to use the PDF or bus stop schedules.
  6. Honestly the policy should be just having the luggage-line lights (aisle lights) on 24/7. The window lights should NEVER BE ON, especially at night, the glare is so damnn annoying at night, and during the day its completely unnecessary. The reading lights should be optional, giving passengers the option to turn them on or off.
  7. So basically bus drivers that have their current schedule won't be able to keep their same run? That's a little messed up, especially since this is the longest pick.
  8. XcelsiorBoii4888

    M-9 Discussion

    The sandwiched M9s between the M7s are rght outside Huntington station next to where they store the Port Jeff connection as of 1pm.
  9. I was waiting for the Sim3c at 5th/32nd around 9:15, a Sim8 pulled up at 33rd with the sign up, but OOS. Then he turned onto 32nd...I knew something was up. That's probably the bus you're talking about.
  10. XcelsiorBoii4888

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    I understand what you are saying completely, however, why wouldn't my logic work?
  11. XcelsiorBoii4888

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Yukon has 39 NGs for local service and another 34 for SBS. So thats 73.
  12. XcelsiorBoii4888

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Why is Manhattanville getting the new Nova LFS? I thought the MTA was trying to uniform the fleet. Would’ve been better to give Yukon and Castleton the new Novas to get all the Orions off the island, and give Manhattanville whatever 4000s/7000s they need since they already have Orions... That would’ve been smart since whatever they’re getting now I would assume is temporary until the next batch of hybrids come in. Edit: Same thing for QV...there’s enough Orions on Staten Island to replace both QV and Manhattanvilles batches of the first gen hybrids. Edit 2: I just checked the roster, Staten Island has exactly 71 MCI express buses, and UP has 71 Prevost. Why not just give UP all the MCIs and let Staten Island be all Prevost? Fleet would balance out better since UP would have 2013 models as well. They can easily uniform the fleet if they wanted to.
  13. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Yeah its on YouTube
  14. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I've seen a interior video of 6126, and although I don't like the screen placement of the clever devices screens, I do like the sound of that XD60. Much better than the previous 6000s.
  15. XcelsiorBoii4888

    LIRR DM30AC dual-mode operation and diesel-to-electric switchover

    Yep what @trainfan22 said is correct. The diesels don't get there maximum power running in electric mode. The reason why when heading to the city the switch is done right before Jamaica, is so that if there's problems the train can be canceled at Jamaica. Heading east bound, the switch happens as soon as possible, and the Harold interlocking in between the East River Tunnels and Woodside station is the perfect location since a full 12 car set with two engines can be completely out of the tunnel. The changeover happens while in motion. I've never personally seen it happen, but I guess the diesel engine shuts off pretty fast.


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