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  1. Those are the older Clever Devices (version 3). The ones seen on the newer XD60s and on Orion VII NGs are the newer version of the Clever Devices, so we still call them version 3.
  2. How many plants do they have? Should they consider another one to speed up future deliveries? I think New Flyer has like 3.
  3. Yeah man this bus we were in the bus lane on the Gowanus and its known for being a bumpy ride. This bus was shaking after hitting every bump just making the ride extra jiggly and annoying. 2516 give it a try, it's funny because there's really some solid buses still in service so this caught me all the way by surprise and now I see why people "think" these buses have bad suspension, they've probably been on some beat up ones. I'm telling you 2632-2669, the high 27xxs and others are in really good condition. Seems like new...Yukons batch I'm convinced has a lot that has been overworked and when most "fanners" come to S.I they take the X1/SIM1, so I'm not surprised if they ride on a bad bus.
  4. I rode 2516 on the SIM1 today and my goodness the shocks on this Prevost....wtf happened...I've never been on a bus with the suspension THIS BAD. Honestly this has to be a lemon because I ride Castleton's batch a lot and never came across anything like this.
  5. Those 2011 XD40s will forever be my favorite buses. I loved the original transmission set up, but even when LBSS came along it really make them buses go to work to pull out all of the sound effects. Haven't been on them as much when they received the newer modifications, but they're still some fast buses and are holding up pretty well.. You definitely CANNOT compare those 2012 XD60s to the 2015 XD60s. Those 2015s are some smooth workhorses! When ever that stupid ZF retarder noise isn't going off (that raspy ringing sound), them buses have some dope bass. I've had some operators moving them buses down Lefferts to the Airport that justified their quality. I've never been on the Bronx ones so I feel like they're already so beat up you can't even evaluate them anymore.
  6. Depends on what else is serving it, the Q35 is not called a limited because its designed to get people from the Rockaways to the Flatbush Junction. Its a local route, but when it gets to Brooklyn its only gonna stop at major transfer points and places of interest. Let the other Brooklyn routes take care of the local riders. The Q66 I'm not familiar with but I assume it's for the same reason. The limiteds in Staten Island have local counterparts. For example S98 has the S48. The S93 is called a limited because it makes limited stops on half of Victory and its a limited S53 from Bay Ridge to Clove/Victory.
  7. Because its not a limited route, it's just designed to not stop in those areas.
  8. It has version 3... Version 2 looks like the interior photo I've taken yesterday on the last page.
  9. The enforcement method they're doing lacks common sense. From what I've seen, in Staten Island for the most part, is plain clothes and uniform officers posted at the FERRY. Ok nice you guys are posted at the ferry good job. Most people coming from the ferry are committing so 99% of the time, the MetroCard works. If you get caught you're just dumb. Most people now just walk to the next stop..Bay St and Nick Laporte Pl and get on extra disrespectful as they just beat the system. What they SHOULD BE DOING...is saving two plain clothed, or two uniform or whatever, just riding on random buses. Up and down the line. As people get on, if they don't pay, and theres a lot of them, they'll kick all of them off the bus. If it's one person, they can possibly give that person a ticket right on the bus or even have one person get off, and the cops will meet back up on another route. They should do this all day, that way when people get kicked off, 1) they aren't beating the system 2) they're not gonna want to wait for the next bus to expect the same thing to happen. If this is happening all across the island, people will stop, then after the major blitz for a few months, you can just have the eagle team and plain clothes officers kicking people off the bus. Plain and simple. The goal should be to stop people from fare beating who overcrowd buses, and make them aware that if you get caught its a $100 ticket or kicked off. What they're doing now is not working, and they know they don't care deep down, they're just tryna be politically correct, which is why the fare beating is not gonna stop. I'm gonna personally ask them if they have any routines, and give them suggestions of how to really tackle it. I would LOVE to be a cop kicking people off buses riding up and down the line.
  10. My bad should've been more specific, because the 8000 buses are gettin their screens updated with transfers, more 7000s have been in service at the same time. No 7000s have screens, IF THEY DO, i hope they get version 2 and not version 3 since it looks like they're giving all the Orion VIIs version 3.
  11. That's sad how EVERY SINGLE Staten Island route local / express COMBINED, lost ridership on every route... A part is A LOT people stopped paying because the routes don't help commuters get to/from work on time. Edit: I've lost hope for this city, nothing will ever get better in terms of transportation. As soon as I get financially stable I'm moving out.
  12. So I've been noticing a surplus of extra 7000 series buses in service on the island, especially given to drivers who normally operate 8000s. Found out they're updating the screens with transfer announcements.
  13. They definitely accept pennies, here in Staten Island I've seen people put in $0.03, and $0.08 into the machine to pay their "fare".
  14. I just don't wanna be put in that pool of people who are impatient to find information, because I do not do that and I never rush anyone to post anything, all I do is give my little theories based on any logistics that might come up. I hate when I give a little idea and everyone says "wait and see", well if no one knows why can't I make a prediction in the thread made for it? Its not false information I'm not saying "oh this is going here this is going there". @Cait Sith reason why I made that remark because it seemed like you were coming after me talking about "stop with the conspiracy theories, get a hold of yourselves", and as if I was forcing you to give us an update. Listen, I feel like there's madd unnecessary tension between the people on this site for no reason, and everyone gets grouped into the same category. Yall should know how I am based on how I've been posting all these years, I shouldn't be getting "disciplined" for something that was nothing.
  15. Well he didn't leave because of me I'll let you know that right now. You're making a problem because myself and others are trying to figure things out logistically, and getting mad. I'm not sitting here asking everyday what's going where. I don't ask anyone nothing, if something isn't clear across the board that's where I come in and try to figure it out. All I said was now that ENY isn't here, we don't get spoon fed the information anymore, and that he's probably laughing at us. I'm not trying to stop people from doing their everyday livelihood things for an update. I don't usually talk like this but I don't see why everyone tryna come at me for making a few suggestions. Also the suggestions I've been mentioning weren't updated assignments like you first said, so idk why a little discussion can't go on in a thread.

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