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  1. There's so much that needs to be modified between all the screens to make them perfect. I wish there was a command center where they can do all the updates and send a code to enter on all buses. I wonder if refresh rates and intervals are able to be adjusted as well 🤔.
  2. Yeah the Clever Devices are lemons. The SBS 79 ones are working pretty good now after they've received updates, along with 6234, but the new XD60s and those XN40s are awful. I wonder how version 4 is doing and why only MTA Bus got them on a small batch of buses.
  3. When the actual physical screens are on, the Stop Requested section always works along with the ads for when I've been on them. Its the next stop information that be the problem (for version 2 at least). Send a bus to S.I to get a taste of how it HAULS! (also you can see here how you need to rely only on the screen to see if the stop as been requested), and of course, the next stop information isn't working.
  4. I think the new LFS might be the first buses in a long time to not feature a built in Stop Requested sign. You have to rely on the new screens now which is dope as long as they don't glitch and are always working.
  5. Fun fact that I've just learned. LFSA buses only have 8 wheels. XD60s have the usual 10.
  6. 6 new LFS currently on the S79. About time this route got upgraded.
  7. Yepp still in the original paint. I believe 4251, 4263, and 4278 were repainted.
  8. Those NGs need a 2yr rest so the other NGs around the city can catch up on their mileage lmaoo. These buses are 10 years old but run like their 15-16yrs old.
  9. I'm not gonna lie @Flatbush SBS Duece, you can even click on a bus and it shows that persons entire paddle for the whole day. I agree it's too much for the public to see. Imagine someone walking up to you on the bus like "you just was on break for 2 hrs, why are you 20mins late on your first trip back out LMAOO".
  10. If you wanna be technical...Yukon doesn't NEED them anyways...they have perfectly servicing Orion VII NGs, but they're leaving the island for fleet uniformity. I was wondering why not just give Castleton 90 so the Orion VII 3Gs can leave and the island can be all Novas. But the questioned was already answered so no need to bring it back up.
  11. That is completely dumb. Why mess up CS original allotment when they could've gave them 6083, 6085, 6087, 6089, 6091, and 6093 since those are technically the original assignments when the evens go to TU as well. They wonder why transportation is disorganized, can't even organize bus fleets LMAOO.
  12. Any US transit agencies use plug doors on any of their New Flyer or Nova fleet?
  13. The Xcelsiors would've been better off with inward opening doors, much faster opening and closing and like @Flatbush SBS Duece said, you have full visibility of the outside of the bus when in SBS mode.
  14. Why tf would u reply to some random article from 5 years ago...I thought this was just posted and I'm sitting here reading comments, reacting to comments until I noticed I couldn't view @Cait Sith photo, when I checked to see what time he posted it, to see it was from Sept 2014. Please...we don't bring up old shitt on here. 😒

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