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  1. That doesn't make sense because you can easily just isolate that door and have people board and exit though another door. Or what happens in London can happen here :
  2. Is the fleet roster not available anymore?
  3. Basically the whole MTA bus batch has that spec.
  4. They said All Door Boarding SBS pilot. That will most likely be tested on the S79 because its the only SBS route that doesn't have the pay before you board feature. Also OMNY first started on Staten Island buses so that one SBS route will be the perfect pilot. How will they check for receipts? I have no idea with OMNY not fully implemented. Just my thing is, if OMNY isn't fully implemented, how will they know who's paying what?
  5. I'm 100% confident that this all door boarding SBS pilot will be the S79.
  6. Exactly those buses travel across the borough on a regular. So if Castletons buses are hitting 165k I wouldn't be surprised if Charleston is higher. But since weekends most of the fleet is resting, I feel that it kinda balances out especially since they have a lot of extra buses that don't need to be used outside of weekday rush hours.
  7. I'm honestly not surprised by the mileage thing with them 8000s. They literally run all day. 165k / 4yrs = 41250yr / 12mo = 3437 per mo. 3437 per month / 30 days = 114 per day / 24hrs = 4.77 an hour. Let's say a bus is out 16 hours a day...that's about 7 each hour. Now...a lot of these miles are deadhead miles. Most buses deadhead to the ferry so that's about 4 miles in 15 mins. Keep doing that and you'll get 16 miles in an hour of time total. Let's see other ferry routes from their other end terminals. The S46 deadhead to the depot is 6 miles in 20 mins. Keep doing that and that's 18 miles in an hours time. The S54 is 8 miles in 30 mins. 16 in an hours time. Believe it or not but the S53/93 actually have deadheads from Brooklyn. So that's about 7.5 in 25mins which puts about 15 miles in an hours time. The S76 is another. 7 miles in 30 mins. 14 in an hours time. So when you factor these miles with the average miles for a bus that's out about 16 hrs a day...that's way over 7 miles each hour. Also, for some reason Castleton prioritized running only 8000s on the weekends when the 8000s first came out, so the 7000s been catching a break for the most part on weekends. Now it's more common. Maintenance has also been doing pretty well too imo. Buses only in the shop for routine maintenance for the most part which is about a day. Edit: lets also not forget depots help all routes around the island. There has been times Castleton buses had to deadhead from Bricktown Mall. That's 11 miles in 30mins. About 22 miles in an hours time. Charleston is a depot who's mileage I really question...then again that probably explains why they have so many buses not every bus needs to be used at every moment of the day. Weekends, 70% of the fleet is resting, Charleston is only at capacity during school rush hour.
  8. Right my apologies I forgot you added that in the previous post. .
  9. Also we need to modify the batches 7444-7455, 7467-7482 and 3951-3959. It's either the bus has it or doesn't have it. So we need to recheck which buses have from those batches. Can confirm 7445-7447, 7449, 7451, 7453-7454 have version 2. Can confirm 7468, 7470, 7475, 7478, 7480-7482 have version 2. Can confirm 3956 and 3957 have version 3.
  10. Can confirm 265, 322, 324, 328, 333, 340, 342, 343, and 348 have version 2 screens at West Farms. Still need to confirm: 262-264, 320-321, 323, 325-327, 329-332, 334-339, 341, 344-347, 349-351.
  11. Exactly, I knew he wasn't a reliable source, but at the rate West Farms was installing screens, I thought they all had them. On that note, I'd suggest removing the entire West Farms batch and restart with ones that we know are verified. Edit: Also note...266-319 were the West Farms originals. So I believe that batch is complete with screens, the ones transferred from other depots are the ones to question.
  12. I was literally about to update it this week too haha. Thanks so much! Edit: I've noticed there's a few oddballs on here... 7315 is the only XD40 out of that batch with Version 2? Also, 581 has Version 4 instead of version 2.

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