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  1. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Thats what I'm saying, it should start in Mariners Harbor, run via forest and do the split between Sunnyside and Rosebank, then travel via Brooklyn and up the west side to 42st. But that's MTA logic, no one is gonna utilize the Rosebank portion (which is a fake X18), because it's so out of people's way, and then it's gonna end up getting eliminated.
  2. XcelsiorBoii4888

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    See how no one on here has nothing to say when it comes to letting passengers know what's going on. That's exactly what should be happening bro. They don't care about the customers, only a select few actually care about the customers. Then their excuse is "oh they don't pay anyways". Majority of riders pay, except Staten Island local buses, so keep that excuse out the window.
  3. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Some people said they're gonna start taking the 79 to the R and then using Atlantic Ave as the major transfer point to get to whatever trunk they need, since that's cheaper and would end up getting them them there faster than taking the bus into the city. Here's some comments: "This is so soul crushing. You don't need to shorten the route. You need to shorten the commute! And ALL those buses go back on 5th Avenue? WHY? Isn't 5th Avenue crowded enough already?? Why take the 2 and 5 off Lexington on the return trip?? Now we have to walk all the way from 1st to 5th! Those blocks are Loooooonnnnngggggg. I hate Staten Island. I hate the MTA."-Michelle " where I live, Mallory/Hylan. I can take the s53 or the SBS79 into Brooklyn and catch the R train. x2 takes 50 mins - 1hr&15 mins Local s53/sbs79 to the R train into the city takes 1hr& 25-35 mins. Now that I'm no longer having a Madison ave bus by me I will have to take 2 additional buses in the city thats going to add to that 50min-1hr&15 min travel. Why should I keep paying $238 a month to now get to work and home in the same time frame as taking the local into Brooklyn to catch the train. If they go through with this plan i'm going back to local. and spend $121 a month saving $117 buck a month" -BabieBoyBlew "Yeah Here’s a homerun idea. Let’s send ALL 20 midtown buses down 5th Ave with the rest of the existing 5th ave traffic down one of the city’s busiest shopping areas, let’s move all the Lexington Ave buses even further away from the FDR. Has anyone even tried to clock the trip crosstown on 23rd street at 6pm. You can walk faster from 5th to the FDR. What a disaster this is going to be. Please tell me there’s still time to amend these routes. Common sense not so common." -Just clerk "I get off on 42nd and Madison, but now the bus is going up 6th. This entire time at the MTA meetings the MTA themselves has told me to get off 3rd and take the local up, only to now know the MTA will be getting rid of 3rd ave as a bus stop. So now I have to get off at 1st or 2nd ave and take the M23 to 3rd ave then the M101 to 42nd. *Claps hands* I’m going from one bus to 3, wow *claps louder and faster* thanks MTA MTA= Messed up Transit Again"-BabieBoyBlew Yo I feel so bad for the drivers thats first to operate this new system, and God forbid one of them goes the wrong way, they're gonna hear it from these folks.
  4. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Reading comments about the new Staten Island express bus network on SILive is depressing. There is not one good comment about the redesign. At first I'm thinking these Staten Islanders don't like change and are just too stubborn to listen, but after looking at every individual route, the MTA really did some dumb shit. I feel like a lot of people lost a one seat ride into the city: they either have to transfer in Staten Island or take the subway after they enter the city. Also, no more east side express bus service, or 34th st service, everything runs on 5th ave?! Where have I been yo, I kinda haven't focused on it since I've been away at school, but yoo the delays and bunching you're gonna see is gonna be through the roof. See I'm fine because I normally ride the express on the weekends and the SIM1/SIM3 are gonna be my routes, where nothing is really changed. Edit: It's crazy because 99% of Staten Island express bus riders pay their fare and yet service still gets cut under the excuse of faster more streamlined buses.
  5. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I personally think it's ENY going out of their way to label their buses with the New York City Bus logo.
  6. XcelsiorBoii4888

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    That's what I'm saying, seems like such an unnecessary delay mechanism. I know those trains have selective door opening and whatnot, but I doubt those have anything to do with how it closes.
  7. XcelsiorBoii4888

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Always forgot to ask it, and seeing that the new M9s are doing it. I wanna know the answer: why do the M7, M8 and now M9 doors delay before closing? They close about 99% first, then after about another 2-3 seconds they close and lock.
  8. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Thanks I'll check them out.
  9. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Where did you see the signs?
  10. XcelsiorBoii4888

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    The only RTS I like, and these are getting retired before the 4900s or any 8000s or 9000s still alive😒. I blame UP.
  11. XcelsiorBoii4888

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Crazy to think these Xcelsior hybrids have more bass than the Xcelsior diesel/cng versions. At least the Novas still give off that deep bass engine sound.
  12. XcelsiorBoii4888

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    It’s 2018 bro, you should have MTA eTix app.
  13. See my thing is, how do you end up running so hot? Don’t you guys have paddles? I know two B/Os personally and they always print out a paddle everyday. They mark the times they get to the end of terminals, when they leave, if there was a wheelchair on that trip, if they passed their leader or if their follower passed them, if that trip gets sardined. I look at their paddles sometimes & I’m like WOW! They actually care about doing it right and getting people to where they wanna go, while still keeping a consistency. If you follow your paddle the entire trip, especially at time points, you can adjust your driving to meet the schedule or be 1-2mins early which is completely fine. With the express bus, they do the same, but only mark if they get a wheelchair, what time they leave the last PICK UP stop, and what time they reach the destination. Their goal is to get to the ending terminal early, since there’s no schedule after you leave the last PICK UP stop (technically there is, but only as a reference, what the f*** are u waiting for if your only dropping people off). So the benefits, people get to their destination early and you get extra time to layover. Note: I hate to tell you, there are actually B/Os who kill time on the drop of section of a route, are you kidding? Edit: BusTime is also available citywide now, so passengers (especially the ones who commute frequently) should only use the schedule as a reference, but should be checking the app to see where a bus’s location is, its 2018, people need to start being more efficient.
  14. XcelsiorBoii4888


    Absolutely beautiful!! The information screens are specd perfectly as well. Cannot wait to ride these on the S79.
  15. XcelsiorBoii4888

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    Actually no, with the XN40s they have the local scheme as the base, and the SBS scheme is the wrap. Since those were planned on being removed from SBS, they put whatever is gonna be the final look underneath. My thing is, with the XD60s, they had a full SBS paint scheme under the local wrap, with the painted stripes, how come they couldn’t paint the local schemes stripes under the SBS wrap on the XN40s? Now with WF removing the SBS scheme, you have the blue paint with no stripes.


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