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Thanksgiving Crash on Texas Freeway kill grandparents; fog likely cause

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"Two Texas grandparents were killed when more than 100 cars crashed on a highway swathed in dense fog and busy with Thanksgiving day traffic.


Vincent Leggio, 64, and his wife, Debra Leggio, 60, were driving to Mississippi for a romantic holiday getaway — a belated celebration for their 42nd wedding anniversary a week before, a family member told the Daily News

“They were always working or involved with family,” said Margie Leggio, Vincent Leggio’s sister-in-law. “They were just going to have a weekend by themselves. They were looking forward to it.”


The couple was killed when an 18-wheeler crushed their Chevy Suburban SUV.


As many as 90 others were injured in the 140-car collision early Thursday on Interstate 10, about 80 miles east of Houston."



Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/grandparents-killed-thanksgiving-pileup-article-1.1206868#ixzz2D4B03KKT

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A photo from the crash:



That is absolutely terrible. So many people won't get their packages.



First off this is sad that those grandparents were killed in the accident. Second, damn how many FedEx trucks were involved in this pile up?!

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