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Busing Midtown and Bay Ridge January 20

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I took just a few photos today. Enjoy


XD40 4894 on the B1



Prevost X3-45 2428 on the X178399887182_0b7fcd7fee_b.jpg


New Flyer C40LF 571 on the B1038398800923_7304d66cc4_b.jpg


Orion 7 3g 7008 on the S53



Orion 7 3g 7075 on the S538398799525_d216a8e3ac_b.jpg


New Flyer Xd40 4873 on the B18398798865_6218392327_b.jpg


Orion 7 3g 7010 on the S538398797481_4b54e67564_b.jpg


New Flyer C40LF 357 on the B168398796711_ac3b83b0c1_b.jpg


Orion 7 3g 7047 on the S538399879472_b2809c9420_b.jpg


New Flyer Xd40 4887 on the B18399878772_573f8ca3c8_b.jpg


Orion 5 6317 on the S798398791813_4f0da94c95_b.jpg


That's all for now. 

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great photos! i cant believe those XD40s are in brooklyn! LOL 4894 on the B1! WOW


and whats good with the Orion V on the S79SBS??


Thanks a lot! Whenver they don't have a wrapped bus for the S79 they use whatever they have there.

Cool pics!

Thanks a bunch!


To make service most likely.


Nice pics!

Glad you like! 

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